The Untold and Role of Shape-Shifting

9th September 2017

The impossiblity of real life Shape-shifting allows life miracles and the possibility of curing ‘incurable illnesses’…

*you are to pay nothing if real life shape-shifting isn’t seen to be true and nothing if you do not get results from healing with Guardian Angel Dil* we operate fairly we expect the same from you.*

Warning if this isn’t something you’d feel comfortable seeing then perhaps a normal guru or guide may be wiser for you, for everyone else even if you’re a bit nervous you will be eased into the actual reality of this. Guardian Angel isn’t a devil, demon, god, alien or reptilian. Guardian Angel is just a human who collected and encapsulated his human story arc and is at this part in his story with your stories now merging into his. (Please read incurable healing insight tab, main services,for more information ).

Here is an insight beyond just physical shape-shifting and what its role and functions actually are told from the perspective of an actual real life physical shape-shifter Guardian Angel Dil. It is vital you witness this for yourself and collect tangible proof once and for all that reality is indeed full of real magic. May you be reminded that deep down there is nothing to fear and everything to connect to! Stage 1 of physical shape-shifting is distortion/holographic energy state, stage 2 is partial form, and stage 3 is tuning into you and becoming your demon, entity, past life or literally you in front of your very eyes! Shape-shifting acts exactly like a portal in the sense often many times you will physically see Guardian Angel Dil taking physical forms of those who are also trying to manifest you, again its application are many all of which are now on your side via Guardian Angel. For the scientific minded it is important to note that shape-shifting does interfere with electrical equipment and can be measured that way as well. Please have the courtesy of no audio or visual recordings that will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If you do so you will no longer be a client and you will be energetically shifted out of the reality. Guardian Angel may also shape-shift you making you “appear“ like you have the same power that can have many applications as well. It is extremely rare that someone can do this let alone some who can do it that’s not tied to any groups, cults, secret societies etc. Please respect this.

Some vital implications to acknowledge upon awakening that will become clear to this before we begin:

Illness deemed incurable curable? Yes!

Are past lives real? Yes!

Will I live beyond ‘death’? Yes!

Are aliens real? Yes!

Is magic real? Yes!

Are demons/ entities real? Yes!

Is the world an illusion? Yes!

Are we connected beyond just us as a race? Yes!


The easiest way to grasp this in this day and age is to think of having access to a telephone directory of people. When the shape-shifting is physically done saving of that frequency is acquired (you can liken that to getting someone’s phone number) meaning you have access. Although physical eyes may fool you the world is a sea of frequencies and if you are not of the same frequency as the people you are trying to connect with you will fail to do so, unless you use a proxy or allow Guardian Angel to ‘shift’ them to you. Shape-shifting allows gelling with everyone if tuned and enough energy is present. Guardian Angel Dil can also use this to shape-shift into you and activate the ‘placebo affect’ which is actually the bodies central command centre waiting for a command! One of many things shape-shifting allows. 🙂

Connection devices and frequency bands:

People can come into your life by simply saying “hello” or they may enter your life by being a stalker, or conning you, give you a job or even romantically engaging with you as an example of many. ‘Connection devices’ or rather frequency bands can be used to connect to a person or reality if intended by Guardian Angel. As guardian Angel it is no secret that whatever “energetic connection” device is strongest may be used to connect to the target and then shape-shifted so that harmony can be reached, truth and honesty. This will depend on what connection device energy is strongest in the target/person/reality. The simple fact is how you operate and tick is more important than ANY thinking or belief and what happens physically is always the symptom of the energetic fabric that reality is responding to. Why would that be used in such a way? Simply put whatever you fear or have the strongest connection to is the easiest way to energetically connect to and become part of that reality. Many people are energetically “invisible” this is extremely easy to manipulate and bypass. Pick a drama to draw out of the target directly or by those they surround themselves around in their personal entourage/inner circles/ close knit friendships and a small window will open energetically to connect even those who are invisible or protected energetically. All realities are held up exactly like a battery with both positive and negative charges a little bit of shifting allows all and any doors open. So you see shape-shifting is the ability to enter any reality and fit in. If all else fails simply shifting into the person and opening the door back to myself as ‘them’ does nicely, job done! Having this on your side can literally change everything, do not believe for a second you can manifest everything unless you can shift into different people or beings. But that can depend on energy available and is temporary only while the shifting is taking place but that can always create enough of a window.

