The Unlimited Superbrain

14th April 2016

The Unlimited Super Brain:

Installing unlimited super brain…”

Your mind is a warehouse:

Do not clutter the brain with nonsense, you must only put things in that allow you to access more. Anything you can leave to an expert or a search engine do so! You do not want to waste space that could be used for accessing only and accessing is the name of the game here. I want you to think of your mind as a warehouse with a limited amount of space. How you organise and optimise the space is vital as explained within the brain metabolism manual. The reason is because we want optimal running and use. Put simply the more effective you get at using the space in the brain the better, but there is something I want you to be aware of even if it isn’t real for you yet. That is, there are other forms of storage you are sitting on.

Reserve brain counter parts:

What if I told you, you had more than one brain? What would that mean to you knowing you could store more information, I mean have you ever questioned if your mind and brain ran out of space what would you do? How would it make you feel? Why isn’t this ever questioned and asked? It’s as though the assumption is what we have about learning, it’s not thought about; you are just told, ’here’s the subject, how you absorb it isn’t anyone’s responsibility and we don’t have a manual to give you on how to operate your brain either, so tough!’ I am going to just simply make a suggestion for now that like a spare hard drive you also have memory or a holographic counterpart, several extra brains if you like right next to you. Do not worry if this is real or not for now because to be honest you couldn’t believe in this even if you wanted to! You would need to encapsulate the experience for this to even become a reality (please read about encapsulation section in the Guardian Angel library and Symphony section). But I am also saying this because you rarely question where Ideas come from or how they reached you or if you would run out of memory space did you? Think of it this way if you knew you only had a certain amount of memory space within the mind, would you even bother with all this junk gossip and none sense spouted on the news and online? Most of the news and gossip is BS only to serve as entertainment really in the end. Would ‘knowledge is power’ be the case or would you see knowledge as just information that you didn’t need to store? I hope you realise that not all knowledge is useful and if you have read the mind control and logic section 1-8 with the layer-shifting section in the GA library, you’d know knowledge can be used as power over you! I am just going to reinforce the suggestion we have several brains to store information but that doesn’t mean we store any old nonsense whenever we feel like it. They can be used to teach you in the ‘background’ without you consciously being aware and when it’s fully absorbed it will just come through and you will know the information. For now just take the suggestion as simply that, ok? You will have more of an understanding if you have also read about the 5 layers I speak of within the Guardian Angel manuals and library. But here’s another suggestion or so, those brains are also connected to other things such as a ‘spiritual internet’ a ‘collective human mind’…

Spiritual internet information:

The spiritual internet is access to past and present ideas that are saved within the memory of the earth’s library, the human collective mind if you will. We are accessing this all the time knowingly or not as it is the sea of cultures and educations we all ‘bathe’ in. How do you suppose memes spread or cultures grow or the same ideas are made across the planet without any interaction what so ever? We are all connected to what at first inspection seems invisible and that is a spiritual internet of the human mind and earth. In fact all physical creations on earth mirror nature and spirituality all the time. The aeroplane was designed on the aero dynamics of a bird, computers and there circuitry mirror the human body exactly. CPU is the brain and the chips are human organs with the circuitry mirroring our veins. Step back for a moment and see where else all ideas mirror things, this is something for you to ponder…

Gurus and self proclaimed voice of god using ‘source’ information:

