Phantom Spirituality: Awakenings & Shifts

14th April 2016

Everyone likes a good story or adventure:

Spirituality and the new age movement via cults and religions heavily push themes and story arcs designed to push you to an extreme via ‘awakenings or golden ages’ that are ‘coming’. The idea is urgency and a call to action or hope. Here we will explore these phantoms because many are left disappointed after the ‘predictions’ end in vapours or nothing happens most times than not. That doesn’t mean to say there isn’t any truth or use, because there is and the point of the actuality is lost in translation and misinformation. Be careful because all cults or movements, mainstream or not use these as a means to keep you ‘glued’ to their followings. Everyone likes to go on an adventure or be taken for a ride knowingly or not, everyone has the need to want to make a difference to the world. And so these stories and scenarios fit that need nicely.

Dooms day scenarios:

These form from around the world, urgency and the ‘call to action’ is the focus. World floods to demons that will engulf the entire world into darkness are what’s pushed on its followers, these doomsday worshipers. I have seen many cult leaders push the flood scenarios and their followers panic with emergency supplies to moving to high ground in case the entire world floods. Some even are told that a mass hysteria will engulf their world and so they must hide underground in bunkers, and be armed with guns and so forth in case their neighbours or other humans become the walking dead. You also had the technological dooms day in the year 2000 (Y2K) with mass panic thinking the end of the world was going to happen and all computers would cease to work…it hit the year 2000, and nothing happened. The Mass hysteria was dealt with and ended up in vapours. The prospect of a technological doomsday is often pushed as well; will it come to pass, some sort of A.I take over? There are also stories of deities and evil spirits that are here to corrupt mankind; a scenario that we are being ‘punished’ for the lack of ‘good’ we have done as a race. These are very bleak scenarios indeed and I have yet to see any of these have come true within the present times; have we been in disharmony for nothing. Or is there more. Sure there have been modern day dooms day across the world, 9/11 or Hiroshima but none were predicted and did just happen with no predictions. The world stood still and the end of A world yes but not THE world. There is a difference. The world will never end but ‘worlds’ will and that’s where a huge loss in translation is with these scenarios of dooms day.

The golden ages:

These are the other end of the spectrum to the doomsday scenarios. Their focus is that of hope, want and need for harmony, but the result is mainly false hope. The era of the golden age where there will be heaven on earth, where peace and joy will be the norm for all that did deeds of ‘good’. No need to ‘die’ and go to ‘heaven’ as it will be here on earth. Another version is we will suddenly ‘activate’ and end up with super powers like you would see with superheroes in comic book. The promise of using more than 10% of our brain capacity to invoke and bring about the new ‘evolution’ within mankind is in line with this scenario. Is there a reality to this. Yes. Is it in the future, yes and no, but it will not be for the masses unless the actual cycles are altered. To be clear there is always some truths even within all fiction and fantasy.

Mass awakenings, the fork in the road:

The call for urgency, hope and action; this scenario is pushed because ultimately it’s a combination of the above. You are told that the time to act is now against some ‘force’ or ‘forces’ and that the danger is imminent. And once we do ‘clear’ the forces away the golden age will be born. Is there a reality to this hope of urgency and call to action, yes. But it is a combination of the above; could it be worth twice the disappointment. Maybe, maybe not. Or does this actually indicate something people are not actually aware of who push such things as actual reality. Yes…

Plot and story drivers:

Ultimately all three scenarios above are story and plot drivers within the collective consciousness sea we live in. Imagine a world where everything just stood still and the wind never blew or there were no tides or waves in the sea. We are standing in an invisible current if you will; otherwise, evolution, the movement of time, revolutions would never happen, there is some sort of constant movement even if it is within a cycle or not. But how this constant movement is felt and interpreted is a different story altogether as the above scenarios describe. Our spirits would get bored if everything played out exactly the same all the time wouldn’t it. That is the reason for the story plot drivers, because the stories themselves are a cover or misdirection for what actually happens, in other words the affects or end results of such scenarios. How our society is left ‘standing’ after these stories have played out. What have people learned, are the actual points not the scenarios or stories themselves. These scenarios are not new and have repeated many times before, look through history and you will see the evidence cycle after cycle.

