Mind Control & Logic 7: Mind & Spirit Union

14th April 2016

Thinking outside the box leads to another box, boxes within boxes

Philosophy vehicles and philosophy world models

Everything contradicts

The operating system of programmable logic

Story, theory and real, fantasy fiction and facts, the loop

Memory based intelligence posing as the overriding intelligence of the world:

Can you see that all the above and past articles of ‘Mind Control and Logic’ are now interfering with your logic. Is it a good thing or am I just messing with you. Truth is we haven’t got to the most manipulative method yet, which I coined ‘Layer-Shifting’. I didn’t learn or get the insight by reading or being taught it, and this is now going to really baffle those that are logical, and put your nose out of joint; sorry but now that you can see the workings here of the entanglement of how logic and the brain operates. I can somewhat hint how I worked out ‘Layer-Shifting’, it was down to spiritual perception. I am able to access and gain insight on the human mind and logic via just simply asking my spirit to teach me. But before we even touch Layer-Shifting let’s get some harmony and union between the brain and spirit, or heart if you like.

Union of mind and spirit, logic and spirituality:

Mind and logic = short sighted vision

The mind can ‘see’ everything in front of us via the 5 senses and logic. It can tell you the here and now. The mind and logic love patterns and routines and like to contain you within boundaries. This is because the brain can ‘map out’ in advance what things will be like, now and in the future through past and present experiences that have occurred repeatedly. Hence why doing ‘new’ things or things that seem ‘risky’ are outside the parameters of mind and logic and are deemed crazy and insane. The minds job is to keep you safe at all costs even beyond your ‘happiness’ as long as it allows you to survive, that is its primary function. It is good to treat the mind and logic like short sighted vision because it can help you immediately assess things, which is vital. But it will tend to keep you trapped and confined as its liking for boundaries and limits keeps you ‘safe’ at all costs. Safety isn’t always happiness or what you want or need, and humanity has always needed ‘risks’ to progress. So on one hand you can see its function to keep you safe but now you can see the flaws of non risk taking, unless it’s ‘calculated’. Humanity’s evolution and progress depend on a certain amount of mind and logic but the leaps and bounds are always done via spirituality, that of the human spirit and heart, the ‘why’.

Spirit and heart = long sighted vision

The spirit and heart are like long sighted vision and you will often get a sense of its perception via ‘feelings’. These ‘feelings’ can often be dismissed by the logically minded, but I urge any of you logically minded fixated people to really use the merit of spirit and heart as a way to navigate life. Here’s a distinction that should help you and put things into context. People often say they get ‘feelings’ or intuition about things, simply quantify the ‘feelings’ or make a distinction of those ‘feelings’. What do I mean by this. The ‘feeling’ of the air, sand, ground, grass, skin, water, emotions etc. Can you see that there is a distinction in how each of these ‘feels’? When you become really tuned in you will notice the difference in all the ‘feelings’ of perception which provide future insights. It will be no different than a keyboard with the different lettered keys on it; each ‘key’ has a place, a function like a ‘spiritual keyboard if you will. And by ‘future’ insight I am not referring to mystical things, I refer to things like, if something is right for you or not, if there’s truth that is useful to you at this time with the information being taught. In fact you can use it to decipher people and intentions too. Just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s real. You will be able to perceive past the sense and logic thrown at you and that is why I urge highly the spirit and heart. The list for perceptions with ‘long sighted spirit hearted vision’, is the magic behind many inspirations and ideas. The feelings must be distinguished by the user or it will just seem something random and not of any real use other than ‘spiritual masturbation’ of showing off spiritually. Spirit can be extremely risky and over used, or one-sided feeling of using it alone, and dismissing Mind and Logic will get you killed. It will seek adrenaline and highs and will get it anyway it can. That is the extreme end of it for sure but it must be highlighted because spirits needs can be extreme. Why because the spirit is less bounded. If you were a daredevil you would be going to extremes and not caring of any physical consequences, the Mind and Logic in this case will ‘protect’ you via ‘calculated’ risks. Spirit is also about happiness and so with logic we should create things to serve our happiness not us serving what we create to be unhappy, as currently our world is. So you see this is why you need both short and long sighted vision, that of the mind, logic, spirit and heart at a union. If you are only spiritually focused you need to heed this warning, and that is that forgoing logic may not allow you to ‘operate’ properly in this world. You will be at odds with the world because of your extreme view of spirituality. You still need to be grounded and operate within a logically based world and society.

