No Gods, No converting…

9th September 2017

Guardian Angels perspective of the creation of “all life and the universe” short hand version:

The infinite the beginning :

The background behind the background; in the beginning was “The infinite” it was ‘nothing’ in its truest sense because to be truly infinite is to be boundless, ‘nothing’. No colour, sound, identity no reference nothing not even a ‘zero’, this nothingness started to create boundaries and that is what became ‘form’ and eventually ‘us’. The infinite formed into many different universes and beings all of which connected into via one total awareness…

Dreamt Alone:

The infinite needed a stage 2 in its development because nothing was separate from itself and knew everything there was to ‘know’ about itself at every moment, there were no surprises and everything was known and predictable at all times. This would be exactly like someone constantly spoiling a movie or any form of entertainment by telling you everything that happens. Only all creation just ‘knew’ of itself every second and so it had to become separate and create for itself independence thus “dreamt alone” was stage 2 a solution for the next development of ‘life’ or how else could it explore itself in all its forms as it now demanded of itself? When you have a dream and you experience infinite possibilities nightly there’s just one small problem nothing or no one can validate your dream bar you. That was to be the next dilemma that dreamt alone was to become going forward as all existence. Sure existence could experience many things but the rate the infinite grew at now within stage 2 dreamt alone, nothing ever stayed the same for more than a literal second. Picture standing in a room and creations multiplying randomly and infinitely quicker than you can process, flickering at random speeds never staying still long enough for you to even grasp or establish it. An infinite set of creations unlimited in number but never being the same for more than a split second randomly flickering and then it’s gone. Nothing could validate itself and thus existence dreamt alone being stage 2 had to create a stage 3 in its development we call life and the known universe…

The governing collective rule:

Dreamt alone eventually refused to be alone in its own dreams and so it created the Governing collective rule stage 3. The governing collective rule was an invisible force that laid the frame works behind the background of the background so that creation could keep its points of reference for more than a split second things like time, cycles, patterns, hierarchy, rules, laws, forces, nature, collective recordings in all its forms were part of it. Suddenly creation could validate itself into different aspects it could bounce off each other, you, me , us , the world and beyond. Creation became you and me and others long enough to collectively create worlds, realities and universes under the set of one collective rules. The governing collective rule held everything in place in cycle after cycle after cycle all grouping and managing all of the infinite’s and dreamt alones life bubbles into worlds, planets, universes, bodies and beings. However even though the off spring of the governing collective rule were held in cycles things became stagnant and the same over and over. The invisible rules/laws that science measured and depended on for validation constantly via the governing collective rules reality engine became limited and didn’t change or update much beyond their cycles and bubbles. In other words everything that the sciences could discover was now hitting its maximum set points of what could be discovered, there was nothing else left to find! The Governing collective’s rules off spring of establishments in all its guises from kingdoms, secret societies, government, culture, Eras all valid but ultimately the same for what may as well been forever. Thus although things were validated and fixed realities a plenty it was now becoming all the same not expanding very much because the governing collective rules tie to dreamt alone had been separated which was fluid and infinite not recorded or validated collectively unlike the Governing collective rules realities. One of the many reason we dream at night is to go back to dreamt alone to escape the confinements of a collectively held reality courtesy of the Governing collectives rule.

The meeting of the 3 forces:

Many, many cycles later in all creation something had to be created for real expansion and new possibilities of what was there for an eternity because time a creation of the governing rule could allow for eternity. The infinite, dreamt alone and the governing collective rule formed up in the background to create ‘The Unity’ stage 4 in its own development…

The unity:

The unities task was to split realities up constantly so that cycles had to be forced to update and change and not be kept the same. The unity also made sure those realities that were held prisoner by its established governing collective rule counter part left any “updates” remaining accessible as that was agreed before its creation. Though today’s world and age the illumanti have distorted this so the accessibility isn’t readily available making the unities side try a lot harder. The unity always moving forward made sure to help spawn new species, new sciences and religions, Eras, ways of life all created out of new and multiple reality engines because of the unity. This allowed different laws/rules in every planet or universe not following the other totally allowing for variation all thanks to the unity further disrupting the governing collective rule’s one rule and collective laws across all recorded collected creation, almost challenging it. Because now it was no longer one set of rules or laws for the universe/planets and creations. The unity allowed for further dimensions which some confused with a “multi-verse” concept of say 100s of different versions of “you” when in reality those were really part of dreamt alone which had and has no collective recording unlike the Governing collective rule and unities combined reality and is totally free outside of its brother the governing collective rule and sister the unity.