There are a lot of gurus out there who spout this idea of getting information from what they call “source information”. They do this and parade around as the voice of ‘god’. Not only are they not speaking on behalf of any force that could be a god but they themselves have been lost in translation as well! When they are connecting to ‘source’ which is supposed to be oneness or their own spirit what they have actually done is connect to the ‘human spiritual internet’! By this way of thinking yes they should realise there is more than one spiritual internet because the universe is so vast! Also any guru who says they speak from ‘source’ needs to realise that all they really mean is that they found a spiritual website on the spiritual internet that they accessed for the information. And while the information can be useful and good it is also faulty and incomplete just like our worldwide internet. They are essentially acting as though there is only one source but I am here to make this clear for you; there are many ‘sources’ what they have done is access one source only or one website if you will, and they are acting out like they are entire voice of the internet. The worldwide internet has many websites; imagine someone said to you they knew everything when all they accessed was one website on the internet passing it off with authority as the be all and end all? Do not fall for such ‘authority’ nonsense from such gurus or people that claim to be acting on behalf of ‘god’ or ‘source’ which is code for self proclaimed god! You have the exactly the same access already you just need to be made aware of this and have the inclination to learn it. Oh and some gurus speakof theAkashic records’ which is another spiritual internet it only collects and contains parts of everything but not everything! Please refer to the symphony where we discuss the 5 forces. The infinite, dreamt alone, the governing collective rule, the unity and the point of creation. These are other points of ‘access’ which some would refer to as ‘god’ but again haven’t grasped that all is about access! The 5 forces are not covered within this manual, although it is connected it is a whole other subject matter as well.

Getting past the idea of the brain…

Recall what I said about spiritual insight in the mind control and logic articles? Well that will be very useful here because you must ask yourself this question: What is the brain and what does it do? There’s no question it certainly runs things in the body and we are also told we think either through it or within it. For those of you switched on you guessed it; the brain is also a ‘world model’ we have been educated into! That creates vehicles derived from its limited access but what if that isn’t the case and that there is a way to ‘think’ and ‘accesses’ beyond the brain? Well that is why you are here. The brain not only runs things in the body but also constructs and decodes our reality in the part of the brain called the ‘neo cortex’. A signal is bounced off light and back into the neo cortex which constructs and creates our reality into solid form. So in short it decodes, deciphers and allows us to think and perceive. I am going to make a suggestion here based off my own insights but also on things that have been documented scientifically. There have been several studies in which people have been shown random images and been rigged up with equipment that monitors the person heart rate. Calming images where simply flashed at the subjects and here’s the interesting find, 1 second before the nice calming flashing images were about to show the subject a random horrific picture there heart rate went up! It is important to note that the subjects were not aware that the horrific images would even show up or at what times, sure enough each time the subject’s heart rate would indeed go up before the horrific image. The showing of the image was simply done at random. The tests showed that the heart itself has the ability to predict a head of time. Interesting huh? Another interesting phenomenon is that of ‘phantom pain’ the subject often a war veteran will feel pain in a limb that he doesn’t even have any more! Lost limbs and legs are amputated yet they can still feel pain as though they have those limbs and legs! How about the phenomena of organ transplants? Often the recipient gets traits of the donor, from things like artistic abilities to new languages! Even down to memories and habits of their donor is often passed on such as craving new food choices! This is clearly showing that memory doesn’t just exist within just the brain! Finally if these phenomena were not enough there are scientific findings that water contains memory as well as many objects and things you would just see as ‘life less’. The scientists would freeze the water after placing an object within the water, creating frozen crystals of water. Within the frozen crystals of the water would contain an imprint and it would be consistent depending on what got dipped into the water before freezing! The scientists have also got different people to touch the water and each individual that did this left an imprint different to everyone else left within the frozen crystal of the water where images and imprints could be captured! Now with some of this being said you may wonder why I called this book the unlimited super brain given what I just said above, well you need to be given information in a way you would understand that is easier and is more relatable. If you don’t understand the concept of the brain to begin with or the idea that memory is stored within things that are not deemed ‘alive’ then getting my message across would not happen. I have to make it somewhat relatable because in truth this information is all about one concept alone in the end. That concept is the ability to access information! I will say this much; it’s not the knowledge you know but in this case specifically it is what you can access! You do not need teachers, books, and internet or join some cult or society to gain the knowledge they have! With that let’s get down to accessing…

The unlimited brain section 1:

