Phantom Spirituality: Manifestations

14th April 2016

If you have only part of the puzzle you only get half of the answers:

Within spiritual teachings is the idea we can manifest our reality and create it. This is only partly true; if it were the case many of these ‘high end gurus’ would not get caught out for conning people or getting caught for sexual assault or have ‘enough’ money to do what they wanted to. Can they create reality so nobody disagrees with them. Can they create reality so that they do not get caught out for abusing their position. NO! Let me be clear most gurus and their teachings are no different than rock stars with their main aim being seduction via ‘guru-isms’. While some people like to go to a rock concert, others like to enjoy a guru seminar or satsang. While these things have its place within the amusement park of experiences we call earth, they do us no favours if we buy into them blindly and without question.

For those who think we create our reality or manifest our reality let me ask you this; Is your reality exactly how you want it. Or is it how you ‘needed’ it?

Often the same gurus who ‘fail’ to create their reality exactly as they want resort to justifications such as:

I needed this more, over than what I wanted, after all you only get what you ‘need’ not what you want’ (I failed and don’t know why. Perhaps I will learn it someday… I hope).

Things happen for a reason’ (yes not the reasons you tell yourself).

Some ‘manifestation’ secrets are to visualise what you want and you will get it if you really ‘visualise’ it. Seriously how about people who are starving to death in a country with no food, should they ‘visualise’ food. They already do! And it gets them nowhere.

As with all spirituality that’s taught in the world today its only 10% true, the rest BS because the rest of it really is phantoms.

Magnetise, co-create and manifestations:

Self responsibility, the highest priority:

So what’s the first truth to acknowledge about creating our own reality. The idea that we should take responsibility for our reality. When we do this at least we end up ‘owning’ our reality and becoming less of a victim to it. Isn’t that worth embracing the idea alone. I think so.


So can we manifest, is any of it true. YES! But I would say magnetise is a better word, meaning we can magnetise and draw people to us, attract things to us, pull in opportunities like magic. There is a real place for manifestations but it depends on many factors. We are constantly magnetising to ourselves if we only look, how this is done will become clear later, for now just be aware of it. Do not be fooled into thinking you magnetise everything, you cannot. This is something no guru would tell you but it is 100% true. What is true is if there are certain things you cannot attract or magnetise to you, borrow someone else who clearly can. If one person could magnetise everything, companies or religions etc would only need one person. Yes they can have a singular ‘icon or ideal’ to magnetise, but teams of people draw and magnetise things into that reality. This also gets you to start seeing the magic each person has to offer to your reality, so fill your reality carefully, not all things magnetised are ‘good’ such as excessive drama. Magnetisation is real if you pay attention but it has its limits, though it can be retuned.


Can we create reality. YES! I would say co-create would be a better description and this is done via intentions (be careful about such guru teachings as ‘affirmations’, they are more detrimental than you might think. That’s covered in another article). Intentions can be a powerful thing but can also become corrupt or distorted just as quick. You can actively set an intention via a goal and work on co-creating that reality, but although you have set the intention for the reality, do not be fooled into thinking it will just appear. You may have created the ‘holographic /hologram’ for it and the physical world needs to ‘catch up’, but it will not just appear, there is still much work to do. You are using intentions to co-create with your ‘spirit/mind’ and not using some magic marker to draw the life you want, if only it were that simple. Hence why co-create describes this more correctly.


There are catches to magnetising, co-creating and manifestation. Most will not see them because like all magic within reality there is a subtlety to it. You can manifest like magic but again this will still be limited and limited to the individuals, Encapsulations, Harmony, Retune and the capacity on Five Layers of Reality. Many times I ask for shooting stars to appear and they do and this is now normal, I ask for things to appear and they do, but they are all subject to what’s highlighted above. This is where the “No Techniques, No Methods Just Magic” was born from. Once you get the encapsulations you just show up in your life and the magic happens by itself, but you must have the encapsulations or you can forget about it. If you do not have the encapsulation you can get someone that does and use their ability, and magnify it for both of you.

