GA Bio

27th July 2016

Guardian Angel Bio


Little me:

“When you go home spring will be upon you the next morning”. That’s what the teacher said; I went home excited and said, “mum there’s going to be springs in the garden!” She smiled. I woke up and saw nothing, “where are the springs!?” I was upset. I sat on my own and spoke out loud, “mind look after the heart teacher said it is the most important thing to look after”. To me the world was a wonderful place of beauty, I thought the only thing that existed was my street and was shocked when I saw a bigger world to my surprise. I wanted to understand the world, what made it tick what was it all about. At 5 years old my imagination was very high yet I was disconnected from the world but just seemed to know things. I switched it off for many years because it was ‘weird’. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The kids answered one by one, fireman, policeman, pilot, and hairdresser, teacher looked at me and said “you, what do you want to be?!” I was bored “how about nothing,” everyone laughed; couldn’t I just explore the world. Learn of it and about it. Did I have to fit in. It seemed so. I struggled to fit in and the voices and opinions of all my friends and family had spoken. Had I not fit in and let go of my weirdness, I wouldn’t have much of a life to live. I was bullied by teachers, by friends and family. I was alone; I couldn’t understand where I was or my place in the world. I had to stop this pain and so after tears and loneliness that was unbearable I had to just fit in. That was the biggest regret of my life and so many, many years later I switched on that spark in me somewhat and tried to learn all I could to understand the world better. But I realised something which most miss, the world isn’t sets of locations, its people. People make up a world and contain worlds within them. After all a location is just an empty space. I also knew instinctively that although I couldn’t change the world, but little me could change those and mine I came into contact with. That with understanding what made our worlds tick took me on a quest.



Two paths to nowhere:

Due to my earlier years I wished to not be bullied again. I took things into my own hands and used ‘logic’, that’s what all the world’s ‘best’ minds did. I spent years learning about psychology and all its facets, it was fascinating to try and understand the human mind this way. A problem became apparent, the more I explored this way to interact and connect with the world, the more I became a person who was disconnected from the world, robot like. The human spirit isn’t a robot, even though there are ‘patterns’. So I decided to leave it behind and search in another direction, the ‘spiritual path’. This completely spat in the face of anything logical and most of it fantastical, but I remained open and studied it beyond what most would have the time or patience for. This took me to a place where again I became so disconnected because I was too knowledgeable and seemed ‘higher’ up. Again the disconnection was brought to the centre of my attention.



Where was I to turn:

Both gave too many techniques and methods in their various ways; were they all a distraction, much ado about nothing. Those logically minded people would scoff at those who were spiritual and deemed it ‘hairy fairy’; those with a spiritual viewpoint mirrored their logical counter parts. Here is the thing, you need both mind and spirit. One allows you to stay grounded the other allows you to fly. If you are spiritual and are not grounded and do not use the mind you cannot ever land or have the perception of how high you are, you could be so ‘high’ you become unable to reach anybody as a result. If you are just simply logical then you will never take off and fly as we are all meant to. To put it another way I see logic as short-sighted vision: this allows you to see what’s right next to you. Spirituality is long-sighted vision and you can sense and perceive things at a ‘distance’ via feelings. The key is that feelings are distinctive: the touch of the air, sand, grass, water. All these have different qualities yet most spiritual people fail to realise that there are distinctions in sensory feelings. No wonder those who are logical scoff at it.

After years of this quest I became disheartened and could see the corruption and distortions in both paths. I ended up fitting in nowhere, I could see flaws on both sides…I cried and said to a friend “where do I fit?” he laughed and said, “Why you fit in every where”. I paused and actually saw evidence in my life from my past. Why didn’t I realise this. The problem was each world I interacted with couldn’t bridge into each other, yet I could. I couldn’t mix people from all circles yet I could interact and go where I pleased. But there were issues with this because each ‘world’ (person(s) would try and define me and keep me in their world, I became a chess piece in their game and their world. This is what led me to fit everywhere and nowhere. People could see I had insight and used it for their own purposes. I played along at first and used this to connect but it was futile in the long run, I became unhappy and trapped. I realised I needed to embrace the idea, I am nobody, because to be nobody, a shadow, means you cannot be blamed, owned, or played with. I also realised that we borrow everything in life, our names, bodies, identities, educations, cultures even things we ‘own’, they are no longer our own when we pass on. We cannot act as if each moment was our last, as that is impossible despite what people say, but we can actively value what we have. I also realised we can have many chapters as well as worlds, people, in our lives and so my quest has become just that.



Guardian Angel came to be:

I met a woman named Ms Downy who was known to be a ‘seer’. Now I had no idea but her analysis of me at the time was very odd and I refused to let it get to my head since I knew that would only set me up to disconnect me from the world. She said, “You are to lead many people; only a handful of people with your spirit are born every century. You are to bring knowledge and healing to many and more so those you encounter, you are that of an iconic being. A leader of peoples.” I took the message on board but didn’t dive into it, my life had been crazy up until then and much of what she said had already happened. But here’s the thing, I came across similar people who had similar things to say. One that stood out was when I was in America and after a three day spiritual seminar a woman came up to me out of nowhere and said, “Have you told your parents about your abilities? You are the second person on this ‘planet’ that has the ability to access information out of the ether.” I was just thinking, ok too many crazy people! To this day I take it as, ok I have had a profound impact and not going to get caught up in all the logical or spiritual teachings which led to disconnection.

