Mind Control & Logic 1: Boxes

14th April 2016

Think outside the box:

Thinking outside the box’ is always touted by people as ‘THE’ thing to do when situations call for it. There is a fundamental flaw here, one that none of these people ever seem to realise and that is, when you think ‘outside’ the box you end up in anther box. In fact everything is actually boxes within boxes, it’s the only way we discover things and realise how little we know but here’s the main question; When you are thinking outside the ‘box’ do you know the limits or boundaries of this ‘new’ box from which you are trying to gain some sort of tactical edge from is. Most likely not. This is exactly where the rise of all half truths and misinformation spread from.

Half boxes:

When we are sold on a theory or some sort of new ‘truth’, the manipulator or person(s) enforcing or touting this new ‘truth’ have created a half box. We think in boxes because they create reference and frame work in which to operate off of and to make sense of the world. If things do not match up to what’s in our box of reference via logic and facts that we have collected or been programmed into, it will be deemed false (more on how sense and logic work later).

Boxes? Boxes! Boxes…Why all the box talk:

Put simply you could be boxed in, manipulated, brainwashed or layer-shifted. Layer-shifted is the most manipulative concept ever that allows education to actually dumb people down and by manipulating sense, senses and logic to benefit the designer of the layer-shifter. From this stand point knowledge is power over those that are being layer-shifted; therefore knowledge isn’t power. I can tell you without a single doubt that the entire reality we live in has been ‘layer-shifted’, or you wouldn’t be here seeking Guardian Angel. Be careful about the boxes you are sold on or operating off, they could be a half box.

How thinking outside the ‘box’ should be used:

When dealing with issues or problems you often notice that most times than not you are too ‘close’ to the problem and so your sight is often obscured. What stepping out of the box within this framework now allows, is to get you to step out and see from a more outside perspective. To be honest even this can be flawed due to how much time and emotional investment we place within things, and so the only way round this is to get someone who isn’t standing in your box to help, help from the outside. If thinking outside the box is used in this way it can be valid. Try to step back and view or use somebody else’s point of view that isn’t in your reality. But if you think stepping out the box and thinking outside of it can help, In most cases it will make things worse because you are barely able to understand the limits of the present one you are in. What makes you think a new one will help.

Boxed out:

In closing, all this speaking of boxes was indeed a way to set up the next set of information, and also manipulate you into actually thinking for yourself and not following blind, because you will be on your feet.

Guardian Angel Dil