Guardianship Pack

26th July 2016

Welcome to Guardian Angel Haven.


Basic rules:

One final thing, you are essentially playing ‘catch up’, that is what all the information in the Guardianship pack, Guardian Angel Haven, Guardian Angel Library and Guardian Angel HQ is designed to help you with. The information will give you a solid base of understanding, help avoid pitfalls and stop being manipulated into things. We use mind and spirit, logic and emotions, both are valid and both need to be used. One keeps you grounded the other allows you to fly. You need be aware of both at all times. Do not let anyone tell you any different! The information with Guardian Angel affects everyone irrespective of any divides of age, beliefs, status, money or background. No matter what walk of life you come from Guardian Angel has items that will make revolutionary changes in your favour.

Thank you. Guardian Angel Haven


Guardianship packs contents:





Guardian Angel Haven warm welcome to you:

It is my intent to share hidden knowledge that is about to open many doors for you in all areas of your life, revolutionising it no matter who you are. The information has taken a long time to amass but is priceless because of what it allows you to accomplish. With that I would like to say it is guarded and therefore isn’t for public use or eyes. It is not to become mainstream and I have used this to teach and guide elites. I am honoured to have served all those I have and more so with my unique gifts of being able to be a ‘super information highway’ for insights and also a ‘bridge of worlds’ for peoples. The only way you would have found yourself here is if I invited you or by someone very close. Therefore we have walked our journeys and have ended up meeting at this junction/same path in our life time. It is my intention to only share and guide those I encounter on my journey in life. There is no advertisement, no broadcasting or publishing of this information. Please do not copy, share, or sell the information and only use it for personal use as that is what it is intended for. All information that has been written, discovered and created has been done so by Guardian Angel Dil, unless otherwise stated and will be credited for it. To be clear Guardian Angel Dil is the sole author of all writings across the site and any and all documents you find yourself with. Please enjoy and any question can be directed at Guardian Angel Haven. The information you’re about to embark on over the next several pages will be eye opening beyond what you ever thought possible. Once you are done here there is the Guardian Angel Haven, Guardian Angel Library and finally Guardian Angel HQ. That will help you in many areas of your life across the board, which is useful to everyone. Guardian Angel spiritual emergency services is to be used as a last resort and when you are in real need, we get a lot of cases and cannot possibly deal with everyone. Therefore as with this service we advise you follow any outlines we give before you even partake in the service and it will require donation to match what is done for you toward what we are building ‘The symphony’.


 Guardian Angel Haven:

Is where you may start and see for yourself how these hidden secrets impact your life! You may also see how you can benefit others in your reality and we will encourage certain things for this to be done on an ongoing basis.


Guardian Angel library:

Is secret insider knowledge across subjects that affect everyone daily no matter who you are, as well as specialist knowledge to give you an edge! This will give you a base of understanding so that you aren’t manipulated logically or spiritually, both of which are very corrupt within our earth.


Guardian Angel HQ:

Is for clients and is very limited in access to serve our clients best. We are your back up and partners in every area of your life, aiding and guiding you as and when it is happening. We are on call for you and standby just for you. We help a limited amount of members here as well in exchange for value that they provide.

These different areas are earned and paid for they are not given out. We cannot help everyone with the same level we do our personal clients, but we can make a huge impact in your life with how we do things and with the knowledge we have. We understand that not everyone can afford our services nor would we want that. And so we have created mutual ways in which things can be earned with value being exchanged. This is outlined within “The serve to be served” guide.

If you are somebody that just takes, takes, takes, with no value or respect you will not be tolerated. There are plenty of places such actions can be used; Guardian Angel is not one of them, thank you.


*Please read our Bio to see how we were given and adopted the name “Guardian Angel”.


Guardian Angel Dil



Magic is real:

The mind and logic may say otherwise, but our behaviour acts in accordance with magic and its spell like effects, irrespective of any logic we may think in every area of our lives.


The magic we want to buy into:

How we act, what we buy, what we do, are all bi-products of magical spells. Look at your favourite brands, from food to music, clothes and cars, the list goes on. Is it not magic that draws you, binds you, and keeps you there buying into these brands?! Spells attract you and magic is how they make us all feel.


The magic we want to be around:

When we see beauty in those we are attracted to it is the magic that binds us. We do anything to feel, see, and be around this divine magic, which draws us into this person. We will act and do the most illogical and irrational things in the name of the person who cast the spell on us. Is it logic and the mind driving you in all your actions or is it the magic you feel toward them and of them.


The magic we escape into:

We seek magic in all areas of our lives from books, to movies, places and destinations. Hoping that magic will come into our hearts and give us that fix and desire we seek, allowing us to escape into it and be part of it.


The magic that we cultivate:

Science and logic can become an art form. Discovering the possibilities and the ways in which these approaches are sought, that’s where the magic within these constructs is. There is no denying there is magic in discovery and exploration, that is what logic and science brings to us. Arts are yet another form of magic in our lives and they are spread across all subject matters. They come from a place of the heart, passion and most importantly they are the why of things. If science and logic are the how of the universe, spirituality is the magical why we do, or be in life. There is no how before the why and that is why at our base of all things magic is the underlying theme of all things, be it the magic of discovery and exploration, this always adds to us enriching our lives in everything we are and do.


The magic you are:

Your mere presence has a magical effect on people, this doesn’t require any communication what so ever. People may like you and connect with what seems the subtlest of things that is down to your magic. You have met people who make you feel calm, re-energized, magnetized, and alive. It wasn’t so much the words they spoke or even how they looked, but a quality or qualities of them that drew you in like a moth into their flame, you also have these types of qualities. Real magic isn’t a technique or method it just needs to be recognised, sought after and cultivated. No methods, no techniques just magic. That is the awareness, observation and the Guardian Angel way.


