23rd October 2014
Guardian Angel Healing Request Form
Your complimentary consultation at our Guardian Angel haven in Mayfair London is at no cost to you. This includes your witnessing of real life physical shape-shifting which you will get confirmation of first before any service or any payments of any kind. Details of your case will be discussed with the next steps to ensure that we get you what you seek. We understand many will be nervous or sceptical but the risk is on us. You'll have seen some of our work in the public arena, peoples stories going from impossible to suddenly fortunes fully turned round in the news. The hints are everywhere, you may contact us to get the same life advantages.
If you have any specific services in mind then please state so here. Otherwise we will help decide how we can best help you in your consultation.
*You are not to convert or join anything and stick with your beliefs as is! Guardian Angel will prove miracles to be real by showing you tangible proof of real life physical shape-shifting. This is shown as proof and also real insights into what your life case needs. Here at Guardian Angel we ensure you are kept safe at all points in your process and pride ourselves on this for all we have served.*

*Ensure you read the following before completion of this form:

- Please ensure you have read the rules and agree to abide by them.
- Please ensure you have read the payment section. As stated you will only be charged on results and the first consultation is complimentary.

Once you submit your form we will endeavour to get back to you within one week. If this is an emergency please state so and we will try and get back to you sooner depending on our availability.

- Guardian Angel HQ Staff