Mind Control & Logic 3: Contradictions

14th April 2016

Everything contradicts:

We’ve talked boxes and philosophies so where do contradictions fit in. One of my favourite things to do to ANYONE fixated logically, is to get them to contradict themselves. All you must do to get anyone to contradict is to get them to run as far as they can with their logic. Soon they will have essentially run off the face of the planet to the point they end up contradicting themselves. We would also shift them out of their box and show them all the holes in their current boxes or even create holes so they themselves begin to see the ‘holes’; suddenly what was ‘concrete’ is not. We would also shift and play around with their world models and mesh it up. More simply than any of this, is that all boxes/philosophy vehicles and world models of logic have limits, and the only way ‘forward’ is to step into another box. Why does everything contradict, because there is only so far you can take ANY model or logical view. Peoples logic will either stay and will hold onto their view for dear life, or adapt into the new. The world and universe are layered; everything is a box within boxes. The sooner you embrace this and not stay so ‘fixed’, you will begin new adventures and discover more, a lot more.

How to use contradiction to empower you:

Contradictions are an indication; they indicate you are entering the very edge of your current box of thought, philosophy vehicle and world model. The stronger the contradiction the closer you near its end. Instead of burying your head in the sand thinking contradictions are bad and not a good thing, you can now see an alternative. The degree of contradiction will push you in either direction, further back into your box or into the new, realise now you have a choice to discover the new. Always keep in mind there is a fine line between the boxes of reality and world models. Using contradictions in the way I have suggested will allow you to use ‘life’ indicators as feedback to respond and adapt to. Will you?

The spiritual answer to logical contradictions:

If everything contradicts what’s the point? Why? Why the experience?! You need to have a confinement and limit boundary to operate within to have your experiences; be it discoveries, realising or fun. By saying this I have now made a little hole in your logically fixated box. If teleportation were current technology why would anyone use a motorbike. Most would not, unless in order to experience the wind and the sun shining on you, the feel of the road. The latest technology and discoveries are all spiritual because they allow us new experiences, and that my logically minded friend is why we do anything. The why explains spirituality simply, and the how explains science simply because science is always dissecting to uncover the how’s of the universe.

I laugh when I see spiritual people mock science while with the latest mobile/cell phones in their hands, the latest clothes and shoes or camera or laptops on them. Science will never answer all things, it never said it could or did but spiritual people dismiss it, yet they have the science in their hands or wearing it. Similarly the logically minded forget that we only do things in any part of our lives for ‘the why’ and ‘the experiences’ all of which are spiritual. Everything has its place even the contradictions.

Once you become versed in Layer-Shifting, which is in the manual section of the Guardian Angel Library, contradictions will be put into clear terms and context. What works on one world model will not work on others, the rules change and contradict. You must complete the Mind Control and Logic sections at the very least before moving on to it. Context is everything!

Guardian Angel Dil 