Helping People

29th April 2016

Please read this very carefully!

This information is intended to help you actually help people should you decide to help others once I have helped you. I always see people become excited wanting to do this. But I also want you to realise how I actually go about helping you as well.

When we help people we must realise that our own mechanisms intended or not have a HUGE influence on people and the outcomes. In most cases ‘helping’ people will often mess things up and make things far worse! Even if we do “help” are we prepared to invest the physicality, energy, spiritual-emotion, intent and also help them develop and become unstuck from conscious collective ideals and labels so they can become exceptional in their own way?

The statements below will allow you to become aware of your ‘help’, but don’t be offended if your help is met with hostility, resistance or even corrupting them. I have been here myself so worry not, ok? I truly understand.

KEEP IN MIND THIS HAPPENS TO US ALL but don’t let this stop you, just learn and become a more understanding and empathic human.

Guardian angel-


Converting- Often when we speak and ‘help’ people what we are doing is trying to ‘convert’ them to our way of thinking. We often argue to get people to ‘help’ them ‘see’ our way or ‘agree’ with us. When truly wanting to ’help’ someone you must GET OVER YOURSELF and leave them as is if needed and that would be most times!

Imposition and control – Many people impose and control others under the ‘guise’ of help. Just make sure to be aware of this. This can be observed if you are in awareness of where you are coming from when you say what you do. Beyond what the words may ‘sound’ like, people will often sense the intent and react! You’ve been warned!

Valuing and respecting- Another classic is that of helping others under the assumption of actually belittling the person because you ‘think’ they need your help. This will become counter-productive if this is your intent knowingly or not. Often someone ‘superior’ or wants the sense of feeling superior will decide to do this, again just be aware of this.

Showing off and dominating- Guru’s often do this and want for a want of better phrase masturbate! “Oh look at what I know”. If you have understood the teachings I teach, you will understand that this type of ‘help’ is flawed. Your very essence that you embody can do more actual help than any words spouted! Encapsulations (please refer to the spiritual layer of communication)

Externalising self advice- If you pay very close attention to what advice you give others you will realise you have externally imposed it on the person you are helping. Why would you do this? We all at some point have and continue to do so under the guise of really wanting to help people, when it is ourselves that we should be helping and actually needs the help given out! We do this primary because we cannot face what it is we need help with and so the only way to ‘observe’ the help is by helping someone else!

You are not good enough– Why do I say this? Because those who are wanting to help sometimes do not know when to quit! Also this also comes from thinking they can personally solve everything. This can become about ownership of the very person you are trying to help! It is ok to say you are not good enough. If there is something I am not versed in, I have zero problems pointing people in the direction they need to go to get that specific help.

You stink-I am referring to your energetic resonance. Your very presence could upset people! This is often the case if you have deep seeded issues you have not faced and the other has similar issues. They will feel and sense it on a deeper level of reality and then react to you! You will encounter this when you meet or see strangers whom although you have not engaged conversation with will be put at a state of unease, pressure, awkwardness! If I help you develop your spiritual encapsulations this will mostly not be the case. Sometimes it means you will have to use another communicative protocol to engage with this person, for example like getting someone else who carries the energy they “gel” with. Hence a harmonic resonance of simply getting along and connecting without any possibly seeming sense or logic! As outlined in the guardian angel introduction reference guide about the 5 layers of reality.

Realising when you are not good enough, your very own resonance may be off putting to. DONT be offended become understanding and learn how to communicate to them, there’s always a way around! Now this can be remedied if you collect the right encapsulations, via yourself or through storage. I am 5ft2 I am NOT designed to play basketball hence I understand I am not good enough. Know when to back off and know when to point people in the direction they need for their needs not yours!

Adddicted to helping “the hero complex”; if you are addicted to helping you are NOT helping what you are deep inside expressing extreanlly is the above but really its your way of connecting people. My advice find another way to connect because this will become old hat and WILL bite you in the ass when people stop responded and you get backlash.