Enter the accessing”…

Accessing points: Over the years I have used many forms of accessing and mostly in real time. That is I talk to people and gain instant insight and information as and when I am talking to them. They are not teaching me information and in most case are not even telling about anything remotely to do with what I ‘accessed’. I walk away having learned something brand new! When I speak to people I am also able to gain valuable information and often access them and give them new insights about themselves. I learn as I am going along a lot of times, but the way the information is formed within in me and the way in which I deliver it surprise’s not only the other person but me as well! Recall what I said about having the other brains doing the work for you in the background and the information comes through? Well by speaking to others even though they do not remotely touch upon the information that’s about to be uncovered, you realise that in a sense people and reality itself are a massive terminal of information that can be accessed anytime all the time! The other brain counter parts we have are working all the time sometimes a terminal is needed is all.

Relax the brain, take a shit! It cannot be said enough that the brain has different modes and I covered this in the brain metabolism about alpha brain wave relaxed state. I Kid you not often when I go for a shit a ton of ideas (pun intended) drop out: P Why? Because I am relaxed and this also applies when; I take a bath have a shower or say go for jog! It is times like these the brain can do its job while you do something else like have a shit! So you see you should give as many shits as possible, it may be good for your life and career. To be honest what I am really getting at here is most people and more so the supposed creative ones and supposed thinkers of our time get in their own way! Let the brain do its job while you go mediate the right way like going for a jog or taking a shit! Stop worrying about getting new ideas or thinking too hard! Thinking too hard is an indicator you are using the least amount of your ‘available’ intelligence! Again the brain knows what it is doing better than ‘you’ do! So let it do its job and know that you have access and ideas and what you seek will come in. But of course there is a little more to it than that but let’s get your mind in order first shall we? It has power and intelligences that you have yet to use as does your heart and spirit. Often ideas will come into your mind as feelings, these ‘feelings’ are for then you to work out. Hence why I have highlighted the importance of emotions and the spiritual aspect of things, being just ‘logical’ will work against you! At the end of the day it’s all about accessing and perceiving new insights and that is done via many forms from which accessing is possible…

Accessing points and concepts:

Below are only some of the accessing methods I use and yes there are a lot more. But this will set you up to gain insights for new ideas, new paradigms, new insights and new understandings most of all. These all can be used for every aspect of life from relationships to creative ways of life to ideas to be put to use for creative purposes or just an extended day dream or 3

Forming accessing and owning ideas;

Notice how we all seem to talk to ourselves and more so when nobody is around, I know we are all insane and lonely really. Ok joking aside we do this because when we think of things to understand and work them out clearly we need to ‘form’ what we think and have a feel for. The more we speak out loud about something or express something the more it seems to ‘form’ right? You teachers or gurus out there will know exactly what I speak of, because each time you ‘teach’ is the time you actually reinforce and learn your ‘own’ thoughts and Ideas; thereby actually ‘owning’ the idea! In this way even when we explain things to people what we are doing is actually ‘forming’ the ideas we accessed! This is an actual point of accessing and it is vital to understand that just because an idea is in the mind it may not be fully formed. Often we teach ideas or act as though we are explaining something to someone else when in reality we are trying to the form the actual ideas themselves! If you do not understand this yet then you are not paying attention to reality and I urge that you do to get better at this stage of forming of ideas, which is accessing. By forming ideas like this is when you end up owning the idea because you decoded it and it’s formed, you will need to externalise it via teaching, explaining to others, speaking out loud and writing things down. If you cannot get this idea down fully the rest that follows will be wasted though the next concept may lend a hand. The irony is a teacher is just as much a student of what they preach as their students are!