Guardian Angel Dil 




All methods, techniques, logical or spiritual are manipulations, manipulative intent and behaviour; there is no getting around that. As much as people would like to justify these things the reality is that this is exactly the case. It’s all about mind games, control, power and influence over others. We can try our best not to be corrupted but the intent and our conditioning within society always leads to the above symptoms. Humanity has lost its way and has ceased being real. Being real with each other will allow us to tear down these divides and issues and get to the heart of things and indeed allow us to be in the heart of ourselves, others and all. This is where the Guardian Angel approach of ‘no methods, no techniques just magic’ idea came from. I wanted people to just cut the mind games and crap and thus this pushed me forward to get at the heart of the real issues. People aren’t real with themselves, others or the world. If we cannot be real with each other we can forget about real world or personal change. Is it not a wonder why people just play games with each other and when something real does comes along it is seen as magic, because it is real, something real is very rare in this day and age.


Self improvement:

Is a required part of development but there comes a point where such things cease to be useful and can actually hinder what you thought possible. Self improving is having the exact pair of shoes only shinier. If you are a caterpillar and expect to fly as a caterpillar well you can’t, this is where transformation comes in and this distinction is vital to understand. With self improvement you will get improved results in life, not always different results or possibilities as that requires a transformation. So do not fall for all this ‘self improvement’ stuff out there if you need a totally new possibility and reality to come in. I refer to both logical and spiritual endeavours to ‘self improvement’ when speaking of transformation requirements in this regard.



Is the only way to create new possibilities and realities and thus you will not be the same person thereafter. Letting go of the ‘old’ will be vital but so will the fact you will end up being treated differently by others and indeed treat others differently, for you will be somebody else. This may be too much of a leap and ‘destroy’ (re-shape) your entire life and will be very emotional. Transformations, is a revolutionary thought to those who’ve spent years self improving. But this could be what you’ve actually needed all along.


Transitions and Guardian Angel:

To become unstuck sometimes a transformation is needed and for that, we need to be real with ourselves. A transition of both is a must because when you have transformed you can still improve the transformation. Leave the self help stuff to the world and transformation transition to Guardian Angel, because that is where most people see the changes they truly seek. It may seem a shift in words to switch from ‘self improvement’ to ‘transformations’ but I assure you it’s about the intent behind them. Intent is everything it is your direction and foundation in all aspects of life. People with low intent stand for nothing and can be influenced and corrupted easily. One man or woman cannot change the planet but their intent can start the change and carry on beyond them.


Guardian Angel Dil J




The magic we are, the magic of how we deal with people, how we deal with real life.


Throw the methods and techniques away: If you are too busy thinking, you are too busy closing down your awareness and observations! If you are using methods and techniques sure they will work, but will they have the lasting and profound effect of that of magic. Do you even know what that feels like? There are people you have met that have left a lasting magic in your life, you cannot bottle it or shake it off, and yet they’ve left their mark. You couldn’t put into words how you were made to feel, but you felt it and understood it was different, that much you knew and were certain of.

Using a technique or method is like using microscopic vision constantly to see your reality. Yes you will see a lot of details but what about what’s happening beyond that tiny fraction of what you were focusing on, seeing and perceiving. The world will pass you by and the magic will have been lost and missed! Techniques and methods are a false sense of security, nobody can possible know everything! With this in mind if you are trying to do something new, an adaption is always needed. Using a technique or method will hamper your ability to be aware and create what you need to adapt to when it is needed optimally. Or you will end up ‘stuck in your ways’ as many do and have. Failing to adapt will keep us stuck in the past when we need to move forward at certain times in our lives. Let’s throw out the mind clutter, the chatter and allow things to be real and flow again, intuitively and naturally. Besides how do you know for sure the method or technique you are using is optimal for you. To be clear we are speaking in terms of dealing with peoples life and situations, clearly certain things need a method and technique such as driving. The myriad of these methods and techniques to dealing with people and life sounds nice but the reality is they are incomplete. They are always parts of an equation parading around like complete equations and thus leaving you at a loose end and fed up. Your constant chasing of the latest method or technique should be evidence enough to see that what you have used up until now has been incomplete. Enough with the constant chasing, over thinking, mind noise and mind clutter.


Exactly how do we bypass methods and techniques and become our own magic:

We want to be fluid and flow in all that we do. This requires instinct and intuition levels to be raised dramatically. No more nonsense, clutter or things that induce mind chatter. We are to raise and build the following in order to do this and a lot of times shift and place focus within the following.

Awareness levels: Created, focused, formed, developed and placed.

Observation levels: Created, focused, formed, developed and placed.

Multiple points of awareness and observations: created and formed.



Taking on any philosophy as your own will change your understanding if you use or buy into it as your ‘new’ form of understanding things. The philosophy will act as a new set of spectacles if you like to view the world again in a different light. Guardian Angel will give you different sets of ‘spectacles’ and how you go about things follows as a result. Hence the methods and techniques are dropped out of the equation because your understanding changes the approaches you do in life by default.



Your experiences are responsible for your current state of confidence. It isn’t a technique or method that makes your confidence the way it is today. Sure methods and techniques can add to you or subtract from your life. But they are not the embodiment that your confidence operates off. It is an internal saved experience that is the root of it, encapsulating it all. Your trust or miss-trust within you currently is the memoires encapsulated that you now operate off of; they aren’t a method or technique. With this in mind we are to collect encapsulations and recognise other people’s encapsulations, as that is what makes them tick and operate. Thus how you understand things radically changes and is part of you. You will come to understand that knowing things means nothing compared to things being a part of you instead. There is a whole world of difference. The subject of encapsulations in the way I speak of is a vast subject with many implications and indeed applications.


Instincts and Intuition:

These will be fine tuned and be put to optimal use. Understand that with intuition there are tangible distinctions. The issue is that nobody seems to have created the language and spelt it out to you. The air, ground, grass and sand all have their own distinctive qualities against your skin and you can feel the difference without sight. The same is true for intuition and instinct, you just have to acknowledge each time a situation occurs when the intuition and instinct kick in you are to build your “spiritual keyboard”. You are to place the ‘keys’ in the right places and once the experience hits you time and time again you are to establish it, encapsulate it. Once established in you the use becomes tangible, even to those of you who swear that anything outside of logic is simply the result of chemicals within you that govern the emotions or any such line of thinking.


