Health Guide & Secrets to Health

14th April 2016

Health is not an isolated issue or a single cure!

People often say don’t eat this eat that or vice versa. They get fixated on singular issues that isolate health as an overall issue. There are many cases of people living to over 80 years old while eating tons of fat and smoking like crazy! And then you have young people who exercise and eat healthy yet die so young! How can this be? Get this into your mind right now there are no one ‘single’ cures to anything anywhere! This is a lie sold to you based on your desperations if you search the intent! But there are things you can do and there are ‘secrets’! I have uncovered many but you must understand that there are several areas to consider for all health issues. A lot of issues can be resolved altogether and that’s our aim here to get you independent! Most health issues will never enter your life again, a powerful but true statement! That is the whole point of being able to have access to the Guardian Angel library. I will list the areas that need the focus to fix your health issues and will update this’ health log’. Please note there is also a ‘black book’ version because something’s need to be kept for certain circumstances and something’s have to be kept in context to the individual! You can ask me directly for this and there will be a donation for this as well but you can do that only once your issue is resolved. Sound fair?

Key areas to focus on and keep aware:

Genetics- your genetics will determine how you should eat and live and what is good or not ‘good’ for you. What works well for someone else many not always work for you?! And what you are predisposed to! Note a lot if this can be bypassed if you know what to do! You are not prisoner to your genes!

Body adaption- even if you eat bullshit the body can adapt! This is exactly why when people say “you shouldn’t eat too much salt” is bullshit! The body adapts to what it gets and the more you do something the more it adapts; meaning it will not affect you as it could have or did! Why do you think when you are given medicine by your doctor for several months that they need to give you alternate medicine in the following months? This is down to bodily adaption and the medicine not being affective anymore! Bodily adaption can be used in another direction as well: there are those who are extremely cleanly and so they end up pay for it with a compromised immune system. The body needs some ‘germs’ to combat to immunise against. This doesn’t mean you be un-cleanly it means that you do not go overboard on anything because our bodies are amazing and can adapt and we use that adaption for our gains! I mean the premise of vaccines is based off the idea of counting on the bodies’ ability to adapt! That is exactly why you are give a small shot of what you are immunising against!


Bodily environment, external environment, emotional environment

Looking after all these areas is the key to your overall health. If you do not look after one environment it will affect another and your health will be shot! Let’s look at health like this: if your immune system is at a 100% almost nothing can affect you. When it gets to say 75% you are now prone to colds and coughs, below 50% and we are not going to get constant illnesses. Below 35% and we will get deadly disease! Had we kept the overall environment in check then the deadly diseases wouldn’t even be possible! So when we have doctors etc telling us what we have they aren’t coming from a perspective of how high your environment health is what they do is tackle the symptom! The diseases themselves signal where your immunity is at so rather tackling and curing the disease; the focus needs to be on bringing the immunity levels back up the body will take care of the rest. Certain diseases aren’t possible if your 3 environments are at a higher overall level! All doctors will tell you they cannot cure anything! What they can do is to try and create an environment that allows you to cure you! But that doesn’t mean they will help you fix the 3 environments you need to as you will see why below; otherwise they would have to come into every aspect of your life! That’s your job above any doctors!

The environments you need to pay attention to!

Bodily environmentthe environment the body is in is the key to health. Often I hear people say things like don’t eat ice cream in the cold weather or go into the cold as you will get a ‘cold’. This is nonsense because you can only really get a cold if your immune system is down! So you see many illnesses are down to the immune system being compromised! You can aid your body’s natural environment by the food you eat because food is your medicine! Do not be fooled by supplements, food always comes first realise this very important fact, supplements and medicine are patented based food for the body. So in most cases they are knock offs of the real thing! Bottom line: sort out your diet and eat well! * There are certain parts of the body that need attention to ‘maintain’ if you do not you will get things like ‘Candida’! Also the body needs to get its ‘basics’ or it will not run properly. If you eat junk food but kept certain parts of the body in check, the body can adapt and you will be fine. However this doesn’t give you a license to eat shitty food! It is that you will not need to worry unlike most people! A lot of basic issues such as headaches, migraines, heart burn etc do not require a single pill or medicine they are signs that your body is dehydrated! All illness and disease are a distortion or something need to be in check and doesn’t require medicine or herbals alternatives in most cases! (However if you are on medicine stick with it because you need to until you fix the overall issue your doctor will verify your results! The body has now become dependent on the medicine unfortunately!) If you want the pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on these simple issues, be my guest. It’s nothing several litres of water wouldn’t fix! They all capitalise on symptoms not causes. There is no money in completely ‘curing’ things! If you suffer from heart burn or headaches and hangovers you’re just lacking water and also salt! These issues are now permanently solved and not a concern for you again because you are paying attention to the signals the body is giving out! And yes you have guessed it many diseases are similar to this as well, the body is always giving signs, but will you pay attention?

