Mind Control & Logic 5: How Information Becomes Real

14th April 2016

Information stages of reality:

Information always goes through three stages and back around again in a loop. I am going to keep this extremely simple and it is up to you to seek out what is being said here. The three stages of information loop are also the processes of ‘evolution’ and the progression of mankind.


Information always starts out as ‘stories’ and then becomes a bit more plausible which we call theories, it is on the cusp of becoming real. Lots of smaller stories ‘back up’ each other in order to logically form the theory. The theory can sit within the collective sea of cultures and educations we live in to eventually form into reality and become ‘real’. An example was, the earth was flat, and back in the day when it became ‘real’ within history, the world being round would have been a story at best and not possible. However today’s world IS round and so the flat earth is just a story of days of old. Soon this will not strictly be the case again and the ‘round earth’ will become a story. How? Well modern physics has already proven that everything is made up from atoms and frequencies, and from that perspective the possibilities of dimensional planes of realities is now a theory. So the world cannot be round from that new information, layer or dimension if you will.


You can apply the above to any information and track it throughout history and use. Fantasy, fiction and fact as a model for information, loops throughout (his-story) history. Information starts out as a fantasy and with lots of fantasies meshing and sitting within the collective sea of cultures and educations, become fiction and eventually fact.

Is there a reason for this loop. Think on it:

But let me leave you a story and fantasy to provoke and breed new thoughts of theory and fictions, taking us closer to ‘real facts’ about the following.

Perhaps the more minds and spirits that hold information to be true feed its existence. So if 7 billion believed in gravity, it becomes a ‘real fact’ and perhaps when they stop collectively supporting gravity via mass belief it ceases.

Perhaps education and cultures are designed not for ‘truth’ but to enforce and create a collective reality. We get taught a set of facts and what’s real en masse across the world, only for it to become a ‘real fact’ because we all collectively buy into it.

What information is looped and loops dictates what is real and possible…

Guardian Angel Dil 