Finally people sometimes want help because really they just want a friend to connect with…


Understanding and empathy! To truly help someone say you have been through what they have? Your understanding and empathy will carry across and heal them, the words will matter not. Simply carrying that space (intent layer/spiritual layer) will bring about a healing outcome!

Time of day! giving people the time of day to be truly heard is a remarkable gift you can impart and for most it will seem so profound that they may have only had this a couple of times in their life! Do not underestimate this type of an intention when listening to people, because this actually does go way, way beyond just hearing somebody out!

Space to express! Allowing people to vent and express 90% of the time will lead to real help. As I always say, “To express is to solve”. Yes we can go about around and around in circles with our logic which often fails us and just gives us a fancy label!

Bounce off you! Creating a space in which you simply allow people to express themselves so they can bounce off you will be all the difference in the world. People often know what they need to, they just need to externalise it and you can allow this help.

Recognising and valuing! Many times I have witnessed simply valuing and recognising people can lead to become of great help. Why? Because often to value things in people we have to throw away the conscious collective way of valuing things the way society does and go with our feelings and experiences with them at the present time.

Reassurance! 9 times out of 10 most people are simply seeking reassurance and this is can be the biggest help most want most of the time. However the ‘space’ in which you come from can be all the difference and will amplify this sort of help greatly. So to can having a balance of energy within you that’s harmonious. That is if you are feeling balanced then this will naturally be passed on to those you help and become reflected. You may have often seen people who argue and then suddenly what’s being said simply doesn’t register with them or go in. Why? Well just like a computer they are requiring a ‘reboot’. If you carry on talking to a person who has essentially ‘crashed’? Nothing will sink in! To reboot is to show comfort and reassurance however this cannot be faked or the intent will not work and will become counter-productive!

Helping yourself to more access! When we help, we are also developing our accessing ability always bear this in mind as your “help” is for you. More on this when I help you develop your accessing ability. Yes this can be good for both parties but don’t fool yourselves into thinking it’s just for “them”.

PLAYING GOD- Be forewarned that if you are of a disposition of helping then you have the common courtesy to understand that any advice you give is for consideration only. Way to many times I have seen gurus or life coaches all the way to psychics give advice that wrecks people’s lives. These people tell people to leave their husbands down to advising people to leave their friends or families. This is abuse and I advise against this, there are too many corrupt people let’s not add to it. And keep in mind what you help people with may literally wreck their life! We are not to play god this is people’s lives here and it is vital you clearly understand this! SO DON’T FUCK ABOUT JUST FOR YOUR OWN GRATIFCATION! And even less so with what I Impart to you, unless you are going to invest in people for longer than 2 minutes and be just a fast food esc self help take away I suggest leaving helping people be!

HELPING PEOPLE INTO WHAT? Always ask yourself what exactly you are ‘helping’ people into? Will you still be there for them? People will hate you with all their might and full force in venom if you just ‘leave’ them after your ‘help’. Their dependence on you after you leaving will feel like a betrayal. I have been here and that wasn’t the intent. Often this can happen if the person that you are helping wants you just for themselves, as in being selfish. This IS to be expected its human nature. Don’t expect me to be kept to yourself only, my time here on earth is limited and needs to get done what I am here for. So allow me to do so and help those I can to help including you!


The natural flow: we all have an intellegnece locked away in us knowingly or not that makes what we learn or could ever learn pale incomparsion. Some people call this englihtenmnet, I call it the natural flow. Once you are at this stage NO help of any kind is needed. Because you already inhgenrtly know what to do! Trouble is we have been fooled into thinking otherwise. Clearing distortions which is what I will help you with and retune back into you and you shall see and feel this for yourself.

*Returing back to natural flow! once natural flow is retuernd NO help is needed.!

note this is a ultra basic outline how you can help others in a simple and easy way that will become profound in your life. However the help I provide will go way beyond what you thought possible and requires investment of the 5 layers. I will commitment to you and nurturer you to bring about your own true miracles. Magic does lie within and you about to realise yours!

Guardian angel