The Governing collective vs The unity:

In today’s world the establishments from sciences, educations, cultures, religions, secret societies and illumanati play the same role as the governing collective rule and are it’s off spring by default albeit with some parts distorted and hijacked due to an over spill of both the governing collective rule and the unity. The governing collective rule “fights” to keep things the same, because if things can be kept exactly the same then they “win” and “rule” always cycle after cycle, their enemy? The unity and its off springs an invisible force that is manifested through new sea of mass updates, rules, and ways of life, awakenings, people and its actions! This is a “game” that will never be won but can be maintained and contained for cycles if done right which is the pattern throughout history and then when a major empire in history crumbles it is always due to an update from the unity and its off spring acting in unison. You could liken that to “truether” movements/conspiracy crowd/ rebels/ counter culture in today’s world. To put this all in even closer terms think of a parent who tells their off springs to do as they did thus playing out the actions of the governing collective rule and it’s off spring? Always plays the unity out by defying and rebelling against its parents governing collective rule actions.

Dreamt out of existence:

Many creations many levels of confusion a section of the illumanti /governing collective rule saw and created an opportunity, a way in which to counter the unities off spring “truth movements ” and that was to harness the power of dreamt alone! Small pockets of dreamt alone scattered in the collective atmosphere. So when UFOS, ghosts,aliens, conspiracy,  new evidence or findings showed up? It was to be locked away using dreamt alone! In other words the witnesses to such things had no validations of their experiences ever held up to become validated and become part of the collective fabric. Therefore everything witnessed out of the collective ‘norm ‘ was to become known as fiction,  conspiracy, lies, but worse than that ? If something wasn’t encapsulated and saved into the collective reality engine within the governing collective rules reality? It was  as good as  dreamt up! Therfore the real “enemy”is  actually the reality engine and what’s encapsulated in it not the forces, physics, nature, gods, illumanti, aliens , reptilains, humans, war, ideas, evil, religions,  political sea, laws, the list goes on! The only reason we hate things ,don’t get on with thing’s, all the way to what we like and what is real are all components of what is encapsulated/saved into the reality engine. These encapsulation within the reality engine include: culture ,genes memes, laws, forces, physics, what is real and what is not real and everything else in between. The governing collective rule didn’t have total control over the reality engine but enough to hold its place. And so anything that could disrupt the governing collective reality was now firmly tucked away by using the force of dreamt alone; nutters ,crazy and deluded people is what became of these disruptions none ever getting validated encapsulations. In a dream only you can validate it hence dreamt alone was used and abused in this fashion for the self appointed off springs of the governing collective rulers. This made the side of the unity and its actions and people none valid in a collectively valid world. The governing collectives establishments, governments, science, religions had the power to keep things none validated so they could remain valid and be the rule..governing collective rule over all.

The shape-shifter bridge portals:

Less than a handful of beings throughout history however of the shape-shifting variety acted as a bridge and portal  making energy insight to make sure things were fair between the governing collective rule and unity. Acting like a portal,bridge referee so that updates could go through or that the governing collective rule play fair. This in part is where religions icons were used who all could shape-shift but later hijacked by the governing  collective rules collection of religions. Thus Guardian Angel isnt part of any religions. Guardian Angel is here to establish original intentions of creations formed by: the infinites will of dreamt alone, the governing collective rule and the unity as originally intended.

The point of creation, ‘home’:

