Corrupt Spirituality and The need for ‘The Symphony’

14th April 2016

***Corrupt not in terms of ‘good or bad’ but rather distorted and not flowing as it should. The aim here if you are of a spiritual nature is to get you to relax and stop worrying over stuff that you do not need to. And for those who are of a logical mind to actually allow the door to be opened on this subject. The confusion, contradiction on this subject the world over is enough to scare a lot of people away. Why spirituality should be welcoming and accessible to everyone! Spirituality does have merit and a place if only it was so corrupt throughout the world! This is exactly why the need for the symphony is a must, I hope you can add your voice and purpose and welcome you!

Faith is the biggest corrupt spirituality ever sold and that’s exactly what we cover first. We also cover what spiritual does and encourages as opposed to what it says which is that of escapism! Finally we start to break down the seeds of corruption within spirituality and tackle some of the misgivings ‘sold’ as reality and ‘truth’ when in fact it’s nothing but half baked and only comforting at best if you have enough ‘faith’ the more ‘faith’ the better.

Corrupt spirituality’ faith- We often asked to have ‘faith’, but to have it in a way that suggests you take it blindly is where a lot of spirituality becomes corrupt. Faith in the sense that serves you should be to the extent such as having enough faith the sun will rise tomorrow, that you have days ahead. But faith also in terms of once you’ve been through particular experiences your ‘faith’ can be backed up by the experiences that back up that faith. Faith in terms of courage or discovery going down a road you may not have before in life knowing you will get through it. Those kinds of faith are vital and should be encouraged, but to follow blind or to take something or someone’s words for it just out of ‘faith’ sake is pure corruption and unfortunately a lot of spirituality encourage this, not good at all!

Never ever take a single word I say as real until it becomes ‘real’ encapsulated within your life experience. Guardian angels are privileged to serve and be served and impart what they know.

Spiritual and escapism!

Almost the entire ‘scene’ of spirituality through the world has one central theme even though it suggests otherwise, escapism! Something can still be corrupt even if it has good intentions or even started with good intentions.

Corrupt spirituality’ escapism- “one”

We are all ‘one’ often this is spouted out by many a guru who on the same breathe say things like “you must focus on yourself to get your happiness and not anyone else and you must help yourself before you can help others”. Excuse me but if we are actually ‘one’ and lets go with that, shouldn’t helping someone else also help you as we are ‘one’? Wouldn’t it make sense to help both ‘you’ and others’? This is almost always avoided and never talked about but it puts a flaw in just helping yourself only and besides that isn’t that just a selfish endeavour? That’s not very ‘spiritual’ is it? Escapism from their very own concept of one! If we are one the helping of others does help us as they are us!

Corrupt spirituality’ escapism- guru-isms and ‘source’ information

Often gurus make out as though there information comes from what they call ‘source’, but this is a softer way of saying “I am the voice of god with the purest information”. Firstly I would suggest that’s a straight out power trip and second people never seem to question ‘source’ information as though it’s pure and the only source. May I suggest these guru get information from ‘A’ source not ‘source’ as in one place only, its liken to saying there is only one website on the internet and got the information when in fact the internet has many sites or ‘sources’ if you like. Escapism from acting as god themselves under the guise of ‘source connection and information’.

Corrupt spirituality’ escapism- mediation and caves

Mediation although can be useful is an escape that in its promotion and use doesn’t do anything more than provide another escape, may I suggest you can ‘meditate’ in other ways such as watching movies, eating etc!

Often spiritual people mediate and hide in caves and yes while there may be some benefit ultimately it’s an escape from the world and people. Surely spiritual practise should be to engage in the world not hid away or run away! Escapism from people the world and yourself through over use of mediation and caves!

Corrupt spirituality’- faulty definitions

Ask any spiritualist what the definition of spirituality is and you get a myriad of answers, ask a scientist what an atom or photon is any part of the world and the answers are the same. So why isn’t spirituality like this? This leaves room for way too many corrupt spiritualist to take ‘centre stage’. It also gives so much room to evade and avoid questions asked of gurus and spiritualists. This is exactly why ‘spirituality’ is an absolute breeding ground for corruption! Ask any spiritualist what the definition of ‘energy’ is you will get answers like ‘chi’, ‘unconditional love’, intent, the list goes on. Yes you can say they are ‘types of energy’ but doesn’t this lead to pure confusion? It’s a blanket statement and a lot of gurus or spiritualists go further with this “everything is energy”. Really?!