Intelligences in and around us that is where magic is:

We all try and out think the intelligences we are submerged in, both in and outside of ourselves thinking we can somehow outwit it, being cleverer than it. Are you in control of your vital signs, organ regulation, immune system function etc. How about forces outside of you such as gravity and indeed any law in physics? Do you control any of it, can you? Realise you are submerged within these like a sandwich with you as the filling. The sooner you understand and realise you have less control over anything you are submerged in the sooner we can start to not out wit or out think it but work with it instead. We are to tap into these intelligences and understandings that we are submerged in; they will be part of our guide and magic. Of course certain things will be out of ‘range’ of thinking and understanding. That doesn’t mean it cannot be put to use and be tapped into. That is what we are to do, I will guide you. Things will become very clear as we journey on, think of it this way, you can breathe and take in the air but you do not need to understand oxygen or how it is used within the body for it to do what it needs to within the respiratory system to be alive, the same is also true for real magic. It is tangible and observable and most importantly repeatable where ever you go.


Guardian Angel Dil J




Field-testing is what Guardian Angel refers to as the world and reality you live in to gain useful insight. Reality is always communicating back to you if you pay attention. If you want to approach this with a logical mind to start that is valid. You should at least start with the fact that before a product reaches a market it has to be market tested. Only the product is you and the reactions, responses and effects you have are down to you as a brand and a personal product of you. If we alter and transform you, the ‘market’ will respond back via subtle feedback.


Forget about theories:

Things may sound good in theory but if it doesn’t work in real life application it is entertainment at best. Unlike what you have read out there or tried, Field Testing is how you will see constant results and see real feedback as to how you are progressing. You will gain insight as to what to do next if you aren’t getting what you want out of life. This is what separates Guardian Angel approaches from everything else out there. This will give you real life results in real time. Field Testing will be part of Guardian Angel HQ services keeping you on track in your life’s endeavours. Throw away personality tests and profiles, how people act and what they say will not give you the bigger picture.


Reality always gives feedback on people, situations and life, it is always communicating to you:

If you use field-testing correctly and adapt from the feedback you will succeed at everything. However sometimes a transformation or proxies are needed, something your field testing feedback will give you if you do not allow your ego to block it. When I say proxy, sometimes getting other peoples skills is vital, team work etc You must understand you cannot in the truest sense do everything yourself!


Field-testing feedback by asking people is impure:

Simply asking people how well you are doing is going to lead you in circles and in the wrong direction most times, because the feedback is impure. Remember we aren’t asking people here with field-testing, we are gaging things to assess feedback that reality gives us. The people we interact with will: fabricate, lie and exaggerate. This will happen intended or not and at most times as they may not want to upset or hurt you, but that doesn’t really help. They cannot see things objectively if they are too close to you or are not in the fields of work you seek. Even if they are in the fields of work you seek, their personal experiences will compromise what’s possible for you because of their limited and projected experiences onto you.



Purest signs of field-testing:


Are the purest field-testing sign because zero thought goes into it! In marketing how people react to a product is a key indicator as to the validity of the marketing, more over what is said or thought. There are many big companies where negative things are said and they are seen as the bad guys. Yet they continue to make money as the market is still reacting in the way it needs to for them more over what is said or thought. We see this with people we know all the time who say and think one thing and react in a completely different manner.


Unprompted responses:

These are people and situations that tend to ‘magically’ communicate through things you were thinking or had spoken to with unrelated people. It may seem magic and that’s because it is, or subconscious for the logically minded for now.



What is not said and stood up for or not done or constantly delayed, is part of inaction. Inaction always speaks louder than action when it comes to field testing. Action you will see and will not go under the radar unlike inaction does. This applies to people that are unreliable, more so manipulative and abusive people, passive or aggressive. These people may say and do the right things seemingly but what isn’t said or done needs to be watched out for more. This is exactly why these types of people get to hang around in your reality for so long because their actions is what you may be focused on and they seem the ‘good guy’, but the field testing inaction signs may say otherwise. If you are in an abusive relationship passive or direct, pay attention to this Field Testing feedback sign and also use it against your target, that’s the most optimal way to communicate back. Inaction in all its forms is the best way to remove the fuel source to anyone abusive and manipulative, they cannot get their food. Inaction would be to give empty promises that sound real and legit followed with delays. That is a typical inaction person trait and could disrupt and delay your life dramatically! This should also apply to realities and situations you do not want to be a part of or encourage, you would inaction it. Politicians use inaction a lot by avoiding certain topics or words it should be noted, something to also consider when communicating. Inaction creates a projection of only the bits you want people seeing thus crafting people’s views and opinions. This is why I have said to watch for this sign with manipulative and abusive people.



Numbers, reoccurring words, symbols. Often reality communicates to us via symbols. The optimal times to pay attention are when you look or move and happen to see something. The less thought and mind involved the better as that makes this valid. We are using reality to communicate to us not the mind, so calm thy mind noise. When you get adept at this you can assign ‘signs’ to appear in your reality and act upon them.



Situations and people is where you will find these, they can link you to realities with magical affect. So pay close attention and at the very least acknowledge them as you will end up tuning into these more often by ‘coincidence’. The more you acknowledge the more these things will happen. When these things happen in continuous succession you will have your proof and be your own magic for you and others to witness. Do not fall in the trap of making shit up or stories, as this is a trap. I see a lot of spiritual people fall into this. Make a mental note and let things play out, as this is always the best way to be, don’t attach stories or meanings just yet. And when these coincidences start to favour you constantly you will understand your own magic at work. Do not be giving such credit to outside forces or the universe or any such thing, as that will hinder what you can do.



Magical field-testing signs:


There are themes playing out in your life via people and situations and give foresight as to where things are going. Pay attention!



These work like themes only smaller like a trail of breadcrumbs leading you somewhere you can follow. Threads can also allow you to predict the future as well. If you start something from corruption and think you can start over or clean up later you are mistaken. The only way that you can change is if you are able to shape-shift intent and for 99% of you this is only possible after decades. Why. Because if you started at a young age and now you are old decades later, your intent would have been altered over time and now you could approach things differently. But it’s too late. However, if you don’t want to be victim to this, then start projects, relationships and friendships the way you intend it to carry on. To be clear if you start a relationship via cheating, one of you will cheat down the line on each other, that isn’t stoppable. The thread you start is how it carries on.


