Donations & services

9th September 2017

Donations by results & tangible evidence, not on faith.

At no stage do we ask for you to make Donations based on faith. You are invited to complimentary attend our London Mayfair practice to witness real life physical shape-shifting to see evidence of Guardian Angel’s abilities. Following this you can choose, at entirely your own decision, to take out a service, or to leave it there and then. If you choose not to take out a service, we simply ask you introduce a friend who might require Guardian Angel’s assistance more instead.

Our help to you.

If you intend to progress, then a donation is agreed at the end of the first consultation. Bare in mind that the eventual donations will be determined by the urgency of your requirements, the severity of healing needed, the amount of time and energy it will take and the risk it may pose to Guardian Angel.

There will be occasions where we may accept resources, property, access in lieu of money donations.

Donations based only on tangible results.

Provided you are getting results you are to donate 20% on the 13th day. This is based on your satisfaction with our service. If you are not satisfied with the results then you may choose to walk away at this stage and make no donation.

Subsequent donations based only on tangible results

Provided you donated the 20% by day 13 then we can proceed to the next stage of healing. 100% will then be donated on week 13, again provided you are satisfied with the results.

Your Next Steps

Click  Enquire using the booking form at the top right corner of the site and fill in your details. A complimentary consultation at our London Mayfair base will be arranged once done. Make sure to Read the Services, FAQs and Rules.You are also welcome to read the rest of the website, which gives a more detailed and in depth background of Guardian Angel’s philosophy.

Once your case is resolved and donations are fully donated you may wish to consider a supplementary service or to further contribute towards the Symphony legacy. The world is a sleep in varying levels none are free irrespective of power , money , fame or position. Multi form shape-shifting as tangibly shown by Guardian Angel proves this as does Guardian Angel bending the fabric of reality in front of your eyes. It’s time to put the things that divide us and work to free all from this earth prison we are in. No one is free.

Guardian Angel.