Ask for ideas to download to your brain:

We speak out loud do we not? Of course we do as I said previously and so why do we do this and can we put this to actual use? Yes! Since I was 5 years of ages I remember clearly talking to my mind, I recall the teacher telling us at nursery that the heart is the most important organ in the body besides the brain. And so I would talk to my mind “Mind please look after my heart it is important teacher said so”. And so I would say stuff like this often I would also say things like “mind please wake me up when it’s time to wake up set alarm for 6 am”. And sure enough I would wake up then without alarms; I would also use it to set regular bowel movements as well! See? I gave lots of shits. However because I had an over active mind I would be extremely disappointed when the teacher told me that the season of spring time was approaching. I went home and looked into the back garden and said to my mum, “there’s going to be springs everywhere teacher said so!” Of course that never happened I recall when I was many years older saying to my mind “mind get me ideas and get back to me when you are ready”. Sure enough ideas would simply pour into me over 24 hours, in fact so much so I kept on waking up every hour having to write it down. I did this for a few months and got really upset! I was thinking this can’t be right and so I asked my brain to simply ‘save’ the information and give it to me when I needed to recall it. Needless to say I should say I got so fed up with downloading of ideas that I switched it off for more than 10 years as a child because I was told to be ‘normal’. And so I had it switched off to fit in! I mean I was so weird that when I had a headache for several months as a child and I found it interesting! I said “what is this feeling?” I was told it was a ‘headache’ repeatedly and I never bought into it as I was really detached as a child but extremely aware. I had a heightened sense of everything, but in the end I bought into what was said about this “headache” and it was at that point it really hurt because I had accepted their explanations! I grew up trying to fit in and felt really miserable having to live in the shadows of other people. When I was older I decided to go my own way and tap back into my own awareness and I am grateful I did. Because I asked my mind to teach me about the world and it did, ideas would flow in because I asked about mundane ideas to how the world worked. Interestingly enough years later the internet became a thing and everyone was using it, yes I can remember the days before the internet. And so I got on it and I found suspiring things, everything that had come to me I found other people talking about across the world! And also what was starling was the fact I had ideas and thoughts about all these scientific theories that were being established at the time from ‘string theory’ to quantum mechanics which I was never exposed to prior the internet. How I managed to access the ideas without, books, teachers or the internet really surprised me and so I started to just run with it! This confirmed to me that we can ask for ideas we are indeed connected to some sort of spiritual internet all the time! So with that said many years later I really relied on my ability to access and found more ways, I stayed away from books and teachers because to me I realised the ideas were more authentic if I came to the same conclusions myself! I saw external sources of learning as ‘poison’. But these days I have honestly gotten to the point where I use my abilities as and when they are needed and hopefully can teach you a thing or 3! So with that said speak to your mind ask it to down load you ideas. But here’s the thing let it get back to you when it’s ready. As said many times you are connected to intelligence and have intelligence, let that intelligence do their jobs without your interference! The body can regulate itself and take care of things like digestion to immunity so let it get on with things ok? With that said ask and give the command to the mind like: “Mind get me X and get back to me when you’re ready”…

Student master concept:

