14th April 2016

*Please read mind control and logic article 2 and phantom spirituality ghosts of the mind and spirit at the very least: though you should read all of the mind control and logic articles before reading this.

*Please read the Guardian Angel starter packs they talk about layer-shifting and an example of it is there with the: 5 layer world model of our reality.

*Please also read the unlimited super brain guide as this will help you understand ‘layer-shifting’. Layer-shifting is one of the best manipulation methods ever but also the best learning tool you can have at your disposal!


Layer-Shifting at its most basic fundamental level is the ability to be able to have multiple points of observations: and interactions between vehicles and world models simultaneously! This will allow you to see the affect each have at the exact same time! What makes this unique is that each answer you give out will depend on the box, layers and world models being used! This opens up so much more than ever thought possible. But I warn you it isn’t easy!

Why the coining of such a name ‘layer-shifting’?

Often when people engage in discussions they are coming from a ‘fixed single’ point of observation. They use and think in varying points of ‘view’: which give the illusion of fundamental differences and change of opinions and views. However this is false because all that is really going is that they are viewing their subject matter within the same box or philosophy vehicle at a different height and angle. This changes how something is viewed but not the fundamentals behind it such as axioms! The following is what really gives real change and real viewpoints…

The world models used, created, uncovered!

The layers of the world models…

The vehicles and boxes within the world models…

The levels of the vehicles and boxes…

Boxes within boxes vehicles within vehicles…

Can you see how all this could get confusing if you just simply picked a subject and used the word layer or level? What level/layer of what would be the next question? What if you didn’t educate people about the possibility the reason they are failing at what they do isn’t about a level or a layer but about their vehicle let alone world model is at fault! You cannot assume people will know what or where your point of observation is when you speak of such things people are not use to this type of thinking at all!

The interaction of multiple points of observations between the layers, levels, vehicles and world models is the act of layer-shifting! As is trapping people’s points of observation into a box, vehicle, world model or layer within layer using education to do this with. Exactly why knowledge isn’t power but power over people! Keep in awareness that there is only so far you can take a vehicle and so unless you change the world model or create a new one you will be limited in all that you do as a person, or society. If you aren’t aware you will never find the solutions you look for!

Layer-shifting is an art!

To be able to layer-shift is to create more insight, understanding and accessing abilities! This is an art because you will need to use all accessing abilities you can (please refer to the unlimited super brain about ‘accessing’). You will also need to be in-sync with your logic and spiritual aspect of yourself as referred to in the mind control and logic articles. The logic of the mind is like ‘short sighted’ insight and the spiritual aspect of you is to perceive and decode information at a greater distance that of ‘long sighted’ insight via ‘feelings and intuition’ which are legit sensory accessing abilities. The use of both logic and spiritual aspects is vital, it is easy to get trapped within a vehicle or world model at varying levels of awareness or ‘zoom’ levels as I referred to within the mind control and logic articles. I have a saying, I always say it should serve you well helping you with layer-shifting; “just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it is real”. This will help you in regard to dealing with any subject matter because we are bombarded with things that do make ‘sense’. But there ‘lies’ the problem many things add up and make sense! In the end your senses can be fooled easily and making ‘sense’ out of things is in direct relation to how things are ‘made’ to add up! Also I do not expect you to get this work so easily, at least not the impact or implications of it right away. It is indeed a ‘mind fuck’! By no means is layer-shifting an easy subject because you will need to also develop the ability of multiple points of observation. And most are not accustomed to this way of thought logically or spiritually!


If you are completely confused don’t worry about it! Just ignore this stuff or just think of a magician who use sleight of hand only he does a trick within a trick within a trick and his goal is to show you a bit of magic while confusing the ‘layer-shitting’ out of you! Trust me when this knowledge is relevant to your life you will be able to grasp this stuff. It is just that this type of thinking isn’t normal and most aren’t accustomed to it. But you can and will when or if the time requires it. So worry not. Please read the unlimited super brain and this will become easy over time

Layer-shifting the most powerful manipulation method ever!

With layer-shifting you can educate people into a box or a philosophy vehicle and trap them there! Whole aspects in today’s world operate much in this way! For now you will just have to take my word for it and then go find out for yourselves. I will give some small samples of layer-shifting below for you to ponder on to get a grasp. I am not going to spell everything out and I ask you to truly think for yourself as it is very much needed for this subject matter. You will think more than you ever have and this will challenge you…

Example 1 simple layer-shift:

I will warm you up first by giving an example of just layers the idea is to trap people’s thinking and box their perception within a layer and trap them with their logic and sense by educating them into a trap:

Layer 1 – We tell people to get far in life “you must work hard and you will get everything through this”. Of course they buy into that in the masses.

Layer 2 – We tell fewer people “don’t work hard, work smart! Why on earth would you swim across the ocean when you can fly or use a boat? Swimming across the sea is hard work let the minions work hard in life!”

Layer 3 – “Don’t work hard, don’t work smart, no – own those that work hard and smart. Let them do the donkey work.”

