17th December 2017

What is Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel is a real life physical shape-shifter who aids society up to the very highest levels. Shifting allows incurable healings, to physically see a lost loved one, and to reclaim the insight that your life has lost. This is just a fraction of what Guardian Angel is capable of achieving.

How are donations handled?

We do not ask for donations until you witness tangible and proven results. Please read the donations & services page for the specifics.

Guardian Angel donations?

Yes, because we have a mission to fund in a unfortunately money dependent world. Humans value that which is rare; Guardian Angel is as rare as you’ll ever encounter. If you have other forms of access and complimentary gifts/donations/resources these will be considered. All relative to you.


I want your services do I have to witness physical shape-shifting first?

Yes. This is our hallmark and is what separates us from everyone you’ve ever known or met. Shifting into all peoples also allows Guardian Angel to directly take the persons knowledge. Do not fear it, as you’ll be guided in steps. We will make sure you are safe mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Guardian Angel will do enough of a shape-shift and limit it if it is something that really makes you nervous. We don’t want you to just take our word for it.

Services, including incurable healings are free if I do not get the results I’m after?

At no stage do we ask for you to make donations based on faith alone. You are invited to complimentary attend our London Mayfair practice to witness real life multi form physical shape-shifting to see evidence of Guardian Angel’s abilities. Following this you can choose, at entirely your own decision, to take out a service, or to leave it there and then. If you choose not to take out a service, we simply ask you introduce a friend who might require Guardian Angel assistance more instead.

When you say healing incurable disease does that include someone who was born with a physical disability?

This answer may offend and you’ve been warned. The idea of physical shape-shifting would be seen as ridiculous and at Guardian Angel we like to work with what we know for sure and is real. The answer is possibly but not likely and so we will say no. There are many charlatans that claim so, that is not us. Please refer to the incurable healing article about spiritual play mechanisms. If someone became disabled during their life time there may be a chance but again we’d still prefer to say no as a healing client. Someone who’s terminal ill that kinda of case yes we’ve had many of those and so if that’s you come to us. Again we like to deal in what we know and don’t want to waste time or give false hope. If there is someone on the planet that can heal this sort of thing Guardian Angel could in theory shape-shift into them and ‘learn’. But that would cost too much energy and money at this time, so we will say “no” for now.

Do you help with depression, anxiety , addictions, performance issues or mental disorders?

Yes, and results will be tangible and quantifiable. And this type of service will be quantified before we start and will be within some sort of reasonable budget wise for high end professionals/celebrities. This is provided you come to us as a human being and not your celebrity persona. Which we refuse services to full stop. If your even try to enforce your celebrity status on us during any service you’ll also be refused service.  To be clear we are there to help you at the core not a projected avatar, hence our rule.

Can you help heal my children?

Yes, but you must accompany them and you must witness physical shape-shifting without them. And they may not need to see it that can be decided if it is a benefit or not. Once seen it cannot be unseen. What surprises many is that children are often very gifted and conditioned out of it by the world. Keep that in mind.

Is this a cult or religion and do I have to join anything?

No to both questions. Guardian Angel is self taught; no masters, books, internet or anything. Guardian Angel is totally independent and not part of any clubs, societies,  religions, cults, sciences, Alien off world groups or anything else in anyway at all fullstop. We’ve already helped many high level individuals and we prefer to keep it that way.

Why has Guardian Angel chosen to reach out to help me in this way?

Movies and pop culture may get you to think we can appear in your lives as some mystical being to romance you off your feet. But in today’s world we thought we’d simply reach out in ways you understand more normally. We also acknowledge we cannot help everybody either.

Can I bring friends with me to see Guardian Angel?

Yes, but this must be limited. We will see at the most, 3 people at a time but usually it’ll be bespoke work one on one. Three people is normally both parents and their child to be clear. If you are a married couple we make exceptions given that’s an area we’ve worked miracles for.  The locations for Guardian Angel are within central London which you will be notified of once you fill out the client form. With our main base located within Mayfair London.

Why does Guardian Angel Help only individuals?

There are some small exceptions to this but 99% of the time it’s a no to groups and organisations. Helping groups would put Guardian Angel in a cross fire of their rivals and we aren’t interested in drama’s to get involved in.

I have an emergency can I take your service this second?

We only accept emergency cases from those who have witnessed physical shape-shifting. And let it be known the price is whatever we ask. If your life depends on us and only us then a value to match that is exactly what will be required first. We will need 50% upfront!

Is my case and details confidential?

Yes absolutely!

Why don’t you reveal yourself to the world?

Humanity is extremely childish what with all the religious, cults or popular culture all labelling or putting their own points of reference and spin makes us everything from “god-superhero-reptilian-devil”. From our perspective every human has the capacity for shape-shifting it isn’t limited by DNA or gifts.  But you will need to understand that all your worlds frames of reference and institutions will demonise or destroy what this is actually for which is encapsulation file sharing.

Do you teach shape-shifting?

No! And it isn’t a technique either or a ‘gift’. Complete your story/spiritual play mechanisms and it will open. That is what we are doing as well with people to help them toward that.

Why don’t you heal the entire world?

That’s your job. We aren’t here to establish another form of control because it will be seen as that to take over and heal all. It is not in the interests of all either. And what you call disease on one level is actually spiritual play mechanisms the very thing your story arc needs and depends on to encapsulate moving forward! In regards to healing the entire world? It is going in a totally wrong direction if it keeps going on you’ll advance into nowhere. It’s no mistake that many tribes in the wilderness do not have even a fraction of the illnesses in our modern advanced worlds.  Modern civilisations have been created at a cost to your health and the compensation is in your medicine or is it?

Why don’t you cleanse the world, rid of the evil in it?

That’s your job for your own world.

With a name like Guardian Angel do you only help good people?

No. We help any and all, the planet is in this mess because it separates the fact we are all one. Shape-shifting allows to step into your shoes and that of others. Whatever you’ve done or think you’ve done no matter how bad. We may be of service for someone like you. We all inherit different story arcs and roles. What you become and do in this life is because of those. How could we blame you or hold you totally at fault if that was chosen before you were born here on earth? Guardian Angel just like the emergency services doesn’t discriminate anyone because we are there to help.

I just want to see physical shape-shifting and can’t afford a service is that still possible?

If you have something to offer us and you are considering working with us by donating things of use then may be but 99.9% not likely! The only exception are by those who are invited and relevant to Guardian Angels missions. That may be certain figure heads or individuals who can witness shape-shifting and then tell you privately of what they experienced.

What are my Next Steps?

Click Register at the top right corner of the site and fill in your details. A complimentary consultation at our London Mayfair base will be arranged once done. Make sure to Read the Services, donations & services and Rules. You are also welcome to read the rest of the website, which gives a more detailed and in depth background of Guardian Angels philosophy.