You are a student and master at the exact same time, there is no separation”. I will keep this brief but the subtly here is vital to accessing information in real time and you must really let your ego go here for this magic to work! I call this the student master concept, though most people get it when I call it the student, student concept. But look here I named it so there! Yes it is vital to be in a playful like state for achieving new ideas or you will become rather sluggish. Recall what I said about boxes in mind control and logic articles; vehicles and world models and boxes within boxes? Staying too ridged will ensure you get tide down to your vehicle, box or world model and while that can serve you it can also hinder you and more so if you are trying to form and access newer things! Right so what is student master concept? It is the premise that you are a student of what you teach and a student of others speak to of regardless of if they are teaching or not in the present moment! You must place your attention so that it is present while you utilise this concept! Let’s put that into some sort of understandable frame work and context. The next time you speak to anybody and I do not care if it’s an adult, a child or anyone you would consider not so bright use the following. Any words you speak you are to be aware of like you are a student of everything you say and also be a student and bow down in terms of intention to whomever you are speaking with. It is best trailed on those you consider not intelligent! Why? Because if done right you will access new insights into things that do or may not connect with the conversation! Keep in mind everyone and everything is an access terminal of information and so you are ‘plugging’ in through them! To do this student master concept properly requires humility. Often people like the sound of their own voice so much that they end up listening to nobody not even themselves. Sure they can talk but can’t communicate effectively to save their life and there’s a huge world apart from each other. When you use the student master concept it allows you to pay attention to yourself and learn from yourself because every single word that comes out of your mouth is for you! Every single word the other person you speak to is also for you. When you do this with people you are really paying at attention to them and giving them the time of day! How many people have ever given you the time of day? Not many! But the magic here really is new information will startling download because you understand accessing and plugged in through them! Really focus on hearing and paying attention to every word you say and the person says as its all for you and stay present in the moment. You should feel as though if done right only this moment in life is all that matters and that you are standing in the centre of the universe. Within that focus will draw out the access and new insight. Not only because you heard yourself and the other but because your intention is that of accessing and you understand that everything is a ‘terminal’ to plug into! Use this as much as possible and you will surprise them and yourself and connect a lot more than normal. Also when you’re communicating with others and there’s some sort of friction going on go into student master concept mode as your next reaction in the conversation. The reason for this is you will start access the other and they will actually calm down like magic! Make sure to drop your entire ego like you have zero fight in you to activate accessing. This is vital; hearing them and yourself, this will further your connection and understanding and lead to newer insights. The beauty about student master concept is that the entire world just became your classroom and nobody is beneath you or ‘dumb’ because you understand that all being and things are access points and terminals of information to plug into! Some extra things to note: in most cases you already know what you are going to say and anything you do say no matter how ‘clever’ it is only reinforces your own reality. No matter how much of a great guru or teacher or expert you are you are only ever reinforcing your own reality with whatever you say! So in one respect you are simply boxing yourself in! While this has merit, becoming increasingly ridged will ensure limited access. With the student master concept there’s really no need to be a master again. Let the world teach you and be able to move seamlessly box to box vehicle to vehicle world model to world model, layer-shifting Or better still just take a shit and relax

Access via objects:

You can access using objects any objects! You are not entirely accessing the object but using an object of intention to focus on access, there by using it to plug into a terminal for the spiritual internet! Grab any or all objects and simply put it behind your back and say the word “access” with an intention to ‘access’. This is going to get you to have humility and also you need to be child like because if you are not you will block yourself from such a “ridiculous idea!” Why put the object behind your back? Because you allowing the intelligence’s within you to be focused on, the 5 senses we use often block this because we buy into them so much but understand they are easily fooled! Using this sort of concept is great for those seeking ideas for marketing or branding! I kid you not! But before you can grasp this you must encapsulate the idea of the student master concept and the idea of everything being access terminals for information because everything contains ‘information’. Initially you can use this idea for just playing with, this will only become useful at certain times and even then you must become good at having a playful intention to unglue yourself from your boxes and vehicles of thought. The ideas will normally form in a set of feelings first so if you have trouble with emotions it will not be the way forward for you! This way of access can take seconds to minutes. But be careful of the trait all humans have, “making shit up!”

Access downloads via absorption of environment:

You can also use the actual environment to soak up new ideas! I do this all the time and I learn about the entire fabric of where I am! So if you walk into an environment you are not familiar with, this is a good way to understand it better. Simply stand there and allow the entire atmosphere of the area to soak up into you. It’s almost like an active mediation of sorts and is relaxing. Do this like you would soak in the sun on a pleasant summer’s day. The ideas and information will be soaked into you and suddenly more insights will follow! To get more of a grasp of this you will need to read about what I call ‘tree vine’ because we have coincidence all the time daily coming at us from every direction.

