Incurable Healings

22nd November 2017

Health considerations for life:

1.Health is a complex being there is no “one fix cure” no matter who tells you so! You must do your own research and be responsible for your own health. Health/healing aren’t to be treated in isolation one health food or product will not be the be all or end all. If your total healing environment consists of 50 things to solve and you fixate on only 3 things the overall is missed and you will not get healed. Current forms of medicine  focus heavily on short windows of time to show a ‘result’ but what is going on in the long term window of time say 13 weeks from now? Is your issue totally fixed or have we been chasing just the symptoms or a phantom? Guardian Angel will help you also look at the overall health picture because health is more so know how than just buy your way out death mentality.

2.The body is made up of the 5 layers, physical, energetic, spiritual, intent Conscious collective layer. (Refer to the insight section on the 5 layers) All of which may need to be looked at in order to solve your issue! Focusing on only the physical or only the emotional may leave your health a mystery to yourself. It is very observable that when someone is in retirement they pass away not long after. Why? Often they leave behind any intent they had or others stop lending intent to them and so it is then life meets its end. This is one of the main pillars of life, lack of intent is lack of life quite literally! In other words find a cause or purpose and add to it or let that cause or purpose quite literally add years of life onto you or loved ones. It’s amazing the more reasons you have to live the more you’ll live, intent is a powerful thing that makes the world, your world go round!

3.Health must also be considered in windows of time: immediate, mid and long term as the body renews every cell in the body over a period of time, upto months! Do not jump to conclusions just because something worked for 24 hours, what about weeks or months later?

4.Body adaption and context: too much fat or sugar is bad for me? What is the context and has YOUR body adapted is what you should be asking! If your body gets used to a certain amount and it is consistent it will no longer be as “bad” as what society claims! This is exactly why people who smoke or have any type of bad dietary habit provided they are consistent will not be affected as expected and “get away with it”. In fact if you tell someone to stop sugar or smoking abruptly and they do they will have MORE health issues than if they never weeded down and adapted downward! The body doesn’t like too much change at once and always adapts to keep you safe in almost any environment provided you let it adapt! It’s also why prescription medication has to be cycled because the body is guarding you from the long term window of time damage against toxic waste residue. And so you must cycle new medications for the affect to continue! Keep in mind that your genetics also determines how much of anything YOU need verses someone else which is why I mentioned context in the title! Some people need more or less than others and blanket statements of what is bad or not and the amounts you can have or need always boils down to finding out personally as an individual!

5.Stress: You will often hear stress causes health issues. This is a blanket statement used to remove any responsibility towards the actual root causes in most cases which is far from understood which are emotional. Emotional and mental health isn’t easily quantifiable as physical health issues because the symptoms aren’t so easy to spot nor do they reside in you, even though they affect you! Sometimes to heal ‘you’, you must heal others. It’s why the cure to your asthma/heart condition may be in someone you haven’t resolved your issue with! And if the person you had the issue with has passed away unless you see Guardian Angel it’s too late!

6.Placebo is simply code for an internal command centre intetface society has yet to figure out! What if you could interact with it and command it to work every time creating the healing you want? Would that be something made up or something that’s now tangibly useful?

7.Everything has its place: does western medicine work? Of course it does! Does alternative or eastern medicine work of course it does! But they only mainly affect the healing of the first two layers: physical and some energetic layers. The windows of time come into question however which may be short to midterm as does totally healing.

8. Holistic stupidity: notice when this word is banded about it only ever favours the eastern/ alternative medicine? That defies what it means to be ‘holistic’! Alternative medicine isn’t the unsung hero and there are plenty of western medicine which can be better given your individual circumstances! There are just as worthless medicine/methods in both disciplines, be careful not to judge so fast! But consider windows of time short,mid to long term that’s when which one is best for you starts to come into question and is it a question of healing another asspect neither can reach? Hence the other aspects of reality tangibly granted via firsthand proof of Guardian Angel.

9. Health merry go-round: say you have a problem with your teeth, does the dentist ask you if the issue is a lack of vitamin or minerals? What if your teeth have a lot of plaque is it because of lack of cleaning or because you have issues in the body such as candida that contribute to the over growth of plaque? In other words the dentist couldn’t speak of this because it’s not their field. What about a doctor? They would say go to a dentist because it’s tooth related.  Go to a nutritional expert and they would say go to a doctor or dentist. None could totally address the root because it’s just slightly outside their skill of expertise! Nutrition affects all health areas, but a nutritionalist isn’t qualified to tell you of your health like a GP, your dentist cannot tell you of what medicine you may need to correct the issue if it goes beyond the bounds of your mouth. And GP doctors would suggest because it’s tooth related it’s a dentist advice your in need of. Please be aware of this health type of merry go-round in health industry in general! These loop holes are everywhere and as soon as your referred from one type of specialist to another you can be a 100% sure your on the health merry-go-round! On one level it’s just outside the experts field however the longer it goes on the worse off you’ll be. On another note though it’s just business, something must keep the economy going right, may as well be you then?! Our advice is either keeping going with it till your done or just get off it now.

10 missing picture: we see calories on the back of food labels- carbohydrates, fats,  proteins. But what about vitamin/mineral/ enzyme content? The major difference between tribes that live out in the wilderness who live longer and healthier lives is down to how energetically live their food is. In other words enzyme content! It’s missing off food labels because you’ll find most foods we eat in the west lack any real nutritional enzyme value! So not only do we have health merry-go-rounds but there is lack of total picture of what we need to be looking for to begin with. In this example food labels are missing vital content which determine the real health benefits beyond the cosmetics of weight loss benifit of calories! This missing of pictures is in all areas of health and well being keep this in mind. It’s down to the reasons stated at the end of the health merry-go-round.

11.Encapsulations: Many times to totally heal something it requires the person to validate for themselves personally what has worked and what has not. The spirit wants to explore all avenues and not be deterred by other people’s views. The point of the excerise isn’t the cure or answer but the journey between them. This is fulfilling what we call the spiritual play mechanism. Put simply “you will keep going through stuff over and over until you are done”. When you are ready Guardian Angel may be the last area you needed to find and all is healed.

Perhaps your now ready to step off the cycles to take total confidence and control back in all aspects of your well being and life?

Book your complimentary appointment and see if this is this the case for you!

Guardian Angel