Earth The Prison Planet

9th September 2017

Earth the prison planet of past experiences – those that control and those that are being controlled in the end are all controlled…

The entire planet and the many worlds within worlds including your world are held and locked in experiences that pull and tug at you keeping you a prisoner no matter what direction you go, no matter who or what you are irrespective of power or position or lack of. We live in a sea of cycles that although appear different are exactly the same dramas and uncompleted stories of the human experience and has been held back from completion of. The whole purpose of all existence is to explore and examine our experiences through the stories we inhabit via our bodies, cultures and societies that become our worlds. We live them, explore them, but our environments/cultures/institutions/establishments seek to impose what ‘is’ with what the ‘right’ ideologies and lives are we must lead. Thus infecting what we are meant to conclude for our own stories to move on into the next part of our lives or life and so the problems we didn’t resolve are moved down through us generation to generation sons and daughters try and complete what we couldn’t, we the same of our parents. The legacies caught out and imposed on by religions, sciences, cultures, societies and for what? Pain, grief, suffering, misfortune unlearned and uncompleted lessons for what has become the human condition imprisoned in the very earth that was meant to be free…

Everything forces our worlds into duality of right and wrong, this and that, black and white, light and dark heaven or hell and the laws that govern them. This has been all set up by design by hidden entities and enforced by us humans as collective ways that keep us and the earth in a prison cycle after cycle only to be passed onto generation to generation. If only we could see that to solve our lives we must go beyond duality because problems will never be solved there for a reason to follow of energetic chains and ties…

Breaking the spells and our energetic chains..

All experiences no matter what they are carry a positive or negative charge to them within the energy layer of us, the more positive or negative you are the thicker the energetic chains around your body become. These invisible chains hidden just outside of the range of our eyesight but are felt daily, tugged and pulled at keeping us held down as a human race all to feed hidden entities the energy they desperately need while engaging through our bodies to create more energy for themselves via our dramas they also live through. Keeping us locked down on earth forever, back here again after death in ‘another’ life for them to feed on us. This is exactly why you are made to feel shame, guilt, sin, useless, not good enough, and disgusted at yourself and others forever in a debt of energy for these entities supply. If we humans aren’t positive and good enough obeying and conforming to being ‘positive’, ‘good’, ‘right’ and within their established set of ideologies led by the physical worlds governance and leaders of the time, the hidden hand of the entity gate keepers do not mind. They will take their energy from us either way; you are to be kept in a state of constant duality in any or either extreme gives the entities the energy they seek turning humanity into nothing more than a battery. Anyone whose studied history will tell you the physical worlds establishment’s version of what was collectively ‘good’ wasn’t ‘good’ by any means but barbaric, the entities  behind the scenes out of human sight designed it this way for the physically fooled world, every ounce of ‘good’ distorted. More deaths and corruption and the worst traits of humanity have all come through many acts in the name of ‘good’, these distortions aren’t an accident but by design. Theses entities that secretly rule humanity distort everything we do, believe in , count on and think we are all for their purposes all to be fed off of energetically! As long we buy into the physically taught educated world, we are their slaves chained and bounded into their prison!

