Do not try to changes your habits!

29th April 2016

Instead simply make a note of the habit or problem and let the problem or habit guide you to the answers you seek over time. Think of a plane flying in the sky. When you move it off course by a few degrees over time it will go to a completely different destination! This is exactly what we are seeking with your habit or problem. Trying to change a problem or habit will lead to failure if done just like that unless it was a case of fixing your “natural flow”, in which case the problems will ‘look’ fixed over night by an outside observer! (I will help you reach your natural flow as well).

How do we fix a “problem or habit?”

Awareness and observation of the issue over time changes the “course”. Keep in mind the following:

1. You don’t know what you need until YOU work it out, not told it. In the end you must come to the conclusion yourself so that it ‘clicks’ (encapsulates) and becomes part of you (encapsulated) and then you operate off this new knowledge (encapsulation).

2. You cannot fight your mind which likes routines. Stray too far out of your routine and you will have a fight on your hands!

The importance of increments!

The above shows the importance of increments and to build things over time. No different than building a house a brick at a time. Only this way we are making sure that each brick laid actually sticks and doesn’t need re-cementing! This way the house and each brick are saved once done!

The main goal of the works here is to get you to develop a high sense of awareness and observation built over time so you become your own expert. Do not underestimate the power of something that seems so subtle!

You are to keep this article in mind when we deal with any of your issues.

Our partnership:

I am not talking at you I am to work with you to allow you to see your own inner workings. I am not going to tell you to follow orders like some lost sheep. I have more respect for you than that and am to empower you. My gift is high level of access and with this ability I am simply allowing you to see what is already there. Society is forever dictating in every form an institution how we should act and think and behave. You are an individual and such will be treated to that fact. You are not a number or a statistic.

Sometimes a habit or a problem is a gift in disguise bare that in mind. Some of the greatest people used their habit or problem to actually define themselves and make them who they are and became the inspiration for generation beyond them.

Guardian angel