Magic is Real

29th April 2016

So you think magic isn’t real? Step this way let me show you…

The mind and logic say otherwise but our behaviour acts in accordance with magic and its spells…

The magic we buy

How we act, what we buy, what we do are all bi-products of magic and spells. Look at your favourite brands, from food to music, clothes, cars. Is it not magic that draws you, binds you , keeps you there with these brands? Spells attract you and magic is how they all feel make you feel.

The magic we want to own

When we see beauty in those we are attracted to isn’t then we feel the magic and do anything to feel, see, and be around this divine magic which you are draw to in this person? We will act and do the most illogical and irrational things in the name of the person who cast the spell on us, is it logic and the mind driving you or is it the magic?

The magic we seek

We seek magic in all areas of our lives from books, to movies places and destinations. Hoping that magic will come into our hearts and give us that fix and desire we seek.

The magic to cultivate

Even the logic that is based around science can be nigatited if it not than the magic that is what is know as “art” would not have its place. Art in terms of how go about things, it can be an art to have a certain skill, an art to develop something, an art to create and develop something. Art is yet another form of magic in our lives.

The magic YOU are

But is true magic beyond this real , yes! And it happens daily are your eyes and awareness open to it? Magic isn’t a technique or method it is an “isness” for want for a better phrase and we all have it, it just needs to be sought after and methods, no technique just magic…