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15th September 2017

You are to see physical shape-shifting proof before you take on any of our services

At no stage do we ask for you to make donations based on faith alone. You are invited to complimentary attend our London Mayfair practice to witness real life physical shape-shifting to see evidence of Guardian Angel’s abilities. Following this you can choose, at entirely your own decision, to take out any of the following bespoke services. At every step of the way you only donate on results (Please read the donations & services for more information on this) –

1# Miracle Incurable Healings – Healing is multi dimensional from emotional to physical, environmental to spiritual. There is no one cure for everything please read the incurable healing article on the insight tab for more information. What may seem incurable may not be so from a shape-shifting perspective. One example of healing using shifting, is where Guardian Angel can shape-shift into you and activate your body’s internal command centre interface. The impact is akin to a factory reset on a mobile cell phone – with what was once damaged or corrupted being restored to it’s original and correct settings.

#2. After-Life Portal – If you have just weeks to live, then you can finally get tangible proof, confirmation, answers and comfort that there is for more beyond, what it will entail for you and how best to prepare yourself for it. Guardian Angel will physically shape-shift tangibly in front of your eyes to show and guide you. All of which become physically known to you into what you were in your past lives and future. This is priceless for peace of mind and spirit.

#3. Lost-Loved Portal – Physically once again be able to see someone who’s passed away or someone who’s missing you can no longer speak to…you’ve longed to see their face and feel their presence once again and pass on a message because now physical contact can be made. Heal and move forward with this knowing tangibly, this will be with you always from these moments on. Again, this is priceless for peace of mind and spirit.

#4. Entity Portal- Direct communication with the life-harming entities, demons and malevolent presences around you. Entities can result in self-harm, abuse, addictions, illness and many other issues in life. They can also hide further out in your energetic field, compromising your intuition, manifesting abilities, psychic abilities and your luck. This can cause you to be locked out of realities, opportunities and people. Guardian Angel will physically and safely shape-shift in to those entities in front of you for direct communication. Guardian Angel will rid of the glue between you and the entity so that they can not impact you negatively any longer. No crosses, holy water are needed or religious attachments of any kind for this to work. You are in safe hands with Guardian Angel and you will be safely guided at each step and stage to rid of this once and for all from plaguing your life and those around you. This will mean the many issues and lack of connection to things dramatically change over night.

5# Emergency Rescue – Your life and reputation is in absolute danger. The law, family, friends and society have all failed you and the only way out seems to be a miracle. In the most intensive and wide-encompassing service, Guardian Angel is there to be that miracle for you, 24-7 if need be until your problem is resolved.

Have Guardian Angel on standby to help you through a significant chapter in your life from grievance, allegations or even danger to your life and reputation. Guardian Angel will turn people or situations around in your favour in a way that would seem otherwise impossible using a intensive combination of Shape-Shifting, magic and hidden knowledge.


Bespoke Supplementary Services 

We offer a range of supplementary and bespoke services to our clients. This can vary from insurance which gives you peace of mind of having Guardian Angel on hand all year around in case of emergency, to gateway services where Guardian Angel will help open realities and opportunities to yourself, to transformation services where you can be taught new skills using a fraction of time and ability that it would otherwise take, and much more besides.

If you are interested in seeing our view list of bespoke and supplementary services then please enquire upon registering or at any one of your consultations with us.

Your Next Steps

Click Register at the top right corner of the site and fill in your details. A complimentary consultation at our London Mayfair base will be arranged once done. Make sure to Read the donations & services, FAQs and Rules. You are also welcome to read the rest of the website, which gives a more detailed and in depth background of Guardian Angel’s philosophy.