So this morning I got up with energy and had a bowl of energy washed down with sprinkles of energy and then I bathed in energy. I walked up the energy and decided to use energy for energy. But the energy got worse because of the energies energy of the energy that comprised of more energy. Can you see where this energy is going? No?

energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy

energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy

energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy”

Yes that describes my day perfectly! I would suggest everything may contain energy but not everything is ‘energy’.

Escapism from definitions that allow the corrupt spiritualist to breed like crazy and give half truths posing as ‘the truth’!

Spiritualities the seeds of corruption:

‘Corrupt spirituality’- you don’t get what you pay for you only get 10%

Would you pay for or buy into something that only really had 10% of what you wanted? No? Are you sure? That is the current state of spirituality in this world today. 10% truth, ‘the hook’, 90% BS! ‘The filler’ and license to get away with anything! A lot of the new age movement is full of ‘bits’ of truth and once it has you ‘hooked’ you would blindly follow and ‘fall’ for the rest! A lot of the issues come from the fact the ‘sources’ of information come from mixed sources and there aren’t any collective governing ‘bodies’ organizing the validity of the information, though religion does try to. Just because you see bits of truth that hold true doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of or for ride. Be forewarned about whose spirituality you ‘buy’ into…

Corrupt spirituality’- Who’s version are you buying into?

The source at which you come into spirituality does matter! In science photons or atoms are the exact definitions and terms the world over, however in spirituality words like ‘energy’, ‘’spirit’ mean a whole myriad of things and so things are lost in translation! Take the time for that to really sink in terms of implication. Guru A and guru B may impart there ‘wisdom’ but are they in sync telling the exact interpretation of what they mean? Would it match another guru’s in definitions and terms, just like a scientist in England could say ‘photon’ and the scientist in India would have the exact same definition and understanding? No! This does cause confusion and contradiction the world over! Those who may come from a scientific mind get completely scared off because of such things and deem the subject BS; however the subject does have merit. This lost in translation confuses and scares people off, that’s ‘not very spiritual’ of them is it?

Corrupt spirituality’- Karma!

Karma is a well ‘established’ spiritual ‘thing’ in most spiritual circles and the definitions for it are indeed similar, but is it real or does it too get lost in translation only having 10% worth its merit? Indeed it does! Karma’s purpose is to restore a kind of ‘balance’ in the world the premise being you do good and good comes back. Then ask yourself why the world became so corrupt?! And those who cause the corruption shouldn’t they be ‘punished’ via karma in equal or greater doses than what they ‘put’ through negative actions? Why do all the ‘bad guys’ get away with things so often? Could it be that this is a corrupt bit of spirituality sold to you via many sources only with 10% truth at best that does not and will not work? The validation and proof is in the very world we live in. If karma were real it has failed wonderfully! Karma only works on those who feel guilt and so it is used to keep yourself in check unless you feel nothing, just interact with any corrupt individual and you will soon find they feel zero guilt. Yes you should treat others how you wanted to be treated and you should do ‘good’ where you can, that’s about the only ‘valid’ thing karma should teach and that is a good thing. Also in regard to karma the idea of what comes around goes around. There is only one thing to say to that, “how well is that working out for you?!” You will see the flaw instantly unless you feel like hanging onto this corrupt spirituality for comfort but there are more suitable comforts that do a better job. Let go of a spiritual golden nugget and gain your life back and stop punishing yourself this bit of spirituality doesn’t serve you!

Corrupt spirituality-just be ‘good’!

This sounds very nice and in ‘theory’ should be just that but what does hearing “just be good in life” actually do to people the world over? It depresses them and stops them from doing or being what they want. There is this overwhelming form of discomfort and dissolution. ‘Who’s’ good’ are we following? The times we live in also dictate what is ‘good’, it was ‘good’ to burn people for believing the earth spins around the sun or it was ‘good’ to burn people who believed in the ‘super natural and practised as such. Do not think today’s times are any different. Yes there are something’s which are inherently good now matter how they are ‘viewed’ such as treating people with respect or looking out for one another. Like karma ‘being good’ is a no choice, choice you are boxed into someone versions of what is ‘good’ aren’t allowed beyond it. Nobody in reality needs to be told what is good or not that’s something even a child understands. The only thing ‘being of good’ does is box you in and not allow you a choice outside of their good’. I mean you dare not go outside their version of good and you dare not be bad! This is an imposition that you are much better off without, it is ok to follow what you feel because in the end everyone instinctively knows what is ‘good’. Let go of this corrupt spirituality that doesn’t serve you or anybody else!

Guardian angels and the symphony intend on correcting the above because spirituality does have merit and should be welcoming to all!