Phantom Spirituality: Enlightenment

14th April 2016

Within spiritual practice the ‘highest’ form of spirituality is that of ‘enlightenment’. But what does that actually mean. There are many interpretations of this and some are downright confusing! For some it means to be self aware at some sort of ‘higher state awareness’, for others it can be as extreme as ‘ascend’ beyond the human experience and become immortal, for others it is to be a ‘God’. Now can any of these be achieved? That depends, is what I will say for sure, however will most who practice spirituality ever become ‘enlightened’ in these ways. The short answer is no and like most spirituality this offers yet again another form of escapism and unhappiness much in the way ‘life’s purpose’ are sold to the would be spiritualist. It’s a phantom as the title above suggests. Something you strive for only to never reach where you think you are supposed to. This can be frustrating to chase this elusive phantom of enlightenment, and the meaning of it makes for a much more confusing endeavour. Life shouldn’t have us chasing such phantoms or elusive things should it.


You will always hear of a spiritualist talking of awakenings and ‘waking’ people up. But I ask a simple question, when someone is ‘awake’ how awake are they? Could it be there are different levels of how awake you are. Yes. So how is that determined. Ponder that as it doesn’t require an answer as such, yet.

Higher states of awareness but how ‘high’ can you get:

Just how high can your awareness get. How is this determined. How is this quantified if at all. Who determines this. What determines this.

The sure answer without a doubt:

None of the above can be truly answered because the definition of enlightenment is different to all those who speak of such things and when, or if you do become enlightenment, how enlightened are you in awareness and how awake are you. As you can clearly see without a doubt this is an elusive phantom just like your ‘purpose in life’.

The natural flow, true enlightenment accessible to all:

Enlightenment isn’t about how intelligent you are or even how aware you are, it’s more over that you begin to follow things more intuitively and naturally. Gone are the days of all this self help and motivation, to do what you could always do naturally. When you reach your natural flow you become instinctive, intuitive and naturally do what it is that’s naturally within you. No teachers, books are ever needed. Look at animals across the world, do they have educations that we have. No. And yet they naturally know what to do and how to get on. This is natural flow and is accessible to you right now if the right conditions for that are created. When you are Harmonised and back in tune, natural flow can be your new way of life, you’ll naturally gravitate and draw in things to you just like magic in what many would call coincidences.

There are some clear signs that you are not in your natural flow:


If you hit any of the above signs or grouped together you are out of your natural flow. Now unlike ‘enlightenment’ you have already been and felt your natural flow. There will be times when things are natural and just flow and you are intuitive and it should feel as good as easy.

Here are some signs you are in your natural flow:


Only hard things are worth merit BS:

With your natural flow things are simple and easy and natural, the complete opposite of how society forces us to think that things we find ‘easy’ should have no merit. Do you think any genius found it difficult to do what they did. No. It came naturally to them. Sure there’s hard work but that’s not the same as things being natural to you. Truth is we all have things we find easy and actually that’s where you should focus! Why. Because that’s where your natural flow is.

If you have any of the negative symptoms of loss of natural flow you should Harmonise and retune so that the natural flow starts to, well, flow again and things are simple, easy and natural. Little to no thinking, intuitive, no books, or teachers are needed because you just DO. If you don’t just DO then you are going against your natural flow. Society is designed so that you are constantly resisting your natural flow because you’re told you must do things that are hard to succeed! You resist a lot of you with what people may think of you or morals etc YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY, GOOD AT AND A NATURAL AT! Yet you let societies “work hard on things” that are nonsense, cloud your mind and resist your natural strength. Go with what would be easy to you as that’s a hint! I am not saying not to work hard but if you are fighting against being able to do something that’s a hint, you’re not on your way to your natural flow.

Enlightenment is for all if you are with your Natural Flow:

Enlightenment in this way with the Natural Flow is for all and doesn’t require ‘caves’ or ‘meditations’. It isn’t about being ‘supernatural’ it’s about going with what’s natural to you. Enlightenment isn’t about ‘intelligence’ or ‘knowledge’ because these terms are all relative, for example, intelligent compared to what, to whom. Knowledgeable compared to what/whom exactly. That game never ever ends and the only way to ‘win’ is to not play the game. Natural Flow is like dancing through life and letting things gravitate toward you easily and naturally.

WARNING: Going with the ‘flow’ is not Natural Flow:

You must keep in mind who’s flow are we talking about. We are not to be led by the wind or people or situations, but our own current our own Natural Flow. There’s a huge difference.

Also bear in mind once you are at your Natural Flow you will need to manage and maintain it, you do this by Harmonising, un-distorting and transferring into your Natural Flow. This is all within the Harmony service so fret not. Other aspects such as Retuning will enhance your natural flow or refine and retune if its needed.

Leave enlightenment, the phantom, with those who wish to chase it, restore and grab your natural flow and dance through life, it is your birth right. From that point you will instinctively know what to do, be and go. Although I have worked extremely hard all these insights and knowledge come extremely easy to me and are part of my natural flow. Take back your Natural Flow as I did, it is there for you to enjoy.

Guardian Angel Dil