The same can also be said today if we stand back and really look albeit at a world presented to us differently to keep us fooled under the guise of ‘good’, just look at all the pointless wars we go to! In todays world we do not need to have physical chains/bars in the way the slaves in history did of the barbaric days of past, we have grown smarter and so has the ‘presentation’ of the chains and bars around us. Today social classes, educational levels, passports, income brackets, taxes, laws, democracy, dictatorships, international laws, are but a few chains and bars of many used against us all the time. The game of life has been rigged so the few in the 1% of income bracket own the rest of humanity and they’ve been their centuries. They will not give it up no matter how hard you work or how educated you are! When you’re that rich it’s a matter of holding onto not just making/taking more that is the key! The rest below are bought off or ‘placed’ in positions to make it seem possible success can be made to the rest of the world as shown by these newly ‘ rich icons’ newly made money. Most of the newly rich icons have been led to believe they did it themselves but energy path ways and entities were part of their back drop unknowingly manifesting it for them. They the ‘ newly rich icons’ can now ‘enforce; their success to the rest of the world happily because they did it ‘themselves’. Yet again these entities masters feed off the world while the 1% are firewalled off in the gold plated prisons from the world at large as the ‘price to pay’ to stay there and are also fed off in this way. The other unfortunate hard working humans are hijacked/bought out, taken over, locked out, because this game of life  is entirely rigged! I would Know as I have had clients from that 1% not to mention I have shifted into them to learn off them they know they are stuck as well! They and the collective humans are both prisoners just in different parts of the prison none are truly free, though it’s presented otherwise to all sides. The 1% are so far tucked and locked away from the masses that the irony is the lower poor class humans actually have their key to being free to begin with unknowingly out of the earth prison. If only these elite 1% could see that they could get past their divide of being “higher up or “lower” and link up put differences aside and heal to escape. The entities lock all of them out of and know this, keeping all separate is exactly what the entities want for all! This is one of Guardian Angels roles because access to world is matter of frequency not money as well as locking out entities who’ve disturb the energetic landscape for access to begin with which shrinks where and what you can do! Same is also true in reverse because ultimately the reflection of them and ‘us’ is in all and unless all worlds are bridged seen past the physicality everyone at every part of the game here will remain stuck and has been life time after life time. The many conspiracy theorist can also be correct in what they highlight sometimes but they are also at fault for creating energetic and spiritual divides which the entities like “illumanti vs the rest” type scenario when the reality is we are all stuck! Everyone no matter what position/background will have to grow up and learn to solve their differences. As it stands it’s the governing collective rules establishments/ illumanti vs the unities rebels, counter culture mass conspiracy human prisoners who ‘stand up’! Everyone and thing have been ‘played’ in this mass game even the controllers! (Please read the ‘no converting article within the bio section)

The earth and the human aspect of earth cannot evolve until it is free of these chains/dramas cycle after cycle. It will remain in debt to its spiritual and energetic bondages until the experiences are completed and the chains are not fed positively or negatively. Thus trapping further those that deal within these life cycles of duality only to serve their own imprisonment when the reality is that these chains need to be neutralised! Completing your experiences so that the chains are neutralised is the key, this is exactly why those who carry distortions or are in bondage with direct demonic presences will never be free. Even if the entities are “banished or love be cast toward ‘evil’ entities” those are temporary fixes and in fact the entity will come back stronger because the chains are now thicker due to resistance over the long term! If the entities are seen as “bad and evil and we must stop them” you’ll fall into their design yet again and feed them, completing your story and being able to shapeshift will allow for full understanding of all and no longer ‘need’ to be part of it. That is an aim you may consider with Guardian Angel, after all we are all part of everything knowingly or not.

You may be reading this thinking something on the lines of “I don’t believe in anything so all this is whatever”- ‘YOU’ may not but your body and mind has an identity, belonging to a culture and society and reality reacting accordingly to your mere presence by the reality you inhabit. What you think, think you think, believe, feel or act has zero to do with what makes you tick and operate. If that were not the case you’d have no issues to be solved chains to be free of.

Guardian Angel is here to help you complete your stories so that they can be completed so that they aren’t passed down to generations after you to ‘solve or be completed’ on your behalf. Guardian Angel is here to act as your haven and there will be no judgment or passing of such, being able to shape-shift into your energy field allows for complete understanding. Guardian Angel will know where to help you so that your story can be completed and added to the universal library of the infinite. Your body, identity circumstances and entire life are the embodiments designed for you to collect these experiences for the entirety for all to learn from, encapsulate. Which is why when it is complete you’ll be free and go into the next experiences. Or be the way for others just like Guardian Angel.

Your friend, life partner and trusted guide

Guardian Angel