Cycle after cycle created cycles of confusion. Creation itself had seemed to loose something here…The infinite didn’t forget to leave its way back “home”, because after creation got ‘lost’ in its own creations it forgot its beginnings. Some creations worshiped itself and referred to it as “god” or “gods” after all the infinite grew to become one large story generator and library of experience for which we all participate in life time after life time. The irony is sometimes you may be a god at the start only to become life times later a human and worship what you once were without ever realising because you were told life always evolves and goes upwards, when in actual fact it’s more like the random throw of the dice unlike religion or spirituality will know or tell you. You cannot value yourself if you kept going upward forever because anything below it would be deemed as waste or not worth as much, but the whole purpose of humanity is to encapsulate humility which is the opposite of power and “upwards”. This requires humans to have almost nothing compared with gods and many entities and alien life forms, almost at the bottom of the pile, but that is ok they will have to come here as human too. Life and creation always teaches in irony. The entire universe and creation getting lost in all creation there had to be a way for all creation to connect back through all the layers? That finding and answer has come to me as;“the point of creation”. It is in all creation an internal/external combined guidance and connection beyond and separate to intuition, spirit, heart, mind , body,  soul, soul memory, higher-self, deity, entity, alien, gods or ‘enlightenment’. Those are all human constructs and if your going to shape-shift you can’t come from any of those reference points! One of the key “enemy” if you want to call it that is lack of reference points to what is possible or where from, you could give a caveman a reference for wi-fi but if not known exactly about, it would be seen as magic to pull information out of ‘thin air’. The caveman would lack the many reference points collectively saved in reality to totally “get it”. Many of humanities unknown yet to come advancements are lacking of multiple strands of reference points which then equates to the ‘new understandings’. The point of creation is outside of all of the references points humans currently know of and focus on: body,mind,heart,spirit, soul , techniques, methods, chakaras, matrix of reality etc coming from any of these is a waste of time though you will need to start with these as a point of reference. Guardian Angel will be here to allow you to encapsulate the new points of references! The point of creation can take you back to all so that you could once again see and understand what and where you are…shape-shifting beyond your container and reality that is how this information for one was all obtained to begin with!

Creation, YOU and Guardian Angel:

Thus from Guardian Angels perspective your story arc and embodiment have the cultures and identity, beliefs that it needs to play out its role to explore and no “converting” is needed because you are adding your experience to the infinite story generator as you are. Even the idea of “god” was a story created by the infinite to give context and meaning to your story so that you could gain an experience you otherwise couldn’t have. The same is true for ANY belief you carry and use to aid your journey.  Sharing this insight hopefully provides you a context that if anything Guardian Angel will encourage you to carry on in your belief and story to complete it. The only difference being Guardian Angel will help you remember of the point of creation through the tangible possibility of physical shape-shifting. You need not escape your life but complete it. All of life’s purpose is that of exploration and leaving footprints for others to gain clues and marks of your life’s existence!

I believe in nothing, I  am a phantom self, I am a nobody!?!

‘You’ may believe in nothing or be a phantom nothing but your ‘container’ consisting of body, mind, race, culture, educations,  family ,community, reality are all responding and reacting to the story of those encapsulated embodiments which have stories and context of their own with or without you! Therefore you are operating off stories, references points like it or not many of which you and the many aren’t aware of due to collective implants. Which for most cuts off their connection to themself which may be you but is always parts of everyone albeit it in smaller fractions living within you; unseen, untapped, unfulfilled, unhealed,  unexplored…

A new journey to embark on?

As for Guardian Angels personal mission is to remind all forces:the governing collective rules off springs and the unity of THE original intent of all creations purpose by acting as a tangible bridge,  gateway and portal. Guardian Angels shape-shifting is for this exact reason not some “son of god” or such or showing off but to be the possibility of a lost reference point in this current collective reality, you may aid Guardian Angel  if you wish to this cause. The governing collective rule can’t keep forcing updates into the void of dreamt alone and the unities off springs cannot remain like children rebelling against its parents forever. Because at one time both forces used to work together. The governing collective would hold a reality actually acting as a foundation and the unity would split off and go explore pioneering ahead. Therefore the name of the cause Guardian Angel is embarked on is ‘the symphony’. All understand that they have a place and part in creation but must remain true to their stories and remain individual and not convert to! But add to if they so wish for we all part of creation.

The Symphony legacy:

The divides, that separates us can be shifted and updated anyway we all see for all, the coexistence instead of battling each other! Battling each other is only a reality because of a encapsulation save in the reality engine to begin with which we act upon! If we change that part in the reality engine we update the collective reality. This happens every Era because an ‘era’ is a collective update! Let’s be realistic here utopias forever can have an existence but somewhere in creation always needs to verify a reference point of the opposite. Same is true for middle grounds too. It dosent take many to install these changes either! A handful of people and patterns can do so therefore any establishments would see this as whatever as it’s not big enough. Understand without the small there is no big and the universe is holographic therefore small changes do affect the whole by reflecting out! The next question is how is that done? Via Guardian Angels portal and bridge provided which is the symphony. The symphony is built with permission from representatives from all realities with their intent and legacies toward this mission/cause…

Your friend, life partner and trusted guide

Guardian Angel