Jump onto a tidal wave:

So what’s going on exactly you may ask. Imagine you are part of a story and you are a character within that story. If everything stagnates then the story can’t go on. If you haven’t done much with your life these scenarios will give you the vehicle to do something you otherwise wouldn’t have. So instead of thinking of any of these scenarios that are pushed out at you as absolute reality, think of them as waves to ride of consciousness and see where the story takes your personal story and experience. On the same token do not just buy into everything either. If we remain dormant and inactive then these scenarios give us the much needed kick start needed. Do you need to be a part of it to make the change. No. That change will happen with or without you! History happened without you and in fact the world happened without you so you are not needed for this but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride if you get on this wave and ride it. On the same hand nor does this mean your involvement can’t make a difference because it can, but only if you see past the stories and see what the story is ‘doing’ rather than ‘saying’. You can ride the ‘tidal wave’, but look over it to see where it’s actually taking you!

Cycles and tides:

The cycles and shifts of events are going to do what they need to with or without you and they will repeat in cycles. Cycle after, cycle. There is no difference other than a new lick of ‘paint’ on the scenarios and the appearance of going into another part of these cycles are indicated by ‘awakening’ and the ‘forks in the road’. That doesn’t mean actual change is coming, other than being in another part of the cycle. Does that mean you should even bother. Here’s the thing if your natural flow is a part of this or you get pushed onto a ‘tidal wave’ you become ‘involved’ like it or not. But here’s the question do we want to go through the cycle of dooms day or the never reaching light at the end of the tunnel that we never quite reach in the promise of a golden age? The awakening and fork in the road is a combination of doomsday and golden age, but it is an indicator for going into another part of the same overall cycle, so it is a ‘shift’, just not exactly what you expected. We may go where the tide and winds take us or we can alter the actual cycles themselves and your invited.

The shifts happen without any fuss; cycle alterations:

Ever thought how eras of time come into existence. They come about through completion of story arcs and experiences. If the world explores everything it needs to within an era the new era will come into play like a new genre being put out for all to play out through their ‘life’s character’. The dooms day and the golden age scenarios will push and pull people to either end of the spectrum for evolvement, and the story is the driver but not the aim, ever are these types of stories within every part of history. The fork in the road awakening scenario is an indication within the collective sea that another part of the cycle is about to begin. The fork in the road scenario doesn’t mean things will actually change as a whole; they are simply an indication of an update or slight change to the same cycle with extra ‘licks of paint’ or a ‘shift’ into another part of the same cycle. That’s where the confusion comes into and people do not know where to turn. So where should you turn..

The train that never comes:

The world is full of story and plot drivers, many of which will never give or deliver what they promise. Do you want to wait for the dooms day to arrive or the golden age? It’s like waiting for a train that’s supposed to come and you’re told there’s a delay after delay. Meanwhile you fail to live your life waiting and hoping for this ‘change’ that will finally ‘activate’ or awaken you. Is life worth putting on hold for such a phantom? Many people I have met put their lives on hold in this way and push all things aside for this empty phantom. These scenarios push and pull you to extreme ends of the cycle which are always present in our collective reality. The third scenario masquerades as solution, when in fact it’s an indication but not the solution, that being the fork in the road of awakening. An update in a cycle is an indication but not an actual change to the cycle itself, a slight detour within the same route. So do we still want to wait and hope this ‘train’ you await to take you into this hoped journey will arrive? If waiting is your thing, then that is all you will get out of this. This is like limbo not choosing anything really and having your whole life pass you by for this phantom. Still want to wait? At least in a cycle there some apparent changes but within this ‘limbo scenario’ what you see is what you will get for eternity.

Add to a purpose and leave the phantoms behind:

Dooms day, golden age, are plot drivers, awakening and forks in the road are indications not cycle or game changers. The tides will take you if you are inclined or you can wait in hope… However there is a way to ‘update’ and radically change the cycles themselves. It is the only way the new eras come into existence to begin with! How do we do this. We simply jump onto a scenario and go with it and experience all that our soul needs to. The story itself is just to drive your ‘characters life’ to give it context and perspective with many contrasts to encapsulate, which is to ‘save’ to your spiritual memory. If many people did this there would be no need for the collective spirit to experience the same thing again and again, the new era would have to be so. However I offer you another solution and that is where the Guardian Angel Symphony comes in.

Add your purpose to the Symphony and find out, you are invited.

Guardian Angel Dil