Shape-shifting and the information high way

Realities and targets can be shifted into and knowledge is gained remotely including future and past insights. It is by no mistake Guardian Angel has mastered many subjects totally with a fraction of the physical time spent unpinning what many may have spent a life time on.

Uncloak and unlocking

Targets can be shifted remotely and can be made to shift into other frequency or uncloaked revealing them. This can be very useful if Guardian Angel is remotely shifting you temporally giving you the keys and access to person or realities, a door opener in other words. But this also means if beings of un-human nature are to be seen then Guardian Angel can uncloak them at discretion. Remember not everyone needs to be woken up or is ready to be woken up. Causing drama for the sake of doesn’t do any favours over the long term. You are to be reminded that there are many levels of ‘how’ awake you are and that applies to those around us as well. Let people manifest in their own times is the key and free will being the way. This can be somewhat shifted and sped up if the collective energetic sea they are part of rises and updates which Guardian Angel actively does via clients cases. Thus Guardian Angel may take some cases over others with that mind irrespective of a ‘reward’.

Magick and channelling

Shape-shifting allows the body to become an energy node and allows for the absorption of energy to be used and directed. Magic is nothing more than frequency signals used to manipulate malleable reality because it is not solid and is actually holographic at a base level. Change what’s being projected and the reality changes! If a target has a demonic presence it can be channelled to be seen physically in real time thus taking out any guess work making it ideal for demonic extractions. Blessings and clearing of energy is also performed by Guardian Angel to cleanse and heal the distorted residue left behind.

Shape-shifting reality/environments are also part of the shape-shifting repertoire:

If enough energy is present Guardian Angel; can actually shift the background, room area you are in causing darkness in day light, reality itself to ripple right in front of you. This is used to cleanse environment or gain insight and read the memory of that area. At the very least you’ll see everything is possible to shape-shift. But this will depend on how much energy Guardian Angel has stored up or has access to at that time because it can be taken if needed.

Responsibility as a shape-shifter

Is to guide and communicate from multiple strands of encapsulated perspectives. Shape-shifters purpose can be likened to being a referee in a game or a regulator to make sure things are fair within realities. It isn’t a responsibility for Guardian Angel to do the work for you or groups or take sides. Though usually the shape-shifters encapsulation will generally dictate what side they are on by default, as Guardian Angel Dil was born human. That is the aspect that will be helped back into taking their keys back and preserve what is “human” by being a symbol and encapsulation for them while helping other symbols of humanity come into being. Guardian Angel is not public facing and is operating from behind the background of the background also bare that in mind.

A reminder

Physically shape-shifting is a reminder of the reality we live in and connection beyond what we currently live in, the body. And so if you haven’t seen Guardian Angel Dil do this than you will need to for your reality is about to be opened beyond what you perceived. Why is this important? Because it is one thing knowing and hearing about such things but another thing encapsulating it. An encapsulation is a saved spiritual memory that becomes part of you that you not only operate off but also create/draw in and manifest reality off of. If you do not have this encapsulation no matter what you research what you manifest in will be a lot less than had you not. Encapsulations are the key beyond any knowledge or understanding because it becomes part of you. You cannot tell someone to not care what others think until they collect a encapsulation of say mass ridicule because at that point either the person encapsulates this or takes their own life be it by even simply hiding in the corner. Much of life is the same hence why the encapsulations you have are vital, just because a shape-shifting is shown doesn’t mean the one doing it has all the encapsulations either but they certainly have access to it temporary and that could be all the difference to changing your life.

Beyond humanity:

Shape-shifting is not limited to genetics and it isn’t limited to a singular form, encapsulating a majority of one’s spiritual story arc is key to opening it. Case and point for Guardian Angel Dil the completion of what humanity is here to encapsulate and that is humility through an abundance of encapsulations made this so. Why would your spirit allow for such a function if you could constantly escape your container (body) you’d never complete with full focus your story. And so the next point after your story is to allow ‘you’ to then help others complete their life puzzles and be the beacon for others to see the next possibility. This is why shape-shifting isn’t a technique or method because if it were the point of your life would have less meaning instead of being trapped in cycles which is then only to be passed on to generation after you. You’re in-completed story arcs pushed down to the next generations to try and complete what you couldn’t, no wonder there is such resistance from children, son and daughters are likely rebelling against your incompletion of your story arcs. But this also happened in part to you as well from your parents, that is the uncompleted aspects of humanity in its many cycles . It is a very, very deep burden that’s been around way beyond you and them; almost like carrying all of humanity woes on our shoulders, their shoulders.

Your friend, life partner and trusted guide

Guardian Angel Dil