Your Guardian Angel Services

14th April 2016

How the Haven service is delivered to you:

* Note only one guardian angel per client, unless you are picking the “my elite Guardian Angels!” package.*

How the HQ is delivered to you:

How life partner is delivered to you:

How your secrets are delivered to you:

*Please note the services below are for longer term contract clients. A much more focused approach is required to enable the work and help needed. Also understand there are a limited amount of us so we are based on time slots. Throwing money at us, we may find offensive! Yes we are exclusive and we are at a premium but we have more clients coming to us than we can deal with at present so we are careful with our time. Money by itself does not ensure we help you or put you first in line. We also suggest a trial period so that we can both be happy before we commit more time and resources toward you. ‘Standby Guardian Angel’ level will be the trial period service package, see next page for details***

How Retuning service works:

How Harmonisation service works:

How Chapter service is delivered to you:

Demons and Angel service:

*Field testing requires a Guardian Angel to assess your energy field in real life and see exactly who you are drawing in, in real time and then optimising it to allow magic to occur! Throw the theory away and see this work right in front of your very eyes!

Guardian Angel service package levels:

Please enquire as to pricing, you may contribute something other than just money –

Standby Guardian Angel: (Trial period level all clients must start here)

Standby me Guardian Angel:

Elite Guardian Angel:

My Guardian Angel:


*You get a team of Guardian Angels within the ‘My Elite Guardian Angels’. To make them blend into your life they will act as your servant on public display so they are kept a secret. They may be your chauffeur, PA, etc. The way they are deployed in your reality must appear of none importance. ”You are the star, we are your shadow”.

Extra Guardian Angel at your service:

Guardian Angel voice” Most times than not it is not the information or person teaching the information that will get things to ‘click’ in you, but rather someone with the right ‘music’ in their ‘voice’. Over the years I have saved many people and some are now ‘honorary Guardian Angels’ whom are now paying it forward. When you meet people with a similar background as yourself and story, suddenly what’s presented becomes relatable and clicks. Beyond that if the person carries the right ‘encapsulations’ a healing can take place with few to little words. This is exactly why at times in your life you have met people you instantly hated without even saying a word, the music within them is out of sync with yours, and the opposite is true here with “Guardian Angel voice”. They will also be responsible for helping to ‘harmonise’ you. This is vital and will also be part of your personal HAVEN and SECRETS! * You will receive these benefits in a limited capacity with all the above packages. A Guardian Angel you click with will be assigned to you should you require this extra service. *Recommended for demons and angel service.

Guardian Angel Spirit”- You can choose to have an extra pair of eyes and ears with you, your shadow in the form of an extra guardian angel. Their role in this service is to help you with “field testing” and also help you facilitate better relations should you need it. For example when you are dealing with business in a foreign country it isn’t by mistake that having someone of the same nationality as those who live in the ‘foreign country’ to you will make a huge impact, no different than having a ‘key card’. Having certain types of people can also open up other areas of reality for you. Certain Guardian Angels have the ability to draw things in beyond a normal person’s ability. Magic at your disposal! “Guardian spirit” will also be part of your HQ and CHAPTER! * You will receive theses benefits in a limited capacity with all the above packages. A Guardian Angel you click with will be assigned to you should you require this extra service. *Recommend for demons and angel service.

Contracts are based on results and are a year at most; this allows us to help more people. There are many people who have all the money and power in the world but just can’t deal with spiritual matters, that is where we fit in nicely.*

*We base any further contributions or tips on dramatic and profound results that are life changing.

Guardian Angel deployment:

Neutral zones:

Spiritual guides:

Your life:


*Please note there will be a Guardian Angel etiquette guide as well. This will let you see what we will do for you and how we must be treated. This will come in the welcome pack and also in the deployment guides of deploying your Guardian Angel within your reality. We are your secret acting as your shadow to ensure you become the magic of your world. Let us play our parts and allow you to shine.

To serve and be served”- Guardian Angel Dil