Tree vine threads and themes:

Many years ago I sat in a park and I felt all of a sudden as I sat there this warmth and friendliness and it wrapped into and around me. I knew it was the trees in the park I sat down on a bench and let them communicate to me. Yes I am delusional but come with me on a ride and be a little bit less stuck for now. The overwhelming feelings from the trees engulfed me and I knew what they meant even though words were not spoken. The overall sense was that all trees are connected and are one. But so was the entire reality I lived in. The communication and access basically said all the coincidences I had in my life were the result of ‘tree vine’. This information sat with me and I pondered it for some good time. Little did I realise at the time there was some very strong truths here. I started to notice I would speak to a person about a thread or topic and then not long later be speaking to random strangers who would bring up the same threads and themes without me saying a word! This happened a lot and I paid attention. I realised that threads and themes we are going through right now will be reinforced by strangers even if they do not know our themes and threads to our lives. The signs of the current themes and threads would come at me via signs and symbols in my daily life. Because reality itself is always communicating to me, to us all! This is an extremely great way of accessing and for those of you who are my clients you know the power of ‘field testing’ that idea was born out of this. The best thing about field testing is to see themes, threads and what is being drawn into your reality because of where your ‘field’ is at, it is consistent and repeatable! It isn’t some sort of hairy fairy thing and that’s what I like best about it. What ‘teacher’ would put their own teachings on the line and go somewhere random and expect to see the patterns, themes come at you and be repeatable? None! Because unlike most I pride myself on reality and world experience not some arm chair theories! So the bottom line with this type of accessing is the idea to pay attention to all parts of your life because everything is communicating to you to guide you if you pay attention to all the clues that are present daily in our lives. This gets you to become ultra aware and insightful within all areas of your life. It is wise to use the tree vine concept with the student master concept for optimal accessing! Here’s a warning you must take on board; we are all good at making shit up and often run with it. Do not do this. And be very careful when the same signs come in do not make stories up or look for meanings at the start. You need to be more logical here and I urge this! Instead what you should do is simply making mental notes of things, do not make shit up just make note and see where it leads. If you harp on about stuff like “it’s meant to be” etc you will actually block your access. Realise this one statement and tattoo it on your head “you know nothing”. You take the signs and coincidences and let them lead you instead of making shit up. Truth is as a human race we really know little! This type of approach will allow you to stay grounded, make less shit up and let what comes in lead you instead of you becoming stuck in your belief about a ‘sign’. This ‘sign’ could be totally off and hinder your accessing altogether because you went off on a tangent! Let things come in make a note and follow. That is all that is required of you at the start and when things repeat consistently only then do you have more of a clue and ‘what it is’. But even then do not become too heavily invested! This is where it really pays to be logical and use it to keep grounded and not have your head up in the clouds and get carried away because the signs and coincidences will come at you at an alarming rate. Some things are worth repeating to get it to stick so please take the warnings I speak of.

The unlimited super brain Section 2:

Imagination is not just imagination…”

Imagination is not imagination it is many points of access and there are several types of imagination! This section will be great for minds that are geared toward discoveries and creative focuses! I am not going to tell you how to use these types of imaginations for accessing because believe it or not you already know how to! The idea is to take the concept and sit within it like a vehicle and play with it. Keep in mind that we have access and intelligence beyond what we know or understand. Just because you do not understand how your body works doesn’t mean intelligence’s within you doesn’t know how it does. And this also applies to the accessing endeavour adventure your about to embark on!

