How I found My Way to Guardian Angel

9th September 2017

After decades of travelling both the inner and outer worlds these worlds opened up to me and I opened up to them. I suddenly knew and remembered my place and what I was meant for. I am here to change your life, help you master and navigate your world, lifting the vale. I stand between worlds born as a human but no longer just, and no longer in a singular world. Allow me to tangibly  shape-shift your world and remove distortions that plague it…

Having reclaiming the actual ability of physical-shape-shifting in real life granted me many forms and allowed me insights beyond what is deemed possible and real. The world is a sea of frequencies, worlds within worlds; shape-shifting is invited to be a part of all worlds and all beings gaining insights out of reach, being in tune with everyone. It changes the idea of sides, perspectives and truly to understand others.

Where did I come from, where was I born, what was my background, what was my identity? Once the ability of shape-shifting became me and I became many, those questions simply put became irrelevant. What counts now and the matter of intent are from these moments and the ones coming.

It is now very clear given these levels of access available that reality has been divided up to separate everyone’s awareness of all, for it has been hijacked and rigged by those who fear being outdated, outnumbered and out matched.

I am here to serve and be served, to be valued to be of value, to guide to be guided.

Your friend, partner for life and trusted guide here for you beyond any religion, society, science, family.

Guardian Angel