Direct manifestations:

These are sure signs you are in-sync with yourself. What you wanted just ‘appears’ in your life. This also shows you what you are capable of magnetising. This will be repeatable. Here’s the thing, everyone can manifest different things unlike the spiritual community who say you can manifest anything, you can’t! But with the right combinations of people you can. Watch out for other peoples ‘luck’ or manifestations. It tells you whom you should hang around or use the skill of. To be clear manifestations are the combinations of people’s intent, if it were all down to one person, companies, groups and couples would be pointless.


13 week cycles:

Allows you to fully gauge people’s entire Field Testing signs and if they are good or not for you. Anything after this is amplified, if you watch without rose tinted glasses. Where you catch people in the cycle will also throw you off, so a 13 week cycle may appear at almost 26 weeks or longer and more so if you’re instinctual ping is off. If you see those people that are ‘fired up’ or ‘motivated’ after a seminar or a book and have a ‘new’ seeming way about them, it isn’t genuine, the 13 weeks will show this. People will try and fake Field Testing feedback signs and more so when I tell them about it, but you cannot fake much beyond a 13 week period, cracks and fake attributes will always show up. Anyone can be motivated short term after a pep talk or seminar, but if they keep on needing those they may just not be the type of person you want to leave responsibility to.


Instinctual ping:

Certain words stand out via people and situations, it will instinctually ‘ping’ within you with a ‘vibe’ to it. This ‘vibe’ is also a gauge of the person’s intent and nature, so it is a good way to see if these people are right for you or not, irrespective of what they present to you. Though be forewarned if you’re distorted and you have abusive people in your life then your ‘warning system’ will favour the abusive and will be clouded! How can someone with so many abusive and parasitical people in their life be a judge of ‘good’ character? They can’t for now if they are distorted, and that distortion needs clearing first.

*There are more sections and signs to watch out for and more so when it comes to addictions. However I wanted to give you an idea so that you could apply these now.



Why field-testing is so affective:

The human trance:

People are in a trance for the most part and are robot like in patterns. This is even more reason to pay attention to field-testing over what people ever say because they all follow, react and dwell.



How much of what we do is that of following something or someone? You will find most of what we do is following others ideals, philosophies, and ways of life. Not much of what we do is truly our own.



Reaction and bouncing back and forth in every action we do in life. One reaction causes and begs for a reaction at the same level or bigger. Most of what we do as a race of people is reactionary; if it didn’t then the problems created wouldn’t create reactions that needed solutions. We’ve given away many freedoms in this manner.



Going through the same information over and over and more so taking on second and third hand information and passing it off as their own, like, educations, cultures, books, newspapers, Internet, friends and family. We all borrow their information as is and argue over it as if it were our own. We become ‘experts’ and ‘know’ everything in life via second and third hand means. When are we as a race going to use personal experiences as a gauge, instead of blindly relying on the hearsay of others?


Field-testing the playbook of life:

Gain feedback, adapt, and repeat to bring about changes you seek over time. Your reality never lies even though you and those you surround yourself with may.


Your own field-testing:

Although we are to watch the world and its interaction with us, we must pay very close attention to our own unconscious reactions and responses. These are just as much of a clue as what you see externally. Why you may ask, well, because you are responding to other people’s field-testing.


Some classic ‘good signs’ which are seen as ‘bad’:

Jealous reactions are a good thing because they show value in what you have. The jealous person is in resistance to that fact! Negative feedback can be used to hold up a reality and are vital for your success! ‘Haters’ fit this role perfectly. A battery cannot function without a positive and negative charge. This is exactly why celebrity publicists know, “no news is bad news.” Cooperation’s the world over have lots of bad press and actually get fuelled further not less.


Throw the teachers, books, and Internet away:

Field-testing is the ultimate way to learn about relationships, friends and family and also help you build up companies. If you rely on field-testing you can establish who and what you are placing in your companies and organisation. It is a better way of understanding people’s intentions, actions and how they operate and what makes them tick. However you must also combine this with “no methods, no techniques, just magic.”



Guardian Angel HQ field-testing service:

Field-testing partners and Guardian Angel HQ:

It is imperative you have partners or Guardian Angel with you in field-testing. For a start what you fail to observe or see I will catch as will my Guardian Angel HQ team. But the most important thing is to get an ‘outside’ view point and most of all someone who will work on helping your intent stay clear. If not you will gain ‘extra baggage’ that otherwise shouldn’t be there, such as parasitical people or people tricking and manipulating you. Having Guardian Angel HQ to aid you in gaining clear perspective in all things can be vital and can save your life as it has many before you. I take personal pride in that. This is one of the main things I did for people early on and it caught on fast! I have since trained some of my people to help out with the Guardian Angel HQ service. It is also recommend you use the Harmony and Retune services to amplify what is possible. All the results you will see happen in real life and in real time.


Final words…

You should use and start field-testing now on relationships, friendships, marketing, building companies and organisations. You will find it the purest and surest way to see what’s coming ahead of time and what you should be cultivating and encouraging as a result of field-testing. You can use what is in this Guardianship pack and do not need Guardian Angel. Although we can certainly facilitate this in double quick time, and get some internal field-testing indicators not mentioned here and more so for things like addictions.


Guardian Angel Dil 



Hidden reality and secret implications:

The world around us for all its advancements seems to have things distorted. We haven’t solved poverty, wars, health, and discriminations of all kinds, yet there are parts of the world that have no technology or issues and live a lot longer living in peace outside modern western influence. We have all this wonderful technology to communicate with one anther, yet it has served us nothing but disconnection and distancing ourselves from each other, the irony. Is our ‘modern world’ missing something perhaps?

You’ve often felt that things don’t seem to make sense in the world and you just can’t place your finger on it, things just seem to not sit right. The world is ‘designed’ to make sense and so everything seems to add up, or does it? Just like a clever accountant making sums add up. Perhaps the same is true of what we call sense and how we make sense of our world, things have just been made to add up. I always say, “just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it is real”. Sometimes you just got to learn to trust your instincts to see past what’s been cleverly added up to fool you.

