Mind Control & Logic 4: Sense

14th April 2016

Logic is very corruptible you’ve been warned:

Once we begin to understand how something makes sense only then can we start to become free of mind control and ‘logic’. Many of you will be thinking why on earth would you want to be free of logic? Keep that question in mind with you for now.

Logic can be a great way to assess the world and to make sense of things, but keep in mind that logic is no different than a programmable operating system, very much in the way computers work. If you can hijack, corrupt, block, distort or make it ‘malfunction’, logic will become useless and can certainly be used against you. History has often shown us this; the so called ‘experts’ of the day are completely wrong by todays standard of logic, but they were using a level or logic for definite. This also indicates that ‘logic’ can be updated, hence why I referred to it as a programmable operating system from the human mind. I will say this much, all information can be made to become ‘real’ and make sense even based on logic, all that is required is for things to ‘add up’. A computer may say in regard to some random information, ‘this does not compute this does not compute’, but you may say ‘this information is BS or nonsense’ etc. Are any of you right though. In context the computer will always be ‘right’ even if it’s ‘wrong’. We humans have programmed it to complete the tasks in an exact pattern. So if a programmed model doesn’t give you what you are looking for then it is the human that needs to create a new one for the computer. This is exactly why we get updated software all the time for all apps and operating systems. You get new programs and models all the time to analyze data, and the most optimised ones win the race every time that lead to new scientific discoveries. Let me ask you this, who’s creating and updating new ones for you when you’re at fault, and does it matter.

Information and education are not operating systems programmable with logic:

There is a difference in education, information and operating programmable systems of logic. The operating system of programmable logic within you is the overriding system, information and educations are simply like apps and data. They are not to be confused. Education and information are just data, although educations are rather models of data. Some will get confused into seeing the difference and can easily have their logic used against them. In this sense I am happy emotions can override such things but even emotions can be hijacked, distorted and blocked in the exact same way as logic and mind; the operating system of programmable logic.

Logic or spirituality, what’s the difference:

Should you trust someone else to make a new model or program for your mind? That is exactly why people turn to spirituality and philosophy, because it’s a new model and programmable operating system. Can you see why it is silly to mock people ‘jumping over to spirituality’ just because you’re logically fixated? You’ve missed the point; they have the need for a new model or program to get the results they are after as the current one is not providing what they want. If we come from the standpoint, the mind is logical and we are logical, logic is the way of your world or even THE world, then spirituality is also a program. So the difference is none, because all we are doing is swapping programmable operating systems or ‘software’, if you like, for other programs or operating systems. Some may argue that if this is the case then ‘spiritually minded operating systems’ are subject to more corruption and are un-optimal. It’s all to do with context, a spiritual person may just say ‘but are you happy?’ In which case personally they may have a point. But in regard to human technological evolution ‘happiness’ may not even come into it. Really it should because logic and technology need to serve us instead of us serving it. That’s where the merit of spirituality comes in. This is exactly why we need to be spiritually based as a race while using logic and sciences to serve us.


“A statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.”

I will say what I always do to all my clients, “just because it makes ‘sense’ doesn’t mean it’s real!” This is why I say everything has its place and any person completely fixated on logic is no less corruptible than a spiritually ‘minded’ person, or spiritually hearted person I should say. This is why you need to use your ‘feelings’, they will often guide you beyond logic and get you out of life’s ‘fixes’ more than not. Leave the majority of your logical approach to technology, after all we humans designed it to do so and serve us.

How does something make logical sense to begin with:

As long as things make ‘sense’ we take it as verbatim, word for word. This isn’t good in todays world where our sense and senses are constantly being bombarded and being manipulated daily. I will keep things as simple as possible to get this to make sense, or you will deem it ‘non-sense’ as it doesn’t add up, and adding up is the key to things making sense to begin with.


Now when we are introduced to any information new or old, the brain will match it up to all the references that are collected via all you have learned, absorbed and are surrounded by or have access to in and out of your life. It will match it up against all four sides of the above box. The information introduced to you will need to match exactly if it is to make complete sense. From education, university, library, to friends and society all the way to media/TV/radio and Internet, if it does not make sense, you will start to question it. Recall what I said about boxes? Please re-read the boxes article if need be. Having boxes within boxes will strengthen your belief, logic and sense in any given box.

What is non ‘sense’:

To be clear non ‘sense’ is when information fails to match up to every reference you had in your brain about the newly introduced information, or all four sides of your box if you like. Take shape shifting as an example, does any side of the above box or even your own mental boxes of sense, add up to it even being possible for every human? No. Why not? Is it possible? Your references all say no and it is therefore ‘nonsense’, or is it…

Brain washed and experts the fine line:

The best manipulators on the planet make ready-made boxes so that there is no question at all. All they do is make holes in your current one and lead you into a readymade box with all four sides ‘reinforced’ adding up. While you leave your old box behind, this can be known as brainwashing or becoming an ‘expert’. Careful, there is a fine line between the two, believe it or not. There are many ‘expert’ gurus and scientists in today’s world, and some of which are regarded as ‘fringe’…

How they ‘sell’ the world to you.

Senses, Emotions, Logic, Leveraged:

Your five senses are always manipulated and attacked first, and that is because they are easy to fool. You’d follow, react, dwell and get thrown off your logical reasoning of which are all ‘filtered’ through the perception of the five senses. Second, your emotions are ‘toyed’ with in order to keep you out of your logical reasoning state. Third is the misdirection and diversion of your logic to keep it busy by things ‘adding up’ to make sense, no different than magicians slight of hand. That is how you are leveraged to the will and intent of marketers, manipulators and the very world we live in that has us blinded. That is how they SELL the world to you! They sell you a premade box or boxes aimed at disarming you via SELLING. This is how the world works, it doesn’t care what you think or what you think you know, only how you ‘operate’ and what makes you ‘tick’, because that is the only way for you to buy into what they are selling to you. If you are logically or spiritually fixated, you are nothing but putty to those selling to you. This is why a union of both are none negotiable working together. Be careful what you are sold or buy into, even if it all seems to ‘add up’.


I always say, ”Just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s real”; I will leave you with that for now. Do not be fooled by things just adding up and then basing your life and existence on that. Logic and sense have its place but they are one of many ways and operating systems in us. Its best you use all at your disposal including your feelings and spirituality…

The one subject that’s never really taught is ‘how to learn’:

We are taught subjects all the time or information but did you ever wonder why you were never taught how to absorb information in the first place? Wouldn’t that be a subject worth learning? It’s what I refer to as ‘brain metabolism’; some people have a naturally fast one, but it can be fully optimised through training in all people! When it is optimised you can learn information at a fraction of the time. I have taught many people the how; no subject is off limits because I am not teaching a subject, I am teaching how to optimise your learning capability of absorption. The best thing is any subject will take less than a fraction of the time to learn! Regardless of how fast or slow you are. Please read about this in the Manuals and guides+ section. If you need a Guardian Angel to help you directly that can be arranged. Never remember again. To remember is to forget. Once things have been ‘learned’ there is no need to revise or remember because it’s now a part of you. That is the beauty with this. Studying how the brain works through real life situations allowed me to discover this as well as being able to access vast insight into how things operate that ‘gift’. Yes I could make a course off of this alone but the bigger mission is Guardian Angel and the Symphony. Enjoy the insights!


Guardian Angel Dil 