With all these ‘coincidences’ I came into many people’s lives out of synchronicity. I was given a name by many people over the years, Guardian Angel, because I would turn up in their lives out of nowhere at the right time. They would say, “You are my Guardian Angel”, “are you a Guardian Angel?”

I was able to understand them like no other and gained insight that led to profound conclusions for them and me. You see I only ever know things when I am with people in real time when it is happening. The Guardian Angel title I adopted, it fit what I was doing for people and also described my private nature. All my clients know I am their ears, eyes and shadow; I do not seek fame or personal fortunes and am to be kept hidden, I ask this of you as well.



Unmasking reality:

I woke up and the ideas kept on coming to me out of ‘nowhere’, all these concepts, many years before the Internet was at our fingertips. But one thing was for sure I must have been connected to some sort of ‘spiritual internet’ because I just knew things. Notepad after notepad, it didn’t stop, what was happening.. I only just opened that spark back in me. “Mind save information and activate when needed”, with that I stopped using notepads. My mind and spirit would just teach and show me the way. Many years later the Internet became a way of life and sure enough many scientists, spiritualists and philosophers confirmed what I pulled out of what seemed thin air. I decided to throw any books or teachers away and saw it as ‘poison’. Even if I came to the same conclusions as they did, I did it by myself and therefore what I said, I did with confidence and ownership. I used this ability to help people become unstuck in their life cycles and made friendships that seemed impossible to make. My mission became to unmask the mystery of reality for people in the same way a magician’s secrets could be revealed, if you were in some sort of inner circle. I did this with all things spiritual and logical and discovered way beyond. I studied spirituality and logical means to interact with the world with myriads of techniques and methods. All of which stopped me from understanding the subtle nature of reality and the profound and real magical effect with all those I interacted with. The more techniques and methods you use the more distracted you are! Tell me, do you regulate your own vital signs, do you govern any of the laws of physics. No. There are intelligences in and outside of us, way beyond your mind and intellect and operate with or without you. The secret is to pay attention. To make this true in your reality, did you ever notice that when you have something that ‘clicks’ or encapsulates, as I say, your entire world changes and the effect you have after that on your world changes because you are the change? Anything after that encapsulation requires zero methods or techniques because your attention and awareness have altered! The encapsulations also apply to how you operate, so you will always hear me say this: “It doesn’t matter what you believe, know, say, do, or think you think that counts, but rather how you operate and what makes you tick”. These are all down to your encapsulations that you integrate via what you are and the experiences you embody. This is exactly why people do things regardless of what they say or think. If you have been through a tragedy and meet someone who’s only just gone through it, you already carry the ‘empathy encapsulation’ to be healing for them because you are an embodiment of it. Having that encapsulation will always out do any councillor or guru at any level. Was that a technique or a method. No. My way is, “No Techniques No Methods Just Magic”. This is what I will bring to you and I will show you your own magic.



Information highway:

Today after helping many people and of late giving attention to a handful, I want to extend my insights and help slightly more. I work with people from all levels of society and backgrounds and I am privileged to do so. I see most gurus and any councillor as the same as fast food mentality. To truly help, an investment of time beyond an hour is needed and often at odd times, sometimes even on 24 hour call outs. I am an information high way of insights here to act as your Guardian Angel and show you the way.

The Guardian Angel Library is there for you to learn and see what is useful to you. We do not use techniques or methods, though we can start that way. I will de-mystify the spiritual and psychological realms, and go way beyond to bring true magic to you. Helping you get unstuck of the current cycles you are in. I do not want people to go through any of what I have. Most of the information in the Guardian Angel Library you will not find anywhere, and so I am pleased and honoured to share it. Please keep me private and do not share the information. It is only intended for those that come into my reality and my extended Guardian Angel family who I trust may also use this but it is limited to how much they can do it and only for those they truly care for.

The information will be life changing, do not abuse it. We have made contributions to many parts of society but do not want to be known or take credit for it publically. Those we have helped know what we have done and that’s fine by us. I have Guardian Angel assistants and honorary ones that extend my will. If I see talent in you I may ask for your help to further this, but this is done out of free will and we do not go around seeking fame or the spot light! Please keep all information private, we are private and prefer to stay that way. Thank you.

I have split my Bio up into parts; please take the time to enjoy.

In part this is my legacy to pass on. Its aim is to serve and be served. To get my life’s work to extend further, I am creating the Symphony. A movement to embrace more, for a greater extent, please add your purpose to it. And it must be of free will please. There’s plenty of corruption in the world let’s not add to it ok.



Guardian Angel Dil