I am about to reveal what has been hidden away, this has been accomplished through distraction of awareness and observations. Like all successful magicians, slight of hand and misdirection are part of it. There is also the sense that many do just simply not know of it, but once you see what I am about to reveal it will make sense. It fits both scientific and spiritual world views and models completely. In other words it is provable and wouldn’t be disputed at all; in fact from my view point its dam obvious. Here are the quick references to the reality we live in. Further information and secrets are contained within the Guardian Angel Library. This information will open your eyes and also allow your mind to go into overdrive. Best of all from what little is presented here you will come to understand your everyday life with a little more understanding. Some of your thinking will revolutionise.


 The 5 layers of reality:

Our reality is multi layered and if you do not get to see or understand this you will hit your head on the wall and fail to see things in life completely. Solutions to life’s complete answers or discoveries depend on this level of understanding, so let’s keep this as simple as we can to get a basic outline.


  1. Experiencing of the nature of our reality:

Physical layer:

How you see your way through the world.

Energetic layer:

How you feel and sense your way through the world.

Spiritual layer:

How you experience the world.

Intent layer:

How you go through your direction in life and how others steer and influence the world.

Conscious collective layer:

How your world is part of a collective pool of something much bigger, created and fused with many parts, paths and stories before and after you come into the world.


Some context:

The main difference in how women approach the world vs. men is that women tend to ‘feel’ their way through the world. How women feel and are made to feel is paramount. Women understanding that although we have our eyes open we are ‘blind’, as if we are going through a maze having to feel our way through. Women’s instincts and intuition is very much part of this and everyday occurrence. Men will often see their way through the world and life but this ‘blinds’ them from the understanding women have. Men pay attention to what words are said and the context and sense of those words. Women use words as symbolic gestures and focus more on the feeling behind what is said and how they feel more over. So it is important for men to understand feelings and how they make women feel more over than words used. Women should focus on clear and concise words or wording with a logical standpoint as a general with men. Keep in mind I am only hinting at best at the subtle differences and the other layers also affect things greatly. The truth is there isn’t any difference in men or women other than what layer of reality their focus, awareness and observation come from. Once understood, it’s actually simple and easy to understand both. From my personal stand point I create communication protocols for many, as that is the number one issue with most things and people (Retune service). It isn’t limited to words, personality or body language, that’s barely 1 or 2% of the whole picture.


  1. Our Investment of the 5 layers:

We are all investor’s; we invest in beliefs, ideas or people. The layer we do this from dictates outcomes and your life as a whole.


Physical layer:

Our logic, sense, money or material possessions/gifts invested into the belief, idea or person.


Energy layer:

Our waking time and thoughts, even when we are not in the same physical location of the person or persons tend to take up a lot of our time and energy. The energetic reality is a direct mirror of the physical. Just because the person you are thinking of isn’t in your physical location they still ‘occupy’ you greatly and thus may as well be in the same physical space as you. This also includes life force energy, hence you feeling drained and disharmonised which is the reason for why we ‘feel’ happy or not in life, because we’ve invested into the belief, idea or person.


Spiritual layer:

Our emotions, heart, love and encapsulations of experiences we impart with and shared investment into the belief, idea or person.


Intent layer:

Our integrity, will intentions, vows, promises, oaths, holds us to the belief, idea or person.


Conscious collective layer:

Our cultures, ways of life, ideologies, what’s a possible investment into a belief, idea or person.


Some context:

Simply saying no to things means nothing when it comes to people, addictions or brain washing because we have invested in multiple layers. When removing a person, idea or an addiction from your life unless we tackle all the layers we’ve invested in, we will fail to understand things fully. Ask yourself firstly, why did you, do you, invest? If you do not come to unravel this as that, the key in dealing with investments, then how can you move on? If we do not understand and seek to gain value within what we do, we will not be able to move forward with our lives. Our spiritual and emotional landscape always goes beyond patterns and mental ‘disorders’. That type of thinking is only limited to the psychological physical layer of reality and thus an incomplete picture is made. Not a single human being is ever logical from the base level and so we must address things from that point as well. What is consciously collectively around has absolute impact on us in everything. Today’s thoughts and experts will hand over in generations to come, and so for the most part we should use things as guides and outlines, never as absolutes as we have been geared to think about all of life’s issues.


  1. Scientific and spiritual 5 layer world model:

The world is both spiritual and scientific, each having their place and each provide different ways of accessing what is here. If the universe were contained within a single house, the living room would be spirituality and the garage would be science. Spirituality cannot parade around like it has all the answers because it is only one room in an entire house, as is science. They may be both correct in what they say but are incomplete when trying to act as if they ‘are’ the whole house and universe. They act as though they have the only complete answers when they are only one room of the ‘house’. That is exactly where the issues and conflicts stem from, each trying to get you to occupy their room and stay there. I would also invite you to see there are other rooms still left, unexplored in this ‘house’:;other world models.


Physical layer:

Physicality, logic and the enforcement of the 5 sense world and 5 senses.


Energy layer:

Frequencies, fields, forces, laws of attraction, distortions, harmony and resonance. These are things that fit both scientifically and spiritually.


Spiritual layer:

Bonding and communication between worlds and atoms. Macro and micro levels and beyond. Emotional landscape connection, ‘within’ and ‘outside’ of us are of this layer. Ceremonies, celebrations, holidays and rituals make up a strong part of the spiritual layer because this type of thing helps to bond us all and so it is a vital part of our lives. No amount of logic or science can ever replace it. The irony being, everything law based or scientific still has its fair share of spiritual practice of ritualistic behaviours.


Intent layer:

Dimensions, planes, layers and direction of reality. Will, integrity and intentions make this layer, for integrity is the foundation and building blocks for all, whereas the spiritual language of this layer could be referred to as ‘the force’. A man or woman cannot change the world but their intent certainly can change and mark history forever.


Conscious Collective layer:

Collective axioms, patents, scientific models, mathematical models, languages, cultures, nations, countries, religions, spirituality, supernatural collective beliefs, ideas, ways of life, treaties, oath, memes, genes, laws, declarations.


