Mind Control & Logic 2: Philosophies

14th April 2016

Philosophies are vehicles:

All philosophies, thoughts, approaches, ideas and beliefs are a ‘vehicle’. Each providing something new to observe value, understand, learn and most importantly to have fun. With that in mind why would you use a boat to fly, or a plane to travel underwater, you wouldn’t. Each ‘vehicle’ was designed for its purpose, a reason for being. Question: Did you ever pause for a moment and ask, why do you use the current philosophies, ideas, approaches, thoughts or beliefs you do? Who ‘designed’ it? Did they know the limit of it? The problem here is that people assume a new philosophy, belief or approach as the be all and end all; this however is far from the case. They are simply vehicles in which to experience life through. Secondly people can get ‘stuck’ within their ‘vehicles’. They try to assess everything in life using these same vehicles and wonder why they are hitting brick walls. Try and fly to the moon with a motorbike, not happening! Use and experience each ‘vehicle’ as it’s meant for. You will need to learn and look beyond it in order to do this. Keep in mind as humans, we do tend to invest a lot of time and emotion into our particular ‘philosophy belief vehicle’, and what’s worse is that some even come faulty and incomplete. We hate to admit it as humans, and even more so the more we invested into it, our investments tend to trap us, even in an incomplete vehicle. There are way too many of these, like a car with no steering wheel or brakes. You are not going to get far with those and we often don’t as our lives have shown us on all too many occasions. Yet we should ask the question, was our ‘philosophy, belief vehicle’ borrowed or given to us in an incomplete misunderstood form? It is your right to question and ask why, and you should do so.

Fasten your philosophy vehicle seat belt correctly:

The intention here is to get your mind set correct before you enter the philosophy vehicle your about to be presented with, from whomever you wish to use or borrow from, because it will be your ‘operating system for life’ and it is vital how you enter into it. You wouldn’t want to fly a plane from a passenger’s seat, you’d be nowhere near the controls. Entering the philosophy vehicle correctly will help ensure YOU are in the driving seat, but also the intent in which you go into the vehicle will make all the difference. So if you are going to enter a philosophy vehicle, fasten your seat belt and enter into the drivers seat or the philosophy will end up driving you rather than you driving it.

If philosophies are vehicles, would they not need a ‘world model’ to operate in:

I will keep this as simple as possible because the implications will mind fuck you and lose many of you. As discussed philosophies are vehicles we use to navigate our worlds, although vehicles themselves need a ‘world model’ to operate within. Assume with this analogy your philosophy vehicle is an aeroplane, an aeroplane needs the sky in which to fly, make sense? A car needs a road, a boat the ocean. So without too much of a mind fuck, all philosophies are dependent on a ‘world model’ to not only operate on but also be created from. The times, eras, cultures and current collective sea of ideas we live in, determines the world models we use in which to design the philosophies to begin with. It is only then the design of the philosophy can even begin to operate. So if we can somehow interact with or change the ‘world model(s)’, only then can we create new vehicles that cannot be used here on earth currently, or have yet to be even thought of at all. Those of you who are scientists or are very logically minded will understand, that plays a huge part in discoveries and scientific models and applications to be yet played with and found. Those of you who are spiritual can also use this to create beyond what’s currently here; change the fabric of the sky, oceans and roads and what’s possible is yet to be enjoyed and experienced. Beliefs, models, vehicles, approaches, ideas, thoughts, applications, design, philosophies, axioms, are all affected by the world models we operate within. If you can interact with the world models we can create beyond what we have, but not until we have completed what’s left to find and experience within the current world models we are using. Experience is the name of the game of life.

Layer-Shifting is how we can interact between vehicles and world models and create new ones:

Layer-Shifting is exactly how you can switch and interact with ‘world models’ as well as create new ‘world models’. You will learn of this in the manual section of Guardian Angel library, but not before reading this entire mind and logic control section of the library, or you will not be ready for it. This will bring about the emergence of discovery on a quicker and grander scale if this can be grasped. Our current world models are science and spirituality, but I can tell you there are more world models to create and discover and uncover. There are world models that also integrate the above as well but they aren’t present within our world yet. Another implication to consider, as I am only hinting on this entire subject so you can get an idea is; believe it or not a microscope or telescope, for example, is a ‘physical vehicle’ derived from the world model science. What other physical vehicles need to be created or uncovered to discover new things or prove what many deem as supernatural. Supernatural, is after all unexplained science within current understandings because we lack the right vehicle or world models to arrive at answers needed.

Philosophies are also programs:

Philosophies can be a wonderful way to view life and look at things but they should come with a caution no matter how ‘good’ or ‘complete’ sounding they seem. Let me clarify as the intention isn’t to derail your own set of philosophies but to look ‘behind’ them, because they determine how you operate. Fact is philosophies are no different than computer operating software and programs. Programs can be updated and do different things but they can also be ‘corrupt’ and by corrupt in this case I mean incomplete. Mind and logic are very much like programming, and the philosophy then would be seen as the ‘operating systems’ used by the operator (you); some operating systems are more optimal than others, make sense? Now apply that to your philosophy and see where your philosophy falls short or could be ‘optimised’. The answer to that, you may or may not know and it kind of doesn’t matter other than is it serving you, or are you serving it.

All philosophies are designed:

Many will think that philosophies are ‘realised and found’; be as it may it still has a design even if you think it or not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to grasp it or make sense of it would you. Either that or the designer just makes shit up as long as it adds up; any good accountant can make anything add up.

Philosophy shoes:

This philosophy talk is well over the top, do you have a simpler way to describe philosophies abstractly. Yes and that is the beauty about philosophies they can be ‘fluid’ because you can describe something complex, simply or not, and have the same or similar affect. It’s all down to a matter of communication, not how ‘clever’ someone’s philosophy is. Besides what’s the point if no one can understand it. This is why I am talking shoes here. Philosophies are to be treated like shoes, different pairs of ‘shoes’ to be worn and used as and when the situations call for it. ‘Trainers/Sneakers’ wouldn’t be optimal for a formal event. Likewise smart shoes or heels would be useless for running and jogging.

With that it’s time to jog on

Guardian Angel Dil 