The keys to actually creating reality:

Harmony: Affects the magnetisation power, the lower the harmony the lower the pull, draw and attraction to you via magnetisation. When you feel shit and unhappy you seem to not let things be drawn in. Everyone has been through this and it’s very evident when it happens. Become harmonised and happy within your ‘zone and range’ and suddenly everything is possible, hence a stronger magnetisation. There is an exception to this if you are on the other side of harmony, as in the lowest end, you will be in what I call ‘Emergency Harmony Mode’. At this point miracles will happen and you can turn things around very easily. However getting this ‘low’ is harmful and unlike an optimised harmony on the high end, this cannot be sustained. The other exception is if you retune your intent of yourself. We all have different aspects of ourselves and these aspects are at different levels of harmony, this will become extremely clear within the Retuned section of everything that’s taught in Guardian Angel and Symphony.


Affects the co-creation aspect of your intentions and it must be fine tuned for the individual. Think of it this way, when you discover a new philosophy you take it as your own and it affects your intentions because you are seeing the world with a new pair of ‘spectacles’. That is already affecting your intentions which affect your retuned aspect. Hence what you are now co-creating will change due to what you are now observing, until you change the pair of spectacles again and in which case a ‘new’ intention is set and co-creation too. So be careful what you buy into, perhaps what you’ve bought into has now made you hit a brick wall. This is why I encourage you to look at all philosophy as vehicles or a different pair shoes. You would put on as you see fit and use them for what they are designed for as and when they are needed. You use them rather than them using you and making you hit brick walls. On the same breathe do not keep switching philosophy so quickly that you do not enjoy the vehicles ‘ride’ or journey, your different pair of ‘shoes’ takes you on.

Encapsulations and the Five Layers of Reality:

Affects absolutely everything you do and is the real magic that puts you into the “No techniques, no methods just magic” category. The overall encapsulations you carry will determine what type of ‘magic’ and manifestation is possibly for you. It is possible to ‘upgrade’ your encapsulations; you’ve done this through your life plenty. You recall when something ‘clicks’ in you, ‘the penny drops’, you feel ‘reborn’ again? All these are signs of an encapsulation taking place via an experience and once these are done you feel new and the world looks different and many times, ‘time’ itself will slow down, at least the perception of it will. You will feel like a lot has happened even though you know in logical and physical terms not much has.

Putting all this to the test and seeing the outcomes:

Field testing, seeing real magic and changes:

You are to be harmonised, retuned and then we go and test your field. ‘Field’ testing is where we actually go into your reality and see what’s now being drawn into it. You will see the ‘update’, that indicates the upgraded encapsulations you are now carrying, as things would have ‘clicked’ in you via harmonisation and retuning. Suddenly new people, places and situations will arise and we will make notes of these as this is feedback.

Feedback and adapting:

We observe and become aware of the feedback we are getting via the new changes to ourselves with our reality. It is vital that we get feedback, but we do not go around asking people! People will lie and what we are seeking is a purer form of feedback. That form being people’s reactions and automatic responses, these speak in volumes compared to someone’s thoughts and opinions, as those can be fabricated and lied about. We look for what’s being drawn to your life, all these subtle things indicate what is going on within the subtle parts of reality. Make note, observe and watch the magic happen.

Harmonise, Retune, Field test, Feedback and repeat:

We Harmonise, Retune, Field test, get feedback and then repeat; by doing so we update and adapt to the situations. There is no such thing as failure only feedback, you only truly fail if you fail to observe what keeps on happening and fail to adapt.

It is vital that if your magnetisations, co-creations and manifestations are not working as they should then we Harmonise, Retune, Field test, Feedback and repeat.

Group manifestation and the need for the Symphony:

Different people carry individual Encapsulation, Harmony and levels of retuning that makes manifestation possible because now we are talking collectives.

The configurations for the group also matters and counts. The configurations will determine what comes in and what miracles are possible. This is exactly where the Symphony comes into place and why it is so important. If you do not have someone who can retune and configure groups as well as keep them harmonised, you will fail within the group purposes, intentions and miracles.

This is vital if you need a Guardian Angel to configure your company or groups.

This is also important if we want to actually have a sustainable impact on the planet for useful changes to mankind!

Add to the purpose of the Symphony you are invited

Guardian Angel Dil