Some context:

All philosophies are vehicles and all vehicles need a world model to operate in. A car needs a road, a plane needs the sky a boat needs the ocean. The backdrop for all vehicles is the world model from which they operate from; hence a plane needs the sky as an example, the sky being the world model. Science and spirituality are world models we use to create and construct beliefs and ideas to make sense of this world. They have created a ton of ‘vehicles’ to explore and discover our world and carrying on doing so with the emergence of the latest advancements. Science creates physical vehicles as well, such as microscopes, telescopes and scanners etc. They may be physical but are still bound and have limited perception, for example, you cannot use a telescope to hear a heartbeat and it is designed as a vehicle to access that.

Here’s the missing thing I want you to be aware of; there are other world models that are not being used or found that need to be to that will give us new ways to explore and discover our world.


Guardian Angel Library:

This was a quick reference and rundown to the 5 layers of our world. Use the 5 layers to place attention and awareness and watch reality feed its secrets to you. The in-depth version of this information is contained within the Guardian Angel Library. The information is useful for everyday life and far beyond. The information is nothing short of magic that you will witness for yourself. Do not ‘convert’ to this way of thinking but find and seek it out for yourself. It is only when you see this reality I have described for yourself will it become real and true within your reality. Keep in mind the information I have outlined, although simply explained, contains many implications. When you may have thought to solve a particular life issue may have needed an answer revealed from a different layer of reality. It is important to note the 5 layers of reality work simultaneously and that they also work independently as well. Meaning the answers you seek will be different and depend on the layer you tackle the life issues at. This also allows you to get a complete picture and understanding of things. The layers although they have some sort of hierarchy are also interchangeable. One is not better than another, although the physical layer is always the last place things end up and manifest, this much is true.


Guardian Angel Dil



Helping people guide:

Please read this very carefully.

This information is intended to help you actually help people, should you decide to help others once I have helped you. I always see people become excited wanting to do this. But I also want you to realise how I actually go about helping you as well in the more subtle manners you may not be expecting in.

When we help people we must realise that our own mechanisms intended or not have a huge influence on people and the outcomes. In most cases ‘helping’ people will often mess things up and make things far worse! Even if you do ‘help’ are you prepared to invest the physicality, energy, spiritual-emotion, intent and also help them develop and become unstuck from conscious collective ideals and labels, helping them as an individual outside the general collective?

The statements below will allow you to become aware of your ‘help’, but don’t be too offended if your help is met with hostility, resistance or even corrupting people. I have been here myself so worry not, ok? I truly understand.

Keep in mind this happens to us all, but don’t let this stop you, just learn and become a more understanding and empathic human. J


The different ways we ‘help’:

Help disguised as converting:

Often when we speak and ‘help’ people, what we are actually doing is trying to ‘convert’ them to our ways and way of thinking. We often ‘help’ people to ‘help’ them ‘see’ our way, to ‘agree’ with us, we would argue this sort of help to ‘help’. When truly wanting to ’help’ someone you must get over yourself and leave them if needed and that would be most times!


Help disguised as imposition and control:

Many people impose and control others under the guise of help. Just make sure to be aware of this. This can be observed if you are in awareness of where you are coming from when you say what you do. Beyond what the words may sound like, people will often sense the intent and react. You’ve been warned!


Help disguised as not valuing and respecting:

Another classic is that of helping others under the assumption of actually belittling the person because you ‘think’ they need your help. This will become counter-productive if this is your intent knowingly or not. Often someone ‘superior’ or wants the sense of feeling superior will decide to do this type of help, again just be aware of this.


Help disguised as showing off and dominating:

Gurus often do this and want, for a better phrase, masturbate! ‘Oh look at what I know’. If you have understood the teachings I teach, you will understand that this type of ‘help’ is flawed. Your very essence that you embody can do more actual help than any words spouted; refer to encapsulations in the Guardian Angel Library as well as the Harmony and Retune services.


Help disguised as externalised:

If you pay very close attention to what advice you give others, you realise you may have externally imposed it on the person you are helping. Why would we do this? We all at some point have and some continue to do so under the guise of really wanting to help people. But it may be ourselves that actually needs the help we’ve given out! We do this primarily because we cannot face what it is we need help with and so the only way to ‘observe’ the help is by helping someone else. We also do this because we are trying to externally figure something out as well, so it can be useful at times. Teachers learn and relearn, mainly ironically by teaching and so the same notion applies here as well, which leads me nicely to my next point. You may see me prescribe this sort of help to those who need to raise their own harmony levels. Indeed helping others helps you and is healing. This is exactly why gurus are hell bent on helping others. Besides that, you can’t understand what is in your mind by talking to a brick wall can you now?


When ‘help’ becomes cancerous:

You are not good enough:

Why do I say this? Because those who are wanting to help sometimes do not know when to quit! Also this comes from people thinking they can personally solve everything, no single one can solve everything ever! This mostly all comes about because of wanting ownership deep down of the very person you are trying to help. It is ok to say you are not good enough. If there is something I am not versed in, I have zero problems pointing people in the direction they need to go to get that specific help.


You stink:

I am referring to your energetic resonance. Your very presence could upset people. This is often the case if you have deep seeded issues you have not faced and the other has similar issues. They will feel and sense it on a deeper level of reality and then react to you. Their reaction will make no sense despite you doing everything ‘right’; this is in reaction to the energy and intent layers of reality initially. You may encounter this when you meet or see strangers whom, although you have not engaged conversation with will put you in a state of unease, pressure and awkwardness. If I help you develop your spiritual encapsulations this will mostly not be the case. Sometimes it means you will have to use another communicative protocol to engage with this person, for example, getting someone else who carries an energy they ‘gel’ with on your behalf.


The hero complex:

If you are addicted to helping you are not actually helping, that’s just what you tell yourself, you’re doing something else entirely. You use ‘helping people’ as a way to connect to people; in other words, it is a communicative connection device. If you keep on helping in this way the advice you give after a while will become old hat and will bite you in the ass when people stop responding to this type of connection device. A backlash will occur and you will feel as though your help isn’t being met with any value. But this also works in reverse because people sometimes ask for help but all they really want is just a friend to connect with. You may want to learn the subtle differences or you may be stuck helping or asking for help from people for years when really all you ever wanted was a friend or 3. There are other ways to connect besides helping, bare that in mind.


