Encapsulations Guide

14th April 2016

Encapsulations congratulations!

The penny drops, a light bulb moment, it clicks; in essence that is an encapsulation happening to you, that’s a sign but there are many types of encapsulations. When these types of moments happen as mentioned, they can often be life changing, and things start to flow becoming exciting once again, or there’s some sort of solution or resolve, way forward. Often after such things, life is never the same again! Why? Because the encapsulations you now operate off of are different than what you previously operated off. The world is new again and although you haven’t changed physically, internally there is great change, which after a while people will start to sense, feel, and notice. Your views on life dramatically shift and responses from people’s reaction react accordingly. You wish you ‘knew’ what you do now is often the thing that follows. We have all felt like this!

Spiritual change above mental change:

Think of these experiences as ‘updates’ to your spiritual memory you now operate from. The reason I haven’t said ‘physical memory’ is often most times we know of the information but it hasn’t ‘clicked’, when something ‘clicks’ it is now part of your entire essence not just ‘mind’.

The 3 signs of a personal encapsulation:

Some further signs that you have encapsulated something from penny dropping a light bulb moment or clicking etc.

Time distortion: Time will distort, meaning it will feel like a lot has happened, feeling eventful and you will not have a bearing for time. An hour may feel like several, and a day may feel like a week or months worth of things happening. You will often need time to recover as well.

Reborn: You will often feel like you are reborn and seeing the world again for the first time with new ‘eyes’. The world will feel fresh and you will feel and operate differently, even though others may not see this ‘change’ straight away. Warning: Do not give this credit of being reborn to an external source such as a spirit or some sort of cult or religion. These are experiences we are meant to have, and often such institutions take advantage of such things.

Reality: The world and what’s possible will feel different, and new skills and insight could be part of this new encapsulation you are operating off of. You will wish you knew of these things years ago. But simply knowing something and operating off it are two different things entirely.

Encapsulation programs: In simple terms there are encapsulations within us no different than computer programs and operating software. They determine how we act, behave and what we do in every aspect of our life. They are often hardwired, but here’s the good news they can be updated. This is why I often say it doesn’t matter what you think or think you know, or your logic, your intelligence or what you believe in. The only thing that truly counts when dealing with people is what makes them/us tick and what makes them/us operate. I speak within context when I say this because I am not some cold hearted person, so please realise the context in which I aim this at. It is a context from which true understanding is possible, hence why I always get the “you understand me like no other” speech all the time. If you know how people operate/tick, you will be able to get through to them because their operation/tick is a matter of what encapsulations are currently present. Often what people ‘understand’ is what makes them operate. Understanding= operating system.

Encapsulations and people: It is vital to understand that just because you present the ‘facts’ to people, they won’t ‘get’ what you say because of the encapsulations they operate off of. Encapsulations determine every aspect of life, so no matter how much convincing or truth you present to whomever you speak with, will fall on deaf ears if they are operating off encapsulations that don’t allow in what you present. Whenever you catch yourself talking about people not making any sense, what your misunderstanding is that you aren’t observing their encapsulations. Addictions, OCDs, compulsions are but a few encapsulations that make no sense from a logical perspective. As stated, encapsulations are a spiritual matter not a logical matter, because the encapsulation is part of every fibre of your being. Accepting, observing and interactions with people’s encapsulations will allow you to get on better with them.


