Independent of any Groups or Societies

9th September 2017

Guardian Angel is not part of any groups, families,cults, clubs, religions, secret societies, political groups, activism groups, off world alien groups. We are 100% neutral. We help all that need us and are on the side of creation, which is everyone.

Guardian Angel is independent

Please respect that although people and groups *may* be helped and no judgement is passed by Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel does not belong or owned by any under any circumstances. Guardian Angel is permitted to work with any and all people, beings and realities. Any client is not entitled to hijack or impose their will to impede this Intent. Guardian Angel is totally self taught and didn’t learn from any teacher, book or society of any kind and therefore independence has always been the basis of Guardian Angel.

Whose side is Guardian Angel on?

Simply put by those that manifest Guardian Angel to guide and help along his personal journey. There are those being’s who take human form and they may also be helped albeit Guardian Angel will connect and help the human holographic aspect within them in doing so. Keep in mind there is the groups and secret societies you may belong to but there’s also you as an individual and that is the interest of Guardian Angel, not your group, club or society. Sure indirectly they may be helped as collectives but that will not be the focus, you as the individual are.

Guardian Angel a threat to those in positions of power?

From Guardian Angels perspective it’s easily explained by simply saying you can keep the burden of “power and position”. From Guardian Angel’s perspective everything is temporary; names, identity, possessions, and trappings you name it, it’s all interchangeable over a long enough time. Guardian Angel doesn’t want your position or power the unique position of slipping into “nobody” suits Guardian Angel perfectly. The more of a ‘somebody’ you are the less the ability of shape-shifting is possible or the person with multi-form shape-shifting would threaten the existence of that species, which the spiritual layer locks out as safe guard to that particular collective of beings. Again being nobody and having collected the ‘encapsulation’ (saved experienced spiritual memory ) of the human story arc of humility means there is no threat. Enjoy your positions of power for that’s part of your personal story arc in this life time of the life cycle loop.

Guardian Angel is Your Safe-Haven

To reiterate, we are not part of any: groups,tribes, cults, secret societies, religions, law, medical or spiritual groups, political group/parties, off world alien groups, activism groups. Once more, this allows us to be neutral and be of help while keeping you safe. We help with no judgement towards you or your need. We also ask that you stand by your personal beliefs, we are independent and do not wish for you to convert to anything. We are your spiritual and emotional safe-haven.