How to actually help people:

Although these suggestions are very simple they are extremely powerful. Do not let the simplicity fool you, I use the following with you and it almost always goes under the radar, however my job is done. As with any real help and using the Guardian Angel approach, we are to throw out the methods, techniques, words, personality and body language away. Understanding, awareness and observation are indeed our friends that must be cultivated over time to show you the path under the following insights.


Understanding and empathy:

To truly help someone if you have been through what they have, your understanding and empathy will carry across and help put healing toward them, the words will matter not. Simply carrying that space (intent layer/spiritual layer) will bring about a healing outcome. The fact you have been through what they have and now may be on the other side of it, will show true understanding and most importantly hope.

Hope that things will be ok because you are the symbol for it standing in front of the person who needed to see and witness you.


Time of day:

Giving people the time of day to be truly heard is a remarkable gift you can impart and for most it will seem so profound that they may have only had this a couple of times in their life. Do not underestimate this type of an intention when listening to people, because this actually does go far beyond just hearing somebody out. Simply listening will not count; you must use the intent layer and be genuine toward the person in giving them the time of day. For those brief moments they were heard, noticed, valued and given the space to do and be who they were in that present moment.


Space to express:

Allowing people to vent and express themselves 90% of the time will lead to real help. As I always say, “to express is to solve. Yes we can go round and round in circles with logic, which often fails us, and give into fancy labels to hold onto via psychological means that gets you nowhere. However expressing or allowing people to entirely do so has always solved more. Why? Because you’re no longer holding onto hidden and unexpressed emotions. The sense or logic behind the expression has zero to do with it, only the fact that it was held and bottled in.


Bounce off you:

Creating a space in which you simply allow people to express themselves so they can bounce off you, will make all the difference in the world. People often know what they need to, they just need to externalise it, and you can allow this help by giving them space. This is invaluable for people no matter who they are.


Recognising and valuing:

Many times I have witnessed, simply valuing and recognising people can lead to great help. Why you may ask? Because often to value things in people we have to throw away the conscious collective way of valuing things, the way society as a whole does. We instead go with our feelings and experiences with them at the present time based on our own individual value system. Being valued and of value helps all people, but it must be genuine for it to have the real impact.



9 out of 10 times the majority of people are simply seeking reassurance and this can be the biggest help most want. However the ‘space’ (intent layer) in which you come from can be all the difference, and will amplify this sort of help greatly. So you can have a balance of energy within you that’s harmonious. That is if you are feeling balanced then this will naturally be passed on to those you help and become reflected. You may have often seen people who argue and then suddenly what’s being said simply doesn’t register with them or go in, why? Well just like a computer they are requiring a reboot. If you carry on talking to a person who has essentially ‘crashed’? Nothing will sink in. To reboot someone you must show genuine comfort and reassurance, however this cannot be faked or the intent will not work and will become counter-productive. The more you build a genuine intent the stronger it becomes the second you use it again. Thus dropping any method or technique you may start with, having magical affect from then on. People sense what is real even if they are not aware how. Again you must be genuine, methods and techniques are far from genuine.


Helping to access more:

When we help, we are also developing our accessing ability of reality, always bear this in mind as this type of ‘help’ is for you. More on this when I help you develop your accessing ability. This can be good for both parties, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for them. This will become clear with the retune service.



Gurus, teachers, authority and the god complex of corruption:

Playing god:

Be forewarned that if you come from a disposition of helping that you have the common courtesy to understand that any advice you give is for consideration only. Way too many times I have seen gurus or life coaches all the way up to psychics, give advice that wrecks people’s lives. These people tell others to leave their husbands, down to advising people to leave their friends or families. This is abuse! And I advise against this, there are too many corrupt people, let’s not add to it. And keep in mind what you help people with may literally wreck their life. We are not to play god here, this is people’s lives and it is vital you clearly understand this. So do not mess about for you own gratification! Even less so with what I Impart to you, unless you are going to invest in people for longer than 2 minutes and be just a fast food style self help take away machine guru, I suggest you leave helping people be.


Helping people into what:

Always ask yourself what exactly you are ‘helping’ people into? Will you still be there for them? People will hate you with all their might and full force of venom if you just leave after your ‘help’ them. Their dependence on you after you leaving will feel like a betrayal. I have been here and that wasn’t the intent. Often this can happen if the person that you are helping wants you just for themselves, just being plain selfish. This is to be expected as its human nature. Don’t expect me to be kept to yourself only, my time here on earth is limited and I need to get done what I am here for. So allow me to do so and help those I can help, including you.


The art of none help:

Stay away from helping people is more help than any you can give most times. This is my number one tip for many of you; what you will learn with Guardian Angel will light up your world and open up your eyes. Help in the ways I expressed early on in this article is not help. Just learn to leave things be.



The Guardian Angel way:

The natural flow:

We all have an intelligence locked away in us knowingly or not that makes what we learn or could learn pale in comparison. Some people call this enlightenment; I call it the natural flow. Once you are in your natural flow no help of any kind is needed. You already inherently know what to do. Simply observe this in nature and you will see that the natural flow is everywhere; animals, plants, nature, the laws of physics. Everything becomes intuitive and naturally flowing. In the world past and present there are people who display this and have been wrongly named a genius. What they did took hard work sure but what they all tapped into was the natural flow. What taught them? Nothing. They simply tapped into what is here by throwing out the distractions around us. They would also have dropped in and out of harmony and retuning unaware to achieve their amazing feat.


The use of the helping guide:

Please keep on referring back to the help guide, as it is also a subtle communication tool. The right help for the right circumstance can bring about opportunities as well as healings. It took many years to break down and simplify this work through a ton of real life situations and observations. I hope it clears things up and also brings you clarity in your life. I could have indeed written an entire book on every article in the Guardianship pack but that is not what I am here for and have a lot more to get across to you. The Guardianship pack and Guardian Angel Library is really to bring you up to speed and also to give you a solid foundation in life. That is the help I wanted to outline to you.


