Your Guardian Angel Starter Pack

14th April 2016

Guardian Angel

By invitation only.

This quick guide catalogue provides what we do and provides in summary form.

Please read carefully and see chapter 2 – 3 for a more in-depth summary.

Your Guardian Angel:

Chapter 1: My cross road…

This meeting between us isn’t by mere chance, what will you decide?

Are you sure you are on the right destiny through life?

We’re even aware that there could possibly be more than one destination in your life and what would it mean to you to find it, to follow it, for its mystery to be discovered and solved…

Destinies are often handed down with expectations and often can become a burden, is that something you want for longer than you have had it? Family and society dictate this so often. But ask yourself are you happy? Or are our ‘destinies’ the reason for our “why”, just predetermined out of causality, or out of reaction to even greater reaction, and so forth? That of following, reacting and dwelling on everything that life throws at us…

I am here to at the very least deliver to you personally a message, a message that bought us to meet on your destiny, to remind you that YOUR destiny is something to be discovered, to be sought to be solved no different than a mystery waiting to be solved if only you follow the clues hidden subtly in your reality, life’s story so far.

As your guardian angel in this moment I invite you to solve your own destiny and I am at your service…

Have you been paying attention to your life’s own personal story so far?

What chapters have you had and did you get the most out of them?

It isn’t too late to complete the chapters in your life, to arrive at peace and closure on past pain, traumas and triumphs that you may have not ‘encapsulated’. Though there are many distractions in the game of life, the things that complete us and fulfil us are things that often need completing and collecting. However more often than not discovering and rediscovering are the key’s in a lot of cases within one’s own personal stories, are you ready to take the step back into your story with your guardian angel at hand? Are you ready to re-write your story to how you see fit? Your Story does not have to be predictable…What stories and chapters await?

The natural flow in your life…

What if you realised that all the answers and everything you sought were buried deep within you?

No matter whom you think you are you…

You matter

You count

You deserve

You belong to…


You all have a natural flow inside you that once reached will allow everything just to become natural instinctive and intuitive. It can be referred to as ‘enlightenment’ but that sentiment is often cloudy and distorted. Here’s a hint, your life has been clouded with distraction and been distorted so you can’t see clearly what’s naturally there. Once the cloud is removed, step by step you will reach your natural flow and I will set you free to go beyond where the wind may have taken you…

Beware of answers!

Answers by themselves mean nothing, often most do already have the answers but does it solve anything?

So what’s the answer of ALL answers you are truly seeking?

The journey, the process, your life, your story, reaching an answer in its truest form means one clear thing, a marking in your chapter to your story. A light reached at the end of the tunnel. The purpose isn’t the light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel itself. For the light at ‘the end’ is the reward and end to that chapter a start of a new for your achievement…

Your own personal Guardian Angel…

I promised I would find you and when I did I would guide you in this life…but you asked that you’d be ready before I appeared into your life” –

Guardian Angel Dil

As your Guardian Angel I will be your guide, guard, advisor and be your life partner. Because I am able to access on an extraordinary level of awareness I will be able to facilitate helping you in all relationships, situations, business and even allow you to learn whatever it is you are trying to, in a fraction of the time through closely guarded secrets. I will teach you to be able to absorb information at a much greater capacity as well as helping you create and develop yourself beyond what you dreamed possible, having a profound effect on ALL areas of your life.

My gift is I am able to facilitate this within you. Your gift is what you will be able to do next.

No techniques, No methods, just magic…

My personal mission: I am here to help you but I am also aware by helping you I help more than just you, for if you realised the true nature of life you would come to understand that everything, every strand nature and thing in life are connected. To that end my life’s purpose is what I have called…

The symphony’

Perhaps you may be able to join me on it…

Guardian Angel Dil

CHAPTER 2: My Haven…

You do not have to feel or do things alone anymore a new choice is at hand should you choose?

Your Haven: Your safe place outside of ALL judgement, there is no wrong and there is no sin or hell. Only understanding and acceptance of you, and all that you are. From a guardian angels perspective, earth is a playground full of experiences that has locked its people into its own prison cells. Everyone hiding what they truly feel only to be full of shame and guilt, all manner of feelings that weigh them down for life. Skeletons remain firmly tucked deep in their closets so deep that they dare not show ‘themselves’, but we ‘see’, and it is ok. That is what the human experience is and so we are neutral in our view and wish to see resolve and healing. You are safe now and free to be all that you are in this haven of ours, your home outside of the world. You are welcome back home anytime and the door is always open, you have a permanent place here.

Retuning, harmonising, counselling, coaching, advising, consulting getting you through addictions, OCDs and much more… Ask for more information on this service.

Your HQ: You may report and check into your guardian angel HQ, from guidance to advice and coaching in real time and for some 24 hours a day service. This will be a way in which to organise your life and have your needs met. Dedicated to serving you and your life on hand at all hours of the day and for some of you 24 hours a day. Ask for more information on this service.

Your life partner: Your back up, your strength and we shall champion you on when no one else will. We act as your best friend, without the emotional baggage or trade off you have in other relationships. But we will tell you things you need to know even though sometimes you may not want to hear it. But always know we are on your side because we are here to serve you and are dedicated in doing so. We will be there through all your ups and downs, anyone can be around you when all is good, but how about when things are not? Who can you count on? Who are there for you and to pick you back up? We can be there for you. If you require us to be a companion or help you secure relations, personal or business we will use our insight and do this alongside you in your life in person, personally.

