Mind Control & Logic 8: Beyond. Warning

14th April 2016

The 3 key areas of mind control to be aware of:

If you buy, invest and install into, you can be brainwashed. I will tackle each area separately to give more of an insight and over all view. 

Buy into:

It is a wise idea holding off buying into any information; hopefully I would have proven that to you over the spread of the Mind and Logic Control articles. Buying into something means that it makes so much sense to you and resonates with you, to be clear. You became somewhat lazy and thought hey well the information adds up, but any great accountant can make anything add up. With that said just buying into everything will leave you confused and cluttered in the mind, not a good idea if you want clarity. This is in part why I am sought out for the Harmony and Retuning services. Retuning service has a lot to do with unravelling your ideas and mind on life and things to help optimise you.

Invest Into:

Investing into information, ideas, philosophies or beliefs can lead to brain washing. Try your best not to invest heavily into these, because at some stage you will find the contradiction. When most find the contradiction they tend to bounce back into their box instead of actually realizing they are at the edge of that philosophy, belief or idea vehicle, with its purpose almost at an ‘end’.


When we read anything and it makes ‘sense’, what we are doing is initially installing the information within ‘the operating system of programmable logic’. The better structured and order of the information, the easier it will ‘install’. If the information is in 100% sequence, it will install. If however the information is missing a slight ‘sequence’, it will not install or only parts of it will. This is why mass educations also fail many people because it is un-sequenced. Please refer to the Guardian Angel library, Manuals and guides+ for Brain Metabolism. It is not by mistake that I can take virtually anyone and get them to learn any information within a 1/10 of the time and with top marks. Sequencing is a huge part of that. If your mind is filled with plenty of information that’s partly installed, they will be corrupt and your brain will crash. Here are some signs of that; constant confusion, slower ability in working things out, and you get ‘stuck’ at information and arguments having to repeat to people, explaining the same information. Do not think for one second that your brain isn’t a machine, it is and the user (you) needs to understand how to operate the biological machine you live in. A lot of brain metabolism work is to sequence, unclutter, and organise for quicker access. This isn’t by mistake. This is why I urge you to be very careful in what you read or do not read. I do not read for the most part and never really have. I never wanted to be ‘poisoned’ by information from external sources, even if I came to the same conclusions. Why? At least it will be authentic as far as I explain, and deliver information if I come to conclusions myself. Finally when you read the information I present read it in order or it will not install, do not skip sections. Once installed it’s within your awareness. The more you buy into or invest in the information, and that’s ANY information, the greater the installation. This is also where ‘brain washing’ comes into play, being careful is strongly advised.

Brain washing ‘formed’:

This is done via many ways, but the most basic way is a combination of buying into it and investing into things. If the information is sequenced it will take form. The better formed it is will bring about all three components, buying into, invested in (by yourself or pressured into) and installed (through sequencing well thought out or presented information).

I have worked with many that have been brain washed; the only reason why it can be initially difficult to deal with is because the idea that the person has invested into it is a hard one to swallow. Never ever attack someone’s brain washing. Not ever! If you do you will be met with resistance and actually make them form the installation of the brain washing stronger. Besides if someone is brain washed they will be the sort of person in all likelihood to swap one brain washing for another, so most times its best left alone. That is a whole bunch of issues to deal with that they are escaping, the brainwash simply being their coping mechanism. A Retune and Harmony service will be needed, unless it’s more serious in which case it may be the Demons and Angel service that’s needed. If you are personally dealing with someone who is brain washed, you need to get them to release their investment in what it is they are involved in 1% at a time. Guardian Angels are here for you to help guide you should you need it. Be careful that you are not imposing your will on the person you are trying to help. Many times I see personal imposition, so make sure it is not because that is a whole other scenario.

Forced installation and Implanting:

Often done via trauma and ritual this is by no means an accident. The more trauma that is induced the more control you can have, but this is in regard to programming beyond reading and presentation and hits on spiritual control and encapsulations. Rituals are not ‘primitive’ they are symbolic spiritual programs that are inserted into the fabric of the entire spirit, body and mind; I refer to this as ‘Encapsulations’. It is more powerful than any mind control.

Mind control vs Spiritual control:

Spiritual control will always be stronger than mind control; your ‘belief’ in such things does not matter, why, because you are operating off of it. We all know drinking, smoking or drugs are bad for us yet we keep doing it. It isn’t a matter of logic. I say this because this is almost the same as spirit control vs. mind control, if you know about mind control you can do something about it. Spiritual control you can most likely do nothing about it. If you do, you better hope you’re in safe hands or you will end up swapping one form of spiritual control for another. If you thought the information on these articles was insane then when you see the power of encapsulations and layer-shifting, it will make the mind control and logic look like nothing. Keep in mind these are very subtle and harder to grasp. Please read the Encapsulation and Layer-shifting sections in the Guardian Angel Manual.

In closing the mind and spirit are vital, do not be one sided, it will be useful to be complete.

Read the information I present in order and come to myself or another Guardian Angel for complete clarity if need be. You are to keep this information to yourself; it is a secret. Do not share the information. Now that you have read the Mind and Logic Control sections, please read the Phantom Spirituality, the Symphony, and add your purpose to it.

I hope this information serves you well.

Guardian Angel Dil