Encapsulated Implants: This is very dangerous territory because of the nature of how it is done. The logically minded will fail to see how something seeming so primitive can have such an affect. Let me remind you that encapsulations are spiritual based memory embodied in everything you are. So how are encapsulations implanted? Simple! By ritual and symbols. If you go through any type of ritual, whoever designed it can implant an encapsulation that you will then operate off of, like it or not. This is the number one reason why any institution or cult can ‘win’ over so many. This isn’t meant as any type of offence, this is the perspective of those that know of encapsulation implanting. One of the worst things is that you cannot remove an implanted encapsulation via logical means fortunately you have Guardian Angel with you. It is by no accident that symbols and ritual run the entire world…

What makes something ‘real’ to you? Your encapsulation of it! You cannot believe in shapes-shifting or demons and angels truly unless you own the encapsulation for it! When you collect an experience that allows for such things to encapsulate it is now part of you! No need to go around convincing people of anything! Instead allow them a scenario that gives them space to collect such experiences or knowledge you want  them to encapsulate! Seeing is not believing encapsulation is what makes believing possible! You must also note that just because someone goes through what you have doesn’t mean they have encapsulated either! Some people will stay in a state of disbelief and denial but these are signs of what I call a ‘incomplete encapsulation’. That isn’t good or bad it is what it is!

Your road ahead…

Go beyond listening to people but understanding them and for this you must observe and interact with what makes them tick and operate: their encapsulations!

Knowledge is useless!

Chase not information or knowledge but encapsulations. The difference between someone successful is the encapsulation they embody not what they ‘know’. You cannot teach an encapsulation! You can collect, implant, discover, uncover or share encapsulations! People cannot steal an encapsulation and nor can they ‘buy’ a personal encapsulation either! This is exactly why when these successful people ‘teach’ how they got there it is useless! Why? It all comes down to the encapsulations they now operate off not any ‘knowledge or answers’…

Answers are useless!

Chase not answers but the encapsulations of an answer because you can know all the answers that exist on the internet but are any of them a personal encapsulation in you? Do you embody what is said? Are you a living and breathing embodied answer? This is important in today’s world because many people may have all the answers and say all the right things to say. But they are not the encapsulation that needs to deliver it! This is exactly why someone may say the right things and answers but if they themselves are not an embodiment of say empathy and understanding? Delivery of their message will be seen and feel cold, calculated and be wasted! So you see you must become an encapsulation of an answer and thereby not needing to seek answers but be encapsulated answers! I can shape-shift this is an encapsulated embodiment not ‘research’ not theory, fantasy or anything such.  I had to collect it but it is a reality even though it was the former before.

You are a unique encapsulation!

People cannot steal personal  encapsulations the embodiment of what you are (there are many other types of encapsulations such as sociatel ones). You are starting to become your own uniqueness. Uniqueness isn’t just born, it is created, collected, discovered unlocked and there to be shared with the world! You can be sure whoever you are someone somewhere will see some sort of value in you be it an encapsulated heritage,  physical, spiritual,  intent,  energetic or more besides. Everyone is valuable as an embodiment of encapsulations or an encapsulation that acts as reference point to add value to others. It’s why the universe needs to keep a encapsulated representatives of how not be or do things or how bad something is to add value to the other encapsulated realities, beings outside of it to gain contrast and value. 

**reverse encapsulations** 

This comes with a very important warning! Let’s start with a basic version,  we all know the 25th of December is ‘Christmas day’.  However Christmas isn’t a ‘day’ its 13 weeks, it happens to ‘end’ on the 25th! That is a reverse encapsulation because we gear up towards the one day but have been fooled into buying into to for way longer! Reverse encapsulation in people can be very detrimental they may give you a empty promise which we gear toward and feed and then it never happens! We end up wasting our time and the person giving this type of encapsulation will get the enegry they needed while you end up empty! Often for many people getting married is a reverse encapsulation as well. Just like in all the fairy stories the happly ever after is the ‘end encapsulation ‘ not the beginning!  And so the couple may have done everything they possibly could together except marriage and not long after everything goes down hill or ends soon after as it’s the end of their encapsulated chapter! Bare in mind what happens in the fairy tale at the last page of the book? That was meant to be the ending encapsulation, the end really does mean ‘the end’! It’s also why some people never get married or comit in their cheating relationships beyond the encapsulations that it is, because it will ‘end’! For most people if you don’t accept the current encapsulations the way things are and constantly pushing for more you may just ‘end’ your friendships,relationships or asspects of your lives if you do not understand the nature of encapsulations let alone reverse encapsulations! Words like “hope or change” are often used in political campaigns because they are a great way to capture the audience ‘now’ for something that’s likely never to happen. All that matters is that people buy in now! The greatest and best business minded always use reverse encapsulations knowingly or not it’s the one sure way to extract energy which then manifests reality. Energy quantifed as: attention, awareness,  focus , time, investment  (from money/ love to devotion), you get energy reverse encapsulated you can build just about any reality because reality is built off energy in the way described above.

