Guardian Angel Haven

15th July 2016

Welcome to the Guardian Angel Haven – here there is a resource centre for you to learn about hidden secrets and knowledge. It will be constantly updated so please be sure to keep checking in!

The point of the information within the Guardian Angel Haven is for you to get extra insight and everything that is spoken about exists here. Please also understand that Guardian Angel Haven is a small version of what we hope to build going forward ‘The Symphony’. The symphony houses a vast library of information and secrets through what we call “Liveality Index”. Liveality In goes into extreme workings of the inner worlds that exists and impacts our daily lives. It is our aim to make this accessible for all Guardian Angel clients and hopefully a little further.

The first few sections of Guardian Angel Haven establishes the foundations of the corrupt spirituality that’s currently plaguing the world and yes while some of it has merit? It’s extremely diluted, contradictorily and confusing to say the least and that’s mainly because of the intention behind a lot the ‘sources’ from which the knowledge is being passed on from. The intentions are that of escapism and seduction and while these can serve as nice distractions they take way from why and the purpose of such teachings. Guardian Angel Haven ill clear this up and for a lot of you remove the headaches that come with the subject of spirituality! The idea is to demystify and bring clarity!