GA Assistant Bios

27th July 2016

Guardian Angel Assistants

These are people who I trust implicitly, they have all chosen people to lookout for in their preparation to take on the title of Guardian Angel and so they have paved the way forward.

Some of you out there have been guarded and guided for years. We looked out for you without any ‘news’ or information of our intervention or presence. The Guardian Angel Assistants have nudged and encouraged you without credit, fame or payment because we can already ‘see’ ahead, most times there presence was simply enough to prop you up again. Their role wasn’t to impose any help but to nudge, encourage and allow you the space to be and do as you thought and act as a haven on your behalf. This kept you safe, heard and harmonised. If you have found your way to this site it means they wanted you to be part of their next chapter if you wish because they extended their care to you. This invitation isn’t to be taken lightly as there is life changing information within it that isn’t to go public, please keep for personal use only. This is some of the highest calibre information and insight into the actual world there is. Also it is vital that free will remain at all times, without it you may as well seek options within the world which coerces and manipulates you into their ways.

Each Guardian Angel Assistant I have worked with for many years and have been in training. They came into my reality and each I ‘saved’ and aided.



Guardian Angel Assistant Lell (Neil):

Non threatening and unassuming, blending into the background perfectly. He is the last person you’d expect anything from, but anyone who has had his help would have done so without even knowing. More often than not he is a Haven for people to vent, express, be heard, encouraged and believed in. His presence is just enough to prop you up and give you hope again when you thought it to be lost. This is the Haven Lell gave to all those he helped. He has aided me plenty and I consider him my right hand man. Assisted help from the Physical, Energy and Intent Layers of Reality. Skill: 1D/2D/3D+



Guardian Angel Assistant TC (mike):

Has created realities that indirectly help people at a distance, nudging help to those he intended it for. He has the ability to work between ‘worlds’ that allows foresights, understanding and has been guiding many. The Haven he brings is that of vast insights, a place and home for many without any even knowing it. He has stood by me and helped me pave the way forward, which led me to develop Guardian Angel Haven and extend my help to more than a select few. He knows of my private nature and has made sure it is kept that way. Assisted help from: Intent Layer and Conscious Collective Layers of Reality. Skill: 2D/3D/4D+



Guardian Angel Assistant Kaz (Karen):

She is my direct female counter part and brings intrinsic qualities. Her essence and embodiment do not need to speak or say for she radiates what is needed. People may underestimate this but we all have felt this from another, when we feel relaxed and calm because of a presence of another. When we are understood truly, deeply, when the one we speak to has the same experience, unspoken there is an empathic connection that you are truly understood. She is nothing less than magic but only if you allow her to be so! She has helped people and even joined them in their own exploration even if it was to go nowhere, to allow them to see for themselves. She doesn’t impose and allows space and understanding even though her insight is way beyond, and she will not let that get in the way. You have been given the Haven she brings of the space to BE. To be heard, to be understood with all faults and mistakes intact, for they are yours to own and shape whom you are now. Why should she remove and stop you from what makes you, you. Kaz brings a Haven of empathy, understanding, nurturing and a quality only a woman could. Kaz has helped shape and given me space to create what I needed, to have the capacity to help both men and women. Assisted help from: physical, energetic, spiritual, intent, Conscious Collective Layers of Reality. Skill: 1D/2D/3D/4D-



Guardian Angel Assistant Diplo (Mr Plo/Plo):

My closest Guardian Angel Assistant. Those that have the privilege of knowing me and getting in my heart space will know and learn his wisdom. He’s playful and insightful like no other. But you will rarely see him, he’s private like that but has helped many. Allow him to draw out the playful magic in you; he may just wake you up out of the trance of common life most people are in, that is his charm and magic to you! Assisted help from: Intent Layer. Skill: 1D


Each Guardian Angel Assistant is to be treated and looked after as you would I Guardian angel Dil. That is my will, trust and loyalty are earned not bought.



Guardian Angel Dil