Reality Frames

26th November 2017

Reality frames…

You live within a family within a house, belonging to a street of neighbours that is part of a town, a city, country, countries, a world, a planet within a star system…at what point did you within a family in a house lose its relevance upon gazing further and further reality frames out? When Guardian Angel comes into your reality frame you’ll get a peek into seeing way beyond.  You may also start to loose and feel no value or relavnace towards your own. This is a trap, you must allow this new level reality frame of understanding to allow for more insights and deeper workings of your own  reality, life. Everything has its place and is valid, bare that in mind.

God is a reality frame”…

An ant looks up at you and says “I am going to rule the world” the reality frame its world exist in has no impact on yours nor could it fathom your world in any way. Tell the ant of social or economic cultural issues and it couldn’t see you as anything less than a god. Just like a mouse that’s being experimented on from the perceived “god” scientist man above and out of its reality frame. The scientist man an ant by comparison to the alien gods ruling above him out of range and beyond human understanding and so the alien would be deemed a god. From Guardian Angels perspective a god or gods is not a being or anything as such but rather suggests the reality frames themselves are more likely a ‘god’ ! The reality frames create worlds, rules, references points to be held up that make up the worlds. They provide context of the how’s and whys in the reality frames for all that live within them. You cannot escape them like stepping into another box because many times over and more so in all the examples above physicality or technology get in the way of stepping out into another reality frame.

Within each reality frame is a compacted world for the one living in it to be experienced as a world, worlds within worlds. They aren’t always based on ‘size’ just to make note. The above description is just the starting point to give a reference to what reality frames are.

Billionaire millionaire same thing?

A more earthly example is the fundamental difference between a millionaire and billionaire beside the money is the reality frame they are in! I have observed these insights to be exact after having worked with all sides: one builds infustrucrture the other works within the infsutructer. The billionaire builds the roads, railways, owns airspace, internet platforms or space. The millionaire makes money within those, so you see the difference is the reality frames. Societies, classes and groups may also be divided up into different reality frames as well even if they physically appear in close proximity! This must be kept in mind because you cannot interact or change a collective reality if you do not understand the encapsulations (read the encapsulations guide in the insight pulled down menu) of what reality frame parameters are! It’s very subtle but it is all there. It is no mistake all the divides on our planet in all forms are kept separate right the way down from animals, plants to germs, microbes to atoms etc.

Guardian Angel reality frame…

Guardian Angel is coming from another reality frame and so what ‘is’ in your world and you’ve come to understand as real, fact or true is far from within Guardian Angels reality frame. Being in a reality frame just outside humanity allows for far greater understanding toward how your world really works as opposed to what you have been led to believing all this time. Anorexia for example is a mental disorder in your reality frame backed by psychological facts and institutions who enforce those claims. From Guardian Angels reality frame anorexia is a decoding disorder! You’ll understand this when you see Guardian Angel shape-shift as the speed at which transformation occurs can vary not to mention when several people witness the shift they do not decode the exact details at the exact times you might! That was one small example but the implications cover so, so many asspects in your lives. All of which you belive to be totally true and fixed in because of your “facts”, making it to be collectively true and real in your world. I assure you every fundamental fact is all interchangeable, fluid, maluable ready to be shape-shifted.

Greater reality insights:

What happens in your physical world reality frame is always a symptom of the energetic reality frame. Guardian Angels reality frame allows for far greater insight beyond your reality frames limited logic, psychology or your spirituality. This will become clear upon learning field testing aka sense matrix ask me (Guardian Angel) about feild testing. Guardian Angels main focus is showing you how things and reality operate and tick more over any thinking, belief, feeling or any such things. You’ll come to understand that realities, people, situations the list goes on can all be bent, shifted with much further deeper insights to the inner goings on of your reality frame. All of which will become tangible by Guardian Angel. It is vital to understand it is ok to talk about things outside your reality frame but I’d advise against putting too much focus on things that have little relevance towards your current reality frame. Moon matrix or saturn matrix may be fun to talk about but bare minimum relavance to you or your reality frame. If you want an escape from your reality frame there are plenty of works of entertainment in your world to occupy yourself with!

Why friends and family come first:

One of the main reasons you will always choose to save people in your life over “the world” is because they are part of your reality frame. Even though the world at large makes you sometimes feel otherwise. With that said your reality frame can also interlink with others…

There are many reality frames some interlink as well. Guardian Angel residues between them to draw in insights for this current reality frame helping you reshape.. shape-shifting your world.

Switching reality frames: ‘perception deception’ is half true at best!

If you truthfully want to help the world no amount of thinking,  perception changing will do a thing comparatively speaking. Anyone spouting “perception deception” is very misguided when viewing from a different reality frame. Everything in the universe is information, the converter the information gets converted through is second (the mind) and third is the conversion of the information ( belief system reference points, language’s,  symbolic,  pictorial, mathematically etc). There are only so many perceptions the human mind can convert! Now if you work your way to open your own shape-shifting ability “perception deception ” goes out the window! Everyone can work toward being able to shift themself to engage in several converters beyond the brain and heart , gut! When you do you’ll be able to convert more information and more perceptions. But if you are stuck with only those 3 shouting “perception deception” you could only convert so much information anyway! You can convert from the entire body, energy field, reality, shift extra holographic brain’s as well and beyond. To give some context you could give a caveman a blueprint of a nuclear power plant, could he convert that information into physical reality? No! “But he changed his perception”. So what he still won’t be able to do a thing! Regardless of changing his perception. I hope you can see changing perception by itself can mean very little.

Make sure to read the “no gods, no converting article” within the biography sections pull down  menu to get a better understanding. I’d also recommend reading the encapsulations guide as well in the insight  tab pulled  down menu.

Guardian Angel