Mayfair’s Spiritual Health Care Practice. By Appointment Only.

2nd January 2018

Emergency Callback number: 0207 1830756
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Office: 53 Davies street, Mayfair London (UK), W1 K4LT

When all else has failed, we are here for you. Guardian Angel has the ability to influence reality, which can be used to treat and cure illnesses in ways in which conventional and alternative healing can not. From terminal cases, incurable diseases, depressions, anxieties and much more, you only pay on proven results. No medication, prescriptions, herbs or supplements will be required. You are invited for a complimentary 60 minute consultation at our London Mayfair base on Davies Street so we can provide tangible proof of our abilities, and we will see how we can help you.

Our multi-faceted approach will heal you in every way from conventional diagnosis, psychological therapies, energy diagnosis, to spiritual healing – nothing is missed on any level or area. We have been helping all levels of society, bringing these cutting-edge health healings and well being at our private practice in London Mayfair.

– For your physical health we can cure most common illnesses for life without any medicine, herbs, or products ever again.
– We also can help treat terminal and incurable diseases for full recovery without conventional means.
– For your mental health we resolve and solve traumas, addictions, depression for life.
– For family, relationships, friendships and those around you, we can help heal nearly all conflicts and disagreements.
– Full Payment is only made toward the end of any treatment and only if you are satisified with the results. Prices begin at £1,500 for a one month package to £3,000 for a three month package.

When all else has failed, we are here for you. We invite you to attend your complimentary 60 minutes consultation to see how we may be able to solve your issues for life.

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