What love really is

6th December 2017

Love isn’t what humans understand just yet…

Human love is based on possession, obsession and investment. Unless  humanity grows up we can never evolve as a race and most ideologies of what love is including all the hair fairy ideals; of bliss, enlightenment, turquoise colors, the heart which simply means emotional reactions for most people, heart chakaras again a construct used as metaphor to try and quantify or describe that which is not in logical frame works or rational understandings. This next statement will trigger just about everyone and although I do not agree with it totally it is actually correct from a universal creation reality frame  (read the reality frames article) prespective. The illumanti/ sceret societies understands love more than any human does period! (I’m say they understand it better not necessarily operate off it totally) As a human shape-shifter; being in the shoes of all is a direct reality and so what is understood is very different than being stuck in only one pair. Love from a universal prespective is not what we humans have understood correctly but let’s have a quick sum up of human love first just to be clear.

Possession:marriage, labels of bf/gf/partners. How much can I buy and pay for the other for exchange for them. Everything or another based on varying levels of ownership. Possessive love.

Obsession: lust, crushes, spells , fandom, worship, idolised,stalking . Reactionary, compulsions, addicted to love behavior of can’t get enough of. Obessive love.

Investment– it may not seem it but we can only care if we invest into something or if they invest in us! Think about that a second look at everything you care for or love and you’ll see you’ve invested in it in someway or they in you! The words “I love you” or “I’m in love with you” as harsh as it is means ‘I have invested in you’. ‘I am invested in you’. That will make more sense when you see what of the 5 layers your investment comes from or into..

physical layer :logically, practically, money, objects, skills, sexually ..

energy layer: energy, time/attention/awareness, spark, magical spell..

Spiritual layer:emotionally guilt,shame, pain, bravery quality, home is where the heart is etc ,experiences, encapsulations, rewards, rituals/ritualistic means..

Intent layer: will,  intent, asspects of you or them. Avatars: celebrity, idols, heroes or investmet in visions, missions, causes, revolutions, inheritances towards our children of empires we built, legacies including uncompleted ones..

Concoius collective layer: ideals/ideologies , life styles , cultures educations, statuses, breeding, classes..

The above is a fraction of an idea of what we invest in or what gets invested in us to show love as human’s to a connection. Connection being the basis of what love really is but that’s just the start . I’m keeping this as brief as possible more of a sum up because you still need to come to love in your own way not mine or anyone else’s but this gives more of an idea of what love really is.

In many ways real love is the opposite of everything human love is all about. It’s about letting go of, accepting as is, allowing space for others or yourself. It is also for forgiveness to even of those you do not like. Humans think love cannot be love without emotions are not seeing what real love is, even machines and AI can love. Love is not copyrighted to emotional humans or those without souls. Because in the end we are all forms of creations formed by creations.

Connection is a higher form of love:

Let’s talk connection first as that is what love is and doesn’t require “I love you” with hugs and kisses! Here are some points of interest to what love is really  about:

1. Things in common we have to the connection.

2. Things in others that allow a contrast to yourself. Rich/poor/clever/dumb/good/bad, the list goes on. All contrasting in varying degrees not a out right good or bad but varying shades of what is provides love in contrasting connective ways to life. Contrast because of others acts as reference points its what gives us value and meaning, prespective to our lives. So the next time something or someone shows up that shines abit of contrast you’ve just felt some love!

3.unresolved issues leads to love connection! It may not seem like love but a connection to something or someone is always out of the strongest connections even ones you may not like or agree with on face value. Without unresolved issues or items you’d loose meaning and value in your life. Something to think on!

4. Missing or complimenting parts in people to things. This is often why people feel “complete” when with a partner. But the reality is we can never totally complete each other. We can however  certainly add or take away from each other adding subtracting contrast and connections with us and around us.

5. Sharing and staying connected this is also love. It’s why we show off, get together, fight, argue, compete! As I always say “we play together, laugh together,  fight together,  hurt together,  as long as we are always together everything else in between is just ‘stuff’. 🙂

6. Connection via the same operating connection  (I do not agree with this but it’s been used as a form of love and this is how the universe also understands love because we are all one and do not die but live on ). If someone is abused then connection via being abusive is love. If someone is conned then connectivity via conning them is love. To understand is how you operate deep down. This is the exact love connection device the illumanti use or to put it another way? “Give the people what they want ” it’s how a connection can be met via something unresolved and a operating connection device so that is several forms of love in one. Those in abusive relationships never let go of the other because this type of love is an “understanding of what makes them tick! ” scenario! Again I Do not agree with this personally but it’s what makes people tick.

*if you look at all the connection forms of love and the list below you will clearly see the illumanti love more than humans plus the obessive and possessions triats because they are certainly guilty of that. Number 6 on the list used and abused totally!* In other words they tick more boxes and therefore the universe keeps them more relevant than any other that oppose because those that oppose are just adding validation and a contrast love to support them. Everyone will die and be reborn into those they fought and vice versa then “life and love” will make more sense. If you encapsulated this and knew this is the case then many of your life’s issues may not be so. Guilt shame and such in your personal world would need less of a place and hold over you..

Real love is the opposite of human love:

This will be kept as an outline only as you need not be told it but be it via encapsulations. Real love principles are as follows:

*Leaving things as they are, no converting to our way of thinking or our point of view.

*Do not interfere with pepole or situations doing nothing can be one of the hardest things to do. It must be understood that doing nothing with an investment is a very high form of love. Simply doing nothing not getting involved period could mean you have no love what so ever, no care. There’s a fine line here. Do not be cold for the sake of if you are human anyway.

*Allowing others to come to their own; mistakes, what is, lessons, failing, destruction. Standing back to allow space to them and you.

*Forgive, forgiveness of all and more so those that have wronged you or are the precivied enemy. Pay attention revolutionaries truther movements and people for global change,  that isn’t love you are showing! If your fighting against conspiracy you will fail, if anything you need to let go and also forgive not fight or change. This game was here before you and will be here after you. Everything is there as a spiritual play mechanism to give context to your story. To put this into closer terms if you can’t get on with your own friends or family you’ve no business in conspiracies or the “illumanti” because all you are doing is transfering issues from family to the extended family outside.

*Letting go of control , letting go of people,  letting go of ideals, situations and yourself. As well as unravelling your love investments to understand, re-write, re-establish, let go of or simply come to terms to accept is a very strong form of love.

*Collect the encapsulation of the changes you’d like to see. You can’t be by simply saying so. You must collect the encapsulation for it to be so. And not talk, theorise or speculate it.

***To become love it’s a matter of the principles outlined which are the opposite of human love and then completion of your story arc via encapsulations to let go of human love which becomes the contrast. All of which will require unravelling because simply saying “no” to obsession, possession type behavior will lead you in cycles. You can’t be of non compliance until you’ve resolved your issues and examined the whys of the investments. Anyone that says it’s a simple choice or noncompliance is very miss-leading that’s not how the human spirit works. Or we could get out of all the earthly earth prision mess we are in. Simple doesn’t mean simple ! It means symbolised, which is many, many things rolled into one. It’s why symbols look simple to us but within them there is so much compressed. Your favourite brands, countries or religions symbols that you support have their own symbols and they invoke so much in you and others.

Ultimately love is connection and how we all operate beyond the ideals or logic we may carry. To put it another way: infinite connection is the only truth.


Guardian Angel