External environmentless is better! Many cosmetic products from skin care to grooming products are toxic! As are cleaning products; put simply the less you can depend on and use the better! Many products to your surprise including toothpaste contain the same ingredients in rat poison!!!! Most alternatives are not better either and don’t be fooled by their claims! Things like Wi-Fi will of course ruin over health but let’s be honest we can’t avoid everything can we? That isn’t realistic but we can ‘clean up’ our act!

Emotional environmentyour emotional environment will matter because just even the act of being happy will affect how ‘alkaline’ you are! How alkaline you are will stop certain disease from even forming! The word ‘stress’ is often a blanket statement used by doctors to acknowledge that emotions do affect the health but nothing specific. What does your stress comprises of? See what I mean that’s different for everybody! This is the question you need to ask yourself or at least the doctors should, but then again it isn’t their field! Emotional health plays a key role in you getting and fighting diseases because it aids the immune system within the body!

Hole in the system and why you need to take charge of your health!

Say you have an issue with your teeth you go to your dentist and they give the normal “brush teeth properly” speech. Your dental issues could be down to your dietary habits. But a dentist couldn’t advise you on that! You go to your doctor they will say go to the dentist, both dentist and doctor may suggestion going to a dietician. The dietician would say go to the dentist or doctor. So where the fuck do you go t? If your vitamin c deficient or calcium deficient almost none of these institutions can advise you without you going to the other. And all will refer to the others and only specialise in their ‘departments’! Sure they will tackle the immediate ‘problem’ but recall I said about your environment being at a 100% and almost nothing can make you ill? They do not have the time or the system to help you! This also goes for alternative medicines! What if your ‘condition’ comes from stress? Who are you going to turn to? A councillor may help but that’s only for specific issues! What if your health issue came from an external environment such as you using too many products that contain toxic chemicals and most products do that includes the ‘natural ones’! Can you turn to a doctor, or dentist, or a dietician or even a councillor? No!

There is a pill and hypnotic audio for ‘everything’!

There people who sell pills and hypnosis for just about everything including ‘memory pills’! Oh yeah what if you forget to take your memory pills, they are supposed to help you remember?! As for hypnosis while there is some merit to it however we are being programmed enough daily by everything. Why on earth would you want to add programming on top of programming? Unless you like fighting a program with another only to stay insane and bonkers be my guest!

Guardian Angel secrets to health section 2!

This section will update but also ask for the black book, this isn’t just given out to any and everybody! What if I said most of you will ask for “the secret” only to find a cure that fixes your issues and isn’t a pill or an alternative? Would you still pay? Sure your illness will be fixed but until you stop looking for miracle pills and cures to ‘buy’ this won’t be what you are looking for. The answers are so simple you wouldn’t believe me and there’s a fine line in discovering what is already next to you. Here’s the deal you come to Guardian Angel with your issue, you promise to donate after what you feel the answers are worth to get. You get the information free and get fixed and then you donate what you promised but you keep the information and any discussion a secret! You are not to tell anyone other than recommended our service, we are trying to build the symphony and be able to reach more people! The real answers can’t be marketed because people aren’t ready and also there’s no real money in things that are right under our noses!

Below is a quick fire check list to look over! Many things that up regulate your environments do not cost much, the establishments will not like this fact pointed out because it would ‘cost’ them! The alternatives are just as bad when you understand the real way forward! There’s a hidden line between both and it’s under your nose!

Quick check list!

Bodily environment

-Check your diet!

-Make sure to stay hydrated!

-Make sure to have salt, sea salt is optimal!

-Black book information***

External environment

-Try to keep all cosmetics to a minimum!

-House hold cleaning products keep to a minimum!

-keep medicine to minimum!

-Black book information***

Emotional environment

-Arrange your harmony zone!

-Retune services may be helpful!

-Add to a purpose! Ever see a person pass after their career or job ends? Because they have lost a purpose to add to!

-Black book information***