The 5 Layers of Reality insights

9th September 2017

Reality is made up of 5 layers it is vital to note it is understood it is ‘layers’ not levels. The reason is because within each layer resides many levels.

(In reverse order shorthand version)

Physical layer-Prime focus is the mind, 5 senses and everything that enforces that which is why logic is heavily used to make ‘sense’ of the physical layer of reality. As Guardian Angel you’ll always hear me use the phrase “just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it is real”. The world by design has been made to add up and therefore it only appears real, someone clever enough can make just about anything add up which is why anything makes sense to us to begin with because it ‘adds up’ in our minds.

Energetic layer– Energy and frequency nature of reality this will make perfect sense as to how Guardian Angel is able to reality-shift. It’s also why when Guardian Angel reality-shifts is why people decode (perceive) the reality -shifting formation at different speeds. Oh and suprise suprise you’ll also ‘see’ it is not just our eyes that we are looking out of to see the world but ‘access points’ also influnce what you physically see! Suddenly you’ll also realise disorders such as ‘anorexia’ ‘dyslexia’ are not mental disorders but actually decoding disorders! Much of the world cannot be solved using the physical layer and much of the world is inaccessible via the physical layer as well. If you’re nervous in the physical world that is a ‘mental’ issue, but from an energetic layer it is a sign you’re out of frequency which Guardian Angel can help shift you into frequency. Things like depression, addictions are not mental disorders either, nor are things like personality disorders the list goes on! The energetic layer is a hidden world behind ‘the world’ and is the true world. ANYTHING that happens in the physical world is ALWAYS a symptom of what is going on in the energetic layer. This is why most of the understanding of the world is symptoms not the root! Finally  as a matter of importance of this layer physically you may live next to 100s of neighbours but although your physically close they may as well be on saturn! You’ll find that energetically your closer to people who live physically further away. This is also vital in this day and age to understand because technological wise we have the internet and mobile cell technology which means we are very physically close to people always. But it’s serving energetically to disconnect us! This is why today’s crisis world over is a spiritual one. All these so called advances that our actual connection to things/each other has been systematically hijacked and educated out of us. When all we want deep down is to connect and to be truly heard and understood by each other! The irony everyone alone yet so “connected”.

Spiritual layer- This layer is all about the embodiment of encapsulations and reality from a different vantage point beyond the conscious. Encapsulations are the real value of this world and they are the fabric of what makes it tick as well. Encapsulations are spiritual memory/spiritual software updates once you encapsulate something you operate off it which will ONLY THEN allow different/updated manifestation to be drawn in and occur. Therefore whoever controls and implants the encapsulations dictates what is possible in society because up until an encapsulation is collected and operated off life’s mysteries are only a- theory, fantasy, unproven, mystery , invalidated, not possible. As it’s said in LAW “it’s not what you know but what you can ‘prove’ (encapsulate)”. Things only become real in life when it is encapsulated. Two people can go through the exact same experience and if it is not encapsulated by one it will mean they do not operate off it. This spiritual layer is why the planet is awash in symbols and ritual because that is how you implant encapsulations into the human spiritual layer in the first place. Sure science may have given far more than religion ever could in terms of physical validation in technologies but at the end of the day to become a scientist you still have to collect encapsulation of education certificates and ritual. This is so that they operate off it like it or not. The same applies to mass ceremonies as well of all kinds, be careful what rituals you take part in for it is the base of your ‘life’s encapsulations’…

Intent layer– All humans are multi-dimensional these are expressed on the physical layer as ‘different’ sides and personalities. We use different ‘masks’ to navigate our worlds and with people as we interact with. Intent is also the highest life force their is, this is why if we can’t add to something, join, build or create?
Our reaosns for being, living.. will deminsh! This is exactly why those who retire loose their lives very quickly there after. In other words the more intent and reasons you have to live will certainly extend your life.

Conscious collective layer The world we live in is a sea of collective ideas, cultures, information and eras. How we live and indeed how long and standards for life come from this layer. Common knowledge and experitise extend from this layer as well. But what about knowledge that has gone missing from the collective sea or just slightly outside of it? This is where some very vital insights come from with Guardian Angel. often what was useful in the past is still as useful today, the fundamentals never change all that much over time.

Perhaps just outside conventional and the alternatives is what will finally solve your life’s issues?

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Guardian Angel