Types of imagination

  1. Reality imagination: The suggestion I am going to make here is that everything you see within fantasy or fictional pieces of works have been drawn to the designers and authors from the universe via their ‘imaginations’. Think of all the ‘weird’ creature designs or worlds they all reside within. For you to access reality imagination I want you to sit with this idea. And this is why within science there is the idea that the universe has infinite possibilities. If we go with that and for now just play with the idea that the imagination is the gateway to that infinite possibility. The other reason to do this is because if we take imagination for something that’s just ‘made up’ we dismiss and end up blocking our capacity to access via the imagination. So for now I suggest just playing with this and sooner or later it may become ‘real’ within your experience.
  1. Meshed imagination: This is what most people view imagination up as something that is just made up. Even so there is still something fundamental and that is things combined to make something ‘new’ up. Let’s take ‘rice crispy monster’, something random and clearly made up. But here’s the distinction we know what rice is and we know that a monster is something that is within folklore not understood and recorded as a species and so it is a ‘monster’. Meshed imagination at its heart would be reality based things based with fictions and fantasy. Keep in mind just because something is fiction today doesn’t mean it won’t be fact tomorrow or that in the past it was fact.
  1. Reflective imagination: This is the principle that everything reflects back to us through all ‘creation’. So if you want to study how to fly, you would study a bird; that’s where aeroplanes were ‘imagined’ from and the study of aerodynamics. I will put it to you this way if you want to study the human body study the reflection of a computer or mobile cell phone, our bodies work in the exact way! Circuitry (veins), chips (organs) virus (colds, coughs etc). People freeze in exactly the same way as a computer. In fact we also need to “reboot” people! As humans we tend to be able to view ourselves only through external means and so our creations through what we called ‘imagination’ is the best way to do this via what we create because of what our imaginations allow us to access.
  1. Collective imagination: This is the collective sea we live in and where conspiracy and coincidences are rife. Often you will see a piece of fiction or fantasy mirror the real world and the amount of coincidences you see makes many people believe that it is some sort of conspiracy and can’t be just coincidence. But what the people fail to realise is that in one sense it is coincidence. Just because the themes of a particular writing or movie match the real world with accuracy doesn’t mean it was ‘planned’. But here’s the distinction and here is exactly where all the conspiracies and coincidences come from. When a piece of work mirrors the themes of what’s going on the planet intentionally or not what has happened is that the author has accessed ‘collective imagination’. The names and some parts of the stories may not be exact but the themes most certainly will! When you can tap into the collective imagination and create you ‘fictions’ or fantasy’s you are accessing what is going on! To be clear I am aware some conspiracy’s are real but a majority are simply accessed like I said above!

Imagination Round up!

As you can see all of these are different ways in which to use the imagination do not dismiss or switch off to imagination; it is the one the best ways to access and more so when you sit within any philosophy vehicles of the concepts above! I suggest that you try to categories when you see any pieces of works of fantasy or fiction where they fit into the above. This will allow you to construct and install a frame within you to operate off and this is vital.

What creative works fit in where?

You can make a list within the following categories for yourself! Any book, writings, movies, music, art or game…(fill in the blanks yourself)

Reality imagination

Meshed imagination

Reflective imagination

Collective imagination

The unlimited super brain section 3

Creating multiple points of observation”

Constructions of access via dimensions:

As you saw with imaginations type they were philosophy vehicles I created for you to take a ride in. But how you get into a vehicle matters also again please refer to mind control and logic article 2! The following are ways in which you can enter the philosophy vehicles of imagination!

1D- playing and none fixed in ideas or what is real or not. A dream like state and viewpoint of a child like in approach (not childish which is someone devoid of responsibility!).

2D- Conventional thinking that is enforced through society as ‘normal’! 2D is also the duality’s we live in of good and evil, right and wrong, dark and light. But a greater aspect of 2D access is that of ‘axioms’, that all are based on assumptions of a type of ‘foundations’. The idea that 2+2+ must equal 4 not 5! But if the axioms were different then indeed 2+2 could equal 5 or even 22. The 2D viewpoint of access is to provide laws and rules from which everything else is then established as the ‘norm’. Most people’s viewpoints will come from 2D by default I would estimate a good 95% fit here through how they fundamentally operate.

3D- The idea of everything connecting in the end what affects one thing will affect another and within this layer there is no duality of such things as ‘good and evil’. There are only viewpoints and points of access to reality and ways of doing things. With this type of thinking if a war were to happen the one with the money would take sides of both parties at war and make money off both by funding them both ‘full circle thinking I call it. 3D is that of layers as well boxes within boxes type thinking!

4D-This dimension is complex and most will not be able to get this right away way. But if you recall what I said in the mind control and logic article about philosophy vehicles and world models then you will get an idea! Think new world models and layer-shifting with the 5 layers of reality model in the symphony and Guardian angel starter pack! Rather than boxes within boxes thinking it is more like world model into world model thinking!