Guardian Angel help:

To you personally what I provide will go way beyond what you thought possible and requires investment of the 5 layers. I will commit to you and nurturer you to bring about your own true miracles. Magic is real within your natural flow, we just have to cultivate it and be aware of it.


Guardian angel Dil



Guardian Angel words of warning:

I have put this section regarding words in the Guardianship pack because there are those who are fixated on words and get triggered easily. They do not realise most times a bigger picture is trying to be communicated. Not to mention this article will help and aid you when communicating as a whole, because the art of communication isn’t just down to definitions or words themselves. In fact the Retune service I have provided for many clients proves this for over a decade. You see it all the time, people say all the right things but it never reaches the intended person, as they wanted it. It will annoy and piss people off despite doing everything right. And there are those who say the wrong things but somehow get away with it and have the effect wanted. Put simply, like a guitar that needs retuning, so do you. Once you’re back in tune you can say whatever you want and still get across things you intended to that person.


Words trigger and are interpreted individually:

This is often down to how an individual interprets them; this can be very troublesome when trying to communicate words precisely. Words can also have a habit of triggering people and it can be the most innocent of words due to their own personal and emotional baggage, so please keep this in mind. Just because the oxford dictionary says a word is defined in a particular way doesn’t mean that’s exactly how we do. This is why people often ‘crash’, exactly like a computer would, because it either triggers something in them or they are self triggering because they are thinking in terms of isolation, dissecting the words technically and ‘correctly’. They may be correct technically but incorrect when they actually see what’s being communicated or trying to be by an individual.


Word monopoly:

The science community is very much monopolising words in some senses and rightfully so because the ‘new agers’ of the spiritual movement have ‘hijacked’ words like quantum. The use of the word quantum is used for things like, quantum healing/mind, or matrix healing, the list goes on. Scientists understand the designated definition and are bound by it. Whereas the new agers of spirituality movements run with words like quantum and end up distorting the meaning they originated it from. A scientist would only expect such words from someone with the correct science background, for example, a biologist speaking about biology would not be speaking about quantum mechanics as it’s not their ‘designated’ field. And so the words are often monopolised and fought over back to the origin of the ‘tribe’ (refer to tribal communication in the retune service) from which they were birthed. The word monopoly is correct in terms of actual usage, but incorrect when the words are simply used to articulate points. Often the law and many industries use jargon to confuse and hold power over its people. Words allow position, authority and a sort of nod to the others from similar backgrounds and ‘tribes’ to connect to, masturbate over. Do not think for a second that a person from a political background is any less ‘tribal’ than someone from the streets.


Words lost in translation:

All humans think in terms of emotions, pictures, symbols and feelings before articulating anything into words. Once we convert what we think and feel into words, it often becomes lost in translation. Why do you think we often have such a hard time expressing ourselves? Think of a favourite memory of yours; soak in all the sensory information from tastes touches, smell, sounds, what you were feeling and what it made you feel then and now. Sit with this memory for a moment and really experience it, now try and articulate this exactly as it is in your mind to someone. When you do you will lose more than 90% of what you experienced. Not to mention another 5% or more depending on how good you are at communicating. Can you see the problem already? The English language is limited as are all languages. When you keep this in mind you realise that communication goes way deeper than what we say, use our body language and personalities for. If I say something to you and it’s geared toward you then it is for you. If another were to hear, what I said may be taken out of context given the fact I use multiple points of observation to explain what it is I am saying to you. Focus on what is being communicated, not isolate things into just technicalities, nobody ever operates like this not ever, if they did well they wouldn’t get upset or try and prove a point. A computer or robot would never do such a thing because they are logical and only use patterns. Since we are all human it is how we will behave, there are zero exceptions. Ego, acknowledgement, power over others, wanting to be heard, always negates true technicalities. How do you think I came to write the help article in this Guardianship pack? Years of observations from the way people tick and what makes them operate beyond what they say, think, feel, believe and think they ‘think’. All the above is in reference to the spoken words. Written words are different but still have the same types of downfall. With that said if you have difficulty with anything presented you can message Guardian Angel HQ or speak to me directly to get any clarity.


The main message:

We are to focus on communication not just the words, words serve their purpose but communication is our first port of call. The Retune service will make that abundantly clear if that’s what you seek for relationships, company communication protocols or for personal mastery, Guardian Angel has got you covered.


Guardian Angel Dil




Thank you for taking the time to read this Guardian Angel guide. I hope that the information has added more insight for you. Do go beyond that and see the evidence of what I speak of in your life. Things may sound good but mean nothing if they are not present within your life experiences. Guardian Angel Haven is a place for you to learn further and trial the information out yourself to collect your own personal evidence of this.


What’s next:

You may want to explore our Bios as well to get more insight about us.

*If we feel you are important to help our cause we may help you further than what is stated. But this is on an individual basis only. For which we will make this known as well to you.


Passwords and unlocking aspects of:

Each has separate functions that will aid you in your life quest.

***We refuse the right to not want to unlock or share information should we choose to. Please be aware that the site will update as I have a lot of information and sections being constructed. Including areas where you may get involved and help Guardian Angel.



A personal cause of mine:


This covers what I am up to now and the goal Guardian Angel is looking toward. Free will and no converting to this cause thank very much, there is enough of that out there already, and we are not to add to that. There will be a section called contribution Symphony will have the details toward this massive project to help toward world transformation, but it’s going to take more of us, are you up for this challenge? How can you be of value and would you like to add your purpose to it, leave a legacy behind?


Guardian Angel personal notice:

Please keep in mind this year I am mainly taking a break and limiting all my services, that is what the Guardian Angel library/Haven/HQ is for so that I offer some personal assistance and let the writing do the rest of the work. I am personally working on Symphony and completing more information within the Guardian Angel Library. I will offer part time services but they are limited to what I normally do. The Guardian Angel spiritual emergency services is what I am mostly dealing with but again that is also going to be limited at this time.


Thank you.


Guardian Angel Dil