Mind Control & Logic 6: Hijacked Intelligence

14th April 2016

The hijacking of a logical based society on ‘memory’ pushed as intelligence:

Education within today’s society does seem to push and promote as if by ‘design’, or memory based ‘intelligence’, how much you can recall and the speed in which you can throw it back out on exam papers. People are seen as ‘clever’; the better they can do this. Now while there is intelligence, clearly there is a misrepresentation on the definition of what intelligence is, universally acknowledged or not. Though within the context of today’s society, if it’s to simply remember to spit back out what you can recall and how quick, then sure it is intelligence. Is this how we want to run our planet, with people no different than what only computers can do better at, to recall data at a fraction of the time. While this type of intelligence does have its place, should this be the only way forward from this moment in time. Is it optimal or is its time now over. There are many indicators that suggest its time is over; our planet is in crisis from debts that no country will ever be able to pay back, to environmental issues, poverty and terrorism, is this all the result of this type of intelligence. Yes. Should this type of intelligence be the bedrock or foundation for generations to come? Or can we create ways in which to use other types of ‘intelligence’, which cannot be examined and qualified or quantified in these ways for the betterment of humanity. I think so. If we want to be walking, talking Internet search engines and calculators, be my guest. It certainly should not be the way forward because if it is, we will simply have more of the same as we do today. However, sure there are some great and good bits, but we could do a lot better for future generations instead of marking down people with a distorted version of what intelligence is. There are many who walk out of the current educational systems and exams only to think they are a ‘failure’. Yes they are a failure by those standards but not a failure in the truest sense. This is exactly why I always say, “There is no such thing as dumb, only design”. Meaning if you keep ‘failing’ at what you are doing, you are not designed for it. What is your type of intelligence designed for? What can you do that others may not be able to, that comes natural to you?

I also say that “there is no such thing as failure only feedback”, and if we go by the premise of this we can deduct what we are not so natural at and then lead us to what we can do, and do well that which comes naturally to us. Problem is society currently isn’t geared in this way yet to accommodate all of this. We need to make room for it within our society, and it is up to us to discover these things. Perhaps if we do we can carve new paths and ways forward. Would you add your purpose to such an endeavour. Just because the current way of being examined or qualified or indeed quantified within current society has determined that you are ‘dumb’ or a failure’, doesn’t mean that you are…This is why I say that our minds and logic have been duped and controlled into thinking that only these exams and educations are what determines intelligence. They do not! It’s time we, as race brought forward and nurtured other types of intelligence for the betterment of all.

Academic based intelligence, corruption and hijacking of the spirit:

As we get older imagination and creativity ceases to be the way of our education and halts any spiritual progression, by that I mean imagination and creativity. The spirit therefore is strangled and shut down as we get older in favour of a society that promotes logic and memory based educations in a mirror like fashion that mimics technology. Shouldn’t technology do that part, as that’s the function we created it for while we stay creative and imaginative. ‘No that’s for children!’ Really?! Why are we a slave to our own logic and creations, shouldn’t they be serving us instead of we serving it. I urge you to revisit the intelligence you ‘out grew’ because that’s where creativity was rife as a child, it is ok to be child like minded. Note I did not say ‘childish’ I said child like minded. Academic memory based intelligence serves the ‘cogs’ of society and keeps things going, but it doesn’t serve mankind as a whole as well as it should. We have somewhat lost our way as a race because we fail to recognise and value each other’s abilities, and ‘test out’ those types of intelligences we as a society do not want to encourage, because it doesn’t serve the machine of the economy. We are the cogs gearing the demonic like economy which feeds off of us all irrespective of any damage it leaves behind, following blindly out of ‘failure’ because of such glorified ‘tests of intelligence’. Haven’t we got this the wrong way round.

Shouldn’t our intelligences and economy serve us. Instead we are slaves in a society that promotes less spirituality, happiness and fulfilment, only to be shut down and muted if we do not fit into the ‘cog’ or the ‘machine’ of this demonic distorted economy. That is the complete flaw within our reality and that is why spiritual intelligence is pivotal for moving forward.

The symphony aims to address types of intelligence and creating new paradigms to help forge a better future and new world models. Please read the symphony and add your purpose to it. Please also read the manual section of the Guardian Angel library for the ‘Ultimate Manipulation’ that will test your intelligence beyond its limit ‘Layer-Shifting’. Make sure the whole Mind Control and Logic is read fully and understood before doing so or the context of it may throw you off.

Guardian Angel Dil