Extra reference points: Dimensions and people as reference:

1D- Think child like people think peter pan!

2D- Think; Joe public or somebody who enforces normal conventional thinking to the highest degree both fit within this dimension. They are simply on either extreme of the dimension.

3D- Think kings, queens, presidents people of position and power.

4D- Think illumnati types and rulers behind the scene of the matrix we live in. They control the dream world we live in because they have held and lockdown the imaginations so that it is limited within our waking state. We are in their boxes and are limited to the world models they gave us to play with. As long as we use their world models we are predictable and stuck.

Entertainment references:

1D Comedies, documentary

2D Romance, hero, anti heroes, action, adventure,

3D Conspiracy, think inception the movie

4D Think the matrix, dark city, metal gear solid 2

*Use these dimensions as references only they are philosophy vehicles I have designed for you to play with! And note they are only the start of what I know and am able to create.

Entering the access:

The dimension you come from when entering or accessing a philosophy vehicle will matter! This is why I have put these points of access! For this to be powerful we must enter from a dimension as described 1-4D and then use the right imagination to access what it is you seek.

Multiple points of observation:

The other reason I have put this dimensional stuff in is because at some point you will want to be able to operate off what I call multiple points of observation. The more points of observation you can operate off the more you can access. So what does that mean in simple terms? Imagine you have several internet browsers on the go searching completely different things to each other? That’s lots being looked at within the same time frame. Creating several points of observation triples access at the least and this is vital for learning. This will speed up what I call the brain metabolism (please read the brain metabolism manual to get an extra insight). No dimension is strictly better than another; to be truthful it is best you learn to access dimensions 1-4D at the exact same time so that you are ‘multi-dimensional’

The unlimited super brain section 4

Just because you have ideas who cares! If you cannot ‘bottle’ it then nobody could care: You may have the best imagination or ideas in the world but if your mind were an ocean would you be able to give that to who you intended it for without it spilling and making a mess? You must effectively get a bottle and ‘bottle’ your idea for people to value what it is you have. How else can people distinguish your droplet of an idea from the sea when they are just looking at the ocean you try to present them with?

This section is for extra reference;

-Please read the mind control and logic articles 1-8

Focus on the implication of philosophy vehicles and world models!

-Please read phantom spirituality story of our lives

The stories we operate off matter because they are snippets of imagination tied down!

-Please read layer-shifting

Understanding how to move beyond viewpoints but interact with fabrics of reality. Interact with the axioms and changes those and everything else changes!

-Please read encapsulations

What you know means nothing if you are not ‘operating’ off the information you think you know! Do not let things be just a theory, go collect the experience of it so it becomes part of your reality.

-Please read brain metabolism

This manual will help speed up your learning and allow you to use your brain more optimally for information absorption and access!

Now that you have all this information what do you do with it? Play! You can use this information to access beyond books, teachers, internet, and friend’s family. You can gain insight with all areas of life and the best thing is it will be authentic because you would have done it yourself without the traditional way of learning. You will understand what it is to be your own genius!

The unlimited super brain section 5


The idea that the brain is only one source from which to access and access into…Section 0

Multiple ways of actual accessing…section 1

Imagination is a powerful tool…section 2

Creating multiple points of observations…section 3

Once you combine all the above there’s one final secret left to tell you, are you ready? Because I assure you, you won’t be…

Delusions and Dilusions: life is a delusion and what I taught you was a set of delusions to navigate another…life!

Totems: keep yourself awake and out of the dream of imagination we all live in, I suggest a totem. A ‘Diplo totem’ and it must be silly and child like. Being child like ensures you do not get too attached or stuck in a box. It is ok to be playful and you must in order to access all the time!

With that I would like to end by saying my totems favourite word…

Tightyplo!”- Diplo. You can ask to see him; he may bite and tell you off!

Guardian Angel Dil