Layer 4 – “Don’t work hard, smart or own. No, you just create the infrastructure for all to ‘play’ in with your world model, little ‘paddling pool’, awe

The basic idea was to trap people into a way of life that made sense. You would use this to build up an organisation and the layers would be subject to secrecy and limiting those you told. Each layer holding the one up above it without ever knowing!

In simple terms:

Layer 1 represents Joe public

Layer 2 represents bosses

Layer 3 represents millionaires

Layer 4 represents billionaires

A millionaire would own a successful marketing website.

A billionaire would own a search engine, billionaires own infrastructure the ‘playground’ from which millionaires and bosses and Joe public would ‘play’ in.

If you study any billionaire they all own infrastructures this isn’t by mistake!

The millionaire would think in terms of philosophy vehicles and the billionaire would think more in terms of world models.

*By giving you this example it is now building reference points in your mind. This is exactly my intention because without reference points in your mind this kind of subject would be hard to describe let alone actually discover working in all aspects of life. I assure you it does!

Layer-shifting basic example 2;

There is a Chinese proverb: “is there a sound if a tree falls in a forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, yes or no?

According to the Chinese proverb there is no sound – how can sound exist if there is nobody there to hear it. See?! Makes sense of course!

Oh did I say anything about another layer? Layer 2…

The sound actually represents your ego! Things still happen without your presence! Universes are born, suns created and in all its cycles, did you witness any of it? No! It still happens however!”

Make sense right?

…I will let you into a secret, happy with that? I can see your extra special person so I will let you in on the true secret! So the idea was to blind people into things that sound flowery and poetic and appeal to their senses with layer 2. The real goal is to simply control and seduce people. This is the layer of layers, layer 3 good secret to know huh?

Well ok we have a Layer 4 can you guess what is it about? No? Good ha-ha!!!

Layer 3 was to ‘let you in on some sort of secret’ and the real goal of layer 3 was to create you into someone loyal because you have a ‘secret’.

So let me ask you

Your brain crashing, lost a little? What could this be about? What’s the point here? There can’t be any more layers can there? What on earth was this one about???

Layer 5…

So what was the intention on layer 4? To halt you in your tracks with a bluff and to hold some sort of illusive secret, still not buying it? Ok well the idea was to not only make you lost and confused but to stop you from thinking altogether! This will now trap your viewpoint because you have nowhere else to go accept where I tell you. But here’s the thing I am being nice. Because it is at this level you would become putty in my hands and I could manipulate you how I want not how you want…

The final reveal…So what was the real point of all these layers now we’ve reached the ‘top’?

It was to meet you at your level of thinking and close you down the more levels you went up! The whole process was to gauge how controllable you are and had zero to do with any information presented! This was designed for control and make you controllable by the end but with that said there is a layer 6! Can you guess what that is about?

Layer 6: You cannot use your senses to work this layer out but it is pivotal to being controlled or not!

Layer 7! If you have managed to work out what layer 6 is about then you would know what this is about or should have guessed!

Layer 8 can you guess what it is oh and if you think your confidant I will reveal there is another layer, layer 9!


The real reveal:

Layer 1 was about shutting people down into a lower sense of things using authority as your ‘weapon’.

Layer 2 was to give them a ‘reward’ and show them a level of ‘sense’ through seduction.

Layer 3 was to build on their state of ‘cleverness’ if you wanted them to go ‘further’ and to create loyalty because they have a secret to be used on people.

Layer 4 was to reveal that you have no idea what this is about and therefore I was letting you know I ‘had’ you from here you became putty in my hands, crashing your brain and senses!

Layer 5 was to show you that the whole process was to find out what layer it took to close down your perception. Most would be stuck at layer 1 but just because you ‘made it’ to layer 3 or so doesn’t mean you were in control. And keep in mind I already told you it was going to be in ‘layers’ so you were already ‘in’ on it! Had I not done that I could have boxed you in!

Layer 6 was now that you know the whole thing was designed to close you down you actually start to think now! I took you from being reactionary to now being able to think. Because you were trying to work out what I am really up to and so you now were forced into actual thinking…

But here’s the other layers revealed..

Layer 7 layer 8 layer 9 was a bluff! They are designed to get you to reach further and start thinking properly and stay on your tip toes! Boxes within boxes layers within layers!

So I manipulated you into actually taking charge of your thinking!

See? Who says you can’t manipulate people into being helped and in their favour? Please note the above examples were actually simple examples!

Final words!

It is imperative you use your spiritual aspect of yourself. Do not fall for authority or senses and always allow and develop multiple points of observation to layer-shift your opponent. The beauty is once learned you can work things out with greater ease and also be able to be in more in control in general.

Please read about the 5 layers within the Guardian Angel packs because the layers reveal a world model that reveals what is going really on in today’s world. Indeed the entire world has been layer-shifted! I am very fortunate I was able to teach myself this, please refer to the unlimited super brain guide to see ‘how’.

Guardian Angel Dil