No Techniques, No Methods, Just Magic!

29th April 2016

Throw the methods and techniques out of the way! If you are too busy thinking you are too busy closing your awareness down!

If you use techniques and methods sure they will work, but will they have the profound effect of magic, do you even know what that feels like?

Using a technique or method is liken to using telescopic vision constantly to see your reality, yes you will see a lot of detail but what about what’s happen beyond that tiny fraction of the room you are seeing? The world will pass you by and the magic will be missed!

I will help you build your awareness and give you tools and concepts that amplify this and tailor things to get you to place you awareness in the correct places in order for you to become the magic in the world. Let things be natural not constant thinking! Over thinking will close down your awareness and give you a head ache. And a technique WILL limit what you can do!

If your awareness now allows you to pick and learn new things not to mention amplify more options to you, the more you can do! That is the goal. Often a technique and method will just get in the way and not allow you to adapt when it is needed!

Do not worry about “learning” everything you do not need to, you only need what’s relevant for you right now.

Techniques and methods are a false sense of security given that nobody cant possible know everything and with that in mind if you are doing something new, an adaption is needed. Using a technique or method will hamper your ability to be aware and create what you need and adapt to what is needed. Rather than be “stuck in your ways”.

If we have a 100 times more awareness and observation in all situations then wouldn’t it not stand to reason that would drastically improve everything thing we do in life from connecting to people and getting what we want from life?

Having a technique or method will lower your awareness 10 times lower!

Let things flow be natural and allow your magic!

If life is but a river you only but need from time to time rocks to grab onto should the times call for it in order to change ‘course’…