Union of mind and spirit:

Use both mind and spirit, it is vital that you do. The more magical spiritual stuff you do the more backed up encapsulations (saved experiences) the brain has as reference. So things that would have seemed ‘risky’ will not be. For example, there have been many situations where money was low for me but something always turned up and works out. This has been a constant in my life and so mind and spirit within me do not worry about such things. Think about this within your life of things you do not need to worry as much about because you have ‘been there before’. The idea next is to collect via experience that you encapsulate (save) so that you can bring about union within both mind and spirit. The mind will ‘trust’ spirit more, the more you experience and encapsulate. Please read the Encapsulation Manuals within the Guardian Angel Manual section of the library for this.

Logical and spiritual zooming levels:

I used to think that a science logical based approach compared to a spiritual one was just a question of language and words. Same shit different wording. I would use words when assessing peoples, like ‘spirit’, higher states of ‘awareness’ to the spiritual, and subconscious ,hertz ,gamma, alpha ,beta and such to the logically minded. While that worked there were fundamental flaws. Recall what I said about Philosophy Vehicles. You can travel the same ‘road’, in this case discovery which both spirituality and science endeavour to do, but the travel approach will give a different ‘journey’. If you travel in a plane to London as opposed to a boat, the journey is different in terms of experience isn’t it. So the point is spirituality and a logical scientific approach although travelling the same ‘journeys’ will give you different outcomes, they are not just a change of language. So what are they. They are different layers and levels of ‘zooming in and out’. Imagine a lens on a camera, you can ‘zoom’ in on a macro level, a standard level or at a far away level. You must start to see spirituality and a logical approach as different zoom levels within layers. The layers can give you a bit of a mind fuck, but we do live in a multi layered, dimensional, if you will, reality.

Think of the universe; pretend we could grab a piece of it, me you and another. You called yours science, your friend call it spirituality and I call mine non-religion religion. We all try to explain away how the universe works with our little piece of the universe. Who’s right?

We all are! But we are ‘wrong’ when we think we can explain away the entire universe with just one part. Make sense? Science will never have the answer for everything nor will religions or spirituality. They will only have what they can of the universe because they are only aspects of the universe. Your hand may be a part of your body but it couldn’t explain away how you feel or think or how the body operates could it. But it can explain away (if it could communicate) its function and role as a hand. Everything has its place and that should be respected and embraced, but do not think you can explain away everything with one ‘World Model’. Spirituality, religion and science are only A World Model of possible zillions out there, do you see where this could lead? Think on it and realise the very World Models you use cannot possible tell you everything, not ever. When the world is ready new world models will be used. Something like Guardian Angel Symphony can help lead this to new World Models. Please read the Guardian Angel Library Symphony section and the 5 Layer World Model.

A spiritual based human and society as a base before Mind and Logic society is imperative:

Spirit has its flaws and needs a union of Mind and Logic, but it must be understood that humanity and humans need spirituality first as a base and Mind and Logic second.

We need to come from the ‘why’ first and the ‘how’ second. Spirituality is the ‘why’ of our existence and science can be the ‘how’. Science isn’t possible unless we have a ‘why’ to explore and discover, for it is our driving force. The scientific ‘how’ of dissecting comes second. Spirituality covers things like liberty, will, choice, purpose, imagination, creativity, love, connection, exploration etc. Unfortunately spirituality is very much corrupt and distorted in today’s world, its definitions are not clear and so confusion and contradiction become the ‘norm’, not very inviting to the logically minded is it. Please refer to the Symphony section because we address all things corrupt with spirituality with no holds barred or stone left unturned. It is brutally honest and needs to be  if we are truly to progress mankind. We have the most technological and advanced society to date but we are more miserable than ever, that is in inversion and so that is exactly why it is imperative a spiritual base be the foundations of our worlds.

Guardian Angel Dil 