15th September 2017

Your invitation letter meaning..

We randomly walk into people’s lives, we get introduced and sometime’s we use real life physical multi form shape-shifting to see who is manifesting our help. That is where the personal letter to you has come from which would have had the gift of a blessed stone. ln order for Guardian Angel to reach more people that wouldn’t have otherwise have been seen, Guardian Angel Dil physically shape-shifts into those in need of the help. These people and if you are one of them have made a spiritual contract with reality/the universe and be helpful towards the world at large if their problems be solved. Your position, power, currency, allow you to be of direct help and so the universe has granted us to you for this mutual exhange. Guardian Angel has received the signal for help on behalf of reality/the universe and you and so we’ve responded.

Guardian Angel does not send mass letter’s because we must be kept hidden at all times and let our work shine through those that have received it. Everyone has heard of our works throughout the years in the news, via sudden turn around’s in people and situation’s. And that is all fine by us. Let Guardian Angel heal you and your life so you can move forward to your life’s next purpose.

Guardian Angel will see you at our London UK Mayfair base. Here you will witness real life multi form physical shape-shifting. The road to your personal miracle begins be it a incurable illness, impossible life situation or healing of another aspect of your life directly to you or someone close to you. There’s more to come into your life and the universe has other plans for you. Guardian Angel the bridge portal and exchange toward that.

Make sure to keep Guardian angel safe and private because it will save your life and those you love.

Guardian Angel DilĀ