Mystery Services

15th September 2017

These services depend on absolute trust and depending on if the situations call for them, not everyone is ready for their personal demons to be “extracted” and the price for this or any other mystery service isn’t quantifiable the rest above barely are either. Guardian Angel understands that his abilities can be taken advantage of greatly and although there may be some room for this there are certain lines never crossed. Again these services are only available once you have had another service and if* it is required from the start will be determined as and when. None of these services are cheap because energy time will be scarce which Guardian Angel depends on to having the abilities in the way that’s necessary and optimal. You may also have a Guardian Angel team who have been taught energy shifting which is a low level shape shift but can be all the difference. But my closest staff member known simply as “Guardian” has the ability to field test at extremely high levels that even Guardian Angel staff members may miss! Note these services are only outlined and your case will determine what you need/levels of them/other assistant Guardian Angel staff team to make it work for you! These services are limited due to the amount of energy it may take and if there are other cases then these services may not be available as that may hinder other Guardian Angel clients. Those who’ve already used these services like to think of Guardian Angel as “the spiritual emergency service” or “spiritual detective”. There other names but they are more descriptive and these always stood out and had a ‘ping’ on them (a sense matrix term). Again these services aren’t cheap due to the amount of energy cost, things on top of money will need to be exchanged at any prices/cost or what ever Guardian Angel may be in wanting of at that particular time.

You may want these services for:

Guardian Angel entourage –Accompany you directly as a partner(s) with people and situations.

Demonic Extractions- Extraction of entities of the possessive nature!

Guardian Infiltration- Head hunt, bridge realities gaining contracts, god command targets if needed.

Guardian Angel sync up- Persuade entire crowds in your favour and even switch you out of being “nervous” and be a “hit” with the crowd, all in real time/ wise for elections and concerts/ ceremonies!

*Guardian Angel has the right to refuse these services simply because it can not only cost a lot of energy but also steal a lot more energy off the human population at large! Guardian Angel will often shift the enegry off the entities who try and steal such larget amounts of enegry to create what may be needed. This service can also be applied on smaller scales such as conventions/fund raiser dinners etc

Guardian Angel Dil