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9th September 2017

Guardian Angel services..

Life miracles and incurable healings are possible once you’ve seen the impossiblity of physical shape-shifting in real life. Guardian Angel Dil can shape-shift into you as well to activate the transformation. You must see shape-shifting first and if your to be healed you are not to pay unless there are results!

0. Guardian Angel is extremely expensive; only use as  last resort in your life. If we can show you a real miracle and then create one for you we will ask for what we like with no restrictions. It goes without saying this isn’t a normal occurrence. Value and honour as is.

1. You must see Guardian Angel Dil physically shape-shift in real life before any service/ payments! This is at the free consultation then which your bespoke service and agreements will formalised. 

2. If it is a healing service you need, you are to not pay until you have a result and you must stick with what your doctors/alternative health advisor tells you to who will confirm the healing!

3. We take on your case once we have agreed what is to be paid on results. Please go to the main service section on the pull down tab of services. Once you have results you will honour them.

*make sure to read all rules and main services sections before filling in the form. My assistants will guide you*

Here is something to think on before you do..

Is magic real?

Is there more beyond this life?

Is our reality false?

How can this bring new hope/purpose?

Am I able to do more/be more?

How can I put this to use for all?

And much, much more…

There is nothing to fear and everything to connect to, most of you will be guided in stages to ensure personal, emotional, mental and spiritual safety.

Guardian Angel is a portal and bridge between knowledge,wisdom, realities, beings and people. Guardian Angel is to help you realise what you have forgotten acting as your guide, friend and trusted guide at this time.

Our services come in two ways main services and life time services, you are invited and welcomed to further discover more for yourself.

***Ensure you read the rules guide and to save time rule 1/2/17/18 and 20 are for you to save time on if this is right for you!***

Guardian Angel Dil