**The law of attraction Bs!**

You do not attract what you put out, many spiritual gurus spouting this half bit truth. Tell me did those in the holocaust “put out negative energy to attract death?”. No! Do starving children in Africa put out thoughts of not eatting?  Do the gurus who spout this put out energy that brings in so much opposition?! There is a very well known  conspiracy theorist who I have a lot of respect for but he spent 30 years researching shape-shifting without actually seeing it himself! Why didn’t he attract in shape-shifting? Simple the law of attraction isn’t totally true and he’s been blocked by his own entourage and he lacks many encapsulations which he’s been robbed of. This has been very well known by elites/demons who use him as a becon to actually aid them. This has been done by using him to draw out who need to be targeted and its also the perfect vector for opposition which the entities feed off of!  But also an encapsulation missing is more accurate, because what encapsulations you have determines what you can draw in! And certain encapsulations can be blocked or interupted causing what we don’t want! You must also realise that whenever a spiritual guru talks about “manifesting or law of attraction” they never mentioned the people around you also affect what’s drawn in or not or blocked!  It is exactly why you’ll always hear the rich and successful people harp on about who you keep company around you determines your level of success. They understand in part about encapsulations and that those you are around their own base encapsulations affect what you get out of life. Collective implanted encapsulations also affect what is drawn into a reality hence the realities of those in Africa and the holocaust it was rigged against them all.

**encapsulation file share** 

Humanity used to have the ability to encapsulation file share. This meant that any lessons or skills needed to be learned would be instantly installed and part of you. No need to go through what others did or time it took. Imagine only one person in your family or close circle of friends had to go to university and suddenly everyone else knew and had the encapsulations installed? This is something that humanity has lost through false encapsulations implanted and robbed of a encapsulation connection that is of separation and so we are focus on our ‘own game’. This is one of the encapsulations the symphony legacy plans on working toward in part. The implications here are huge…

**Encapsulation engine**

How to get away with anything, murder, mass killings and still get the public to love you despite them “knowing”…

3000 people killed horrifically on 9/11 yet 100s of thousands die world wide at war every year. 9/11 is ‘saved’ (encapsulated) into the encapsulation engine, this is why it is ‘real’ within the collective publics mind . But the 100s of thousands dying each year isn’t collectively encapsulated/saved into the encapsulation engine and so as far as the collective public is concerned it’s not as ‘real’ or real at all because 100s of thousands dying every year isn’t encapsulated, saved into the encapsulation engine. What ever is saved into the encapsulation engine is what makes anything real to be 100% clear without that your just talking fantasy, theory or just plain story telling.

Political figures are known for lying it’s the will of the job. Despite this we still vote for them as if they are pure and honest in intention because what’s known about them isn’t encapsulated! Ufos , aliens ghosts, telepathy have tons and tons of evidence behind them and still aren’t taken as real collectively. That is because they are an incomplete encapsulation only parts saved so its not deemed real.

Collective history being another example a total fabrication but because it’s also an incomplete encapsulation collectively it’s not operated off as totally real either! In other words what’s encapsulated collectively or not determines everything and so who ever manipulates the encapsulations engine to their bidding gets away with anything full stop! This also determines how fast or slow we progress as  a race the encapsulation engine as a whole is extremely important if any change that’s long lasting are to be truly made. This is only a subtle 1% information on encapsulation engines but use your daily life to see how the encapsulations concept starts suddenly showing itself and why things are the way they are. No amount of revolutions, waking people up, changing peoples perceptions mean anything if you cannot get the encapsulation engine to save it and then operate off it. You’ve got a heads up there ‘conspiracy theorist’ of the unity vs the governing collectives rule control system! Start assessment of your own encapsulations and those around you. Start to draw in ways to update that encapsulation engine because if you don’t?  The most you’ll have done is earn a living and entertain people, you’ll be erased from history and the world with nothing left behind. Also if you plan on passing the touch to those around you to carry on your revolution? You’d better make sure they have the same encapsulations you do because if they don’t it’s not going to last. Exactly what the governing collective rules control system depends on cycle to cycle. For those in the governing collective rules control system you’d have to assess what collective encapsulations remain or you can craft. The encapsulation ‘time’ doesn’t work like it used to so it isn’t on your side as it used to be (time loop has changed, if your in the correct reality frame you’ll get this right away). No one or group on any side is immune from the encapsulation engine because it ‘lives’ just outside the earth prison planet. At some point all sides are going to have to face they’ve all been played. Real healing will only occur when the actors on the stage on all sides see their roles truly and go beyond and encapsulate forgiveness,  acceptance of  and on behalf of each other which ultimately is what love is. Until then the cycles will carry on as they have for longer than all may think. Exposing, waking people, none compliance for the unity side is all simply still fighting your not new this has happened many many times. Those in the governing collective rule control /manipulate use and abuse distort this is still fighting! None of this will do more than simply update the encapsulation tide. But nothing will be solved because fundamentaly it’s still all fighting. Until you evolve where you can shape-shift and then take on the actuality of another your just playing out the collective cycles it’s not new and it won’t solve despite what you led yourselves to think. Completing your personal story arcs with full encapsulations and then moving towards forgiveness and real love will go a long way towards healing. This can only be done as individuals and encapsulated representatives of each groups. Mass gatherings and people coming together will do zero because this is about individual encapsulations which will then reflect out mass change .

encapsulations round up:

This is only 5% of what encapsulations are at the very most!

The Symphony legacy intends on bringing brand new encapsulations to help heal the world. Which ever default encapsulated ‘side’ you are on if you are seen to look past your roles, and lives and heal the other side ? This entire action may well invalidate your entire lives or discredit you from your own followers/followings! Guardian Angel is the bridge that will aid in some of this type of healing via the Symphony legacy. Guardian Angel can address the healings and act as a bridge for you as shape-shifting into all encapsulations/people is possible be it all brief but that is more than enough.

Sleep on it see how you feel in the morning...

After collecting,  discovering, implanting, unlocking, reclaiming encapsulations etc when we sleep the encapsulations install and update over night. It’s why we sleep to begin with! The next day, life will feel new and what’s possible will be updated. Simply show up in your life and reality and people will respond to you differently and you may notice the same of yourself as well the update will be updated in your entire reality all thanks to the 5th layer the Conscious collective layer. With all this encapsulation talk you can start to see that life is somewhat of a simulation because things update and install. I will say that life isn’t a simulation but has become one most certainly within the human reality frame.  But outside of it that’s a different story and a different reality frame with references that you may not get just yet so let’s stick abit more grounded with the current reality frame we are in shall we? (Please read reality frame article within the biography pulled down menu)

Lets talk progress/progression before we leave this topic for now. Start to look toward encapsulation of progression to be measured in how quickly you can update your encapsulations not ‘time’. You can skip decades by understanding this getting through years worth of progress in only days to weeks and many times even hours (it’s also how Guardian Angel works as well)! This is also why I highly recommend encapsulations file sharing. It’s what all beings had on earth while still remaining as individuals because it wasn’t demanded that encapsulations be updated…

It’s time you encapsulated real life shape-shifting and miracles. Perhaps everything written here will finally click and be part of your reality because it will be encapsulated.

Guardian Angel