Never under estimate the power of just having someone in your life whose purpose is to serve you and be there for you in your hour of need. This is priceless, someone you can depend on, count on to be there for you. Ask for more information on this service.

Your secret: Guardian Angels are to be kept hidden and are your secret. We do not seek any credit, fame, any miracles we do are to be given full credit to you and make YOU shine. We are to make you look good in your life, we serve in your shadow while you shine. We are devoid of human ego and are here in unison with your needs. You are the magic, you are the star and we will help you shine and step aside to allow you this in all its glory.

We will hand to you hidden and secret knowledge with real world application, specific for your needs based off our insights on you, tailored exactly to you. And on the basic level of service we will still impart hidden knowledge so you can become magic even without us. We are there to give you a hand not baby sit you. You can become magic, some of us were just like you with no idea of what was hidden between reality, allowing the magic to unfold in front of our lives. Experiencing is believing, and that you will! Ask for more information on this service.

Your story: We are here to serve you a chapter at a time and get you to the next chapter. There are many things past and present that require ‘closure’ and most often than not you’ve still unfinished chapters and things yet to close. People you’ve left hanging or have to reconcile and reconnect back to, to heal situations…unresolved. If these parts in your story do not have the proper endings they need and deserve, you cannot be free and you cannot move on or forward. Allow our unique insights and profound understandings to help you along and best serve you. When one chapter ends only then can another open, but always remember that chapters must end one way or another. This doesn’t mean you can’t have something last forever, because confined within a chapter is forever and your happily ever after for that chapter.

Everything will be tailored to you; you are an individual and therefore are treated as such, everything custom and bespoke for you in mind only. Ask for more information on this service.

CHAPTER 3: My call to Haven…

You are heard you are understood. What will you choose?


When we are out of tune we cannot get others to listen or dance to our tune”.

Ever sometimes wondered why you do and say exactly the right things and hit a brick wall with people or situations? The words come out right with all the sense and logic in the world to match, yet it isn’t taken in or received how it should be by those whom you engage with? Ever wonder why people or situations irritate you or you to others? The simple answer is when you are in tune with yourself and others you can say no wrong and do no wrong. Ever met people who displayed this? Why and how is it possible? They are in tune! Think of a guitar if you will, and think of the tuning heads at the top of the guitar. The guitar also needs tuning or it will go ‘off key’ and out of tune, hence it’s constantly being ‘retuned’. Why is this important to keep in mind? Because it’s not the words, body language, personality, technique or even method that determines how successful interactions with people are to begin with, it’s the ‘music’ in your voice and your natural rhythm. How you make others feel and indeed how you feel. It’s also how you get a ‘spark’ and ‘connection’ with people too. Once you are retuned you will have magical and profound effect with zero technique and methods, you’ll be just magic! Ask for more information on this service.


Happiness isn’t a choice it’s a state”

In today’s world happiness is an elusive thing to have and grasp. You are ‘sold’ happiness constantly in your branded products and places of escape, be it book, movies…not only is happiness a ‘state’ it’s also a range and ‘spectrum’. And it isn’t something you can just choose or buy because if it were as simple as that then the world wouldn’t be the way it is. When you are harmonised and in that range, spectrum of harmony, the world is easy and you become the smile and joy for those people around you. You become the light and the magnet for others to gravitate toward, and they will. Harmony affects how depressed you are, your OCD’s, your boredom, your addictions, your anxiety’s and disorders, such as ‘bipolar disorder’, all stem from your state of harmony. It doesn’t matter how good you ‘look’, how much ‘money’ you have, how much ‘power’ you have, how ‘famous’ you are. If your harmony is out of range you will express the above symptoms of depression, boredom and addictions. Once you are harmonised and allow us to keep you in a state of harmony, only then will you be clear to think and breathe clearly and not be so restless in your thoughts and actions. To be harmonised is to be clear of mind, at peace, to be the magic and life of your world.

Ask for more information on this service.


It is still the same story and the same chapter of old, how long do want to keep doing this. If the chapter isn’t complete nor will your life be”.

Allow us to help you through this struggle in your chapter right now and help deliver you the next. You’ve been stuck in this chapter sometime. Yes for some of you the people and surroundings may ‘look’ different but the same troubles that plagued you from days of past are very present. There is no need to be stuck any longer and when we have worked you to the next chapter in your life you are free to start a new or build a foundation from your past chapter to move forward. That will mark our job done. No need to relive the same cycles of life, pain, traumas, so constantly. You’ve done what you can at times to escape and burry your head in the sand but it never goes away. It is ok we are here for you, help is at hand. Often we have come into peoples lives and totally turned them around to what they thought not possible. Be it a grievance they haven’t gotten through or something urgent impending, we’ve stepped up and given that much needed helping hand and understanding when it has been requested. Let us help you.

Ask for more information on this service.

Demons and Angels:

Perhaps the pinnacle of what we do and have done is to help deliver people from their demons. For some of you this is more than something that’s just a problem but something that’s destroyed aspects of your life. For example, you aren’t in control, and well in some cases that’s because you are not. If you are religious we are neutral in this manner, we will respect you and work with you and for those who do not believe in demonic possession and have never had the misfortune of such interaction, IGNORE the rest of this section. It’s best you have your reality unaffected by such things and beliefs in this case, it is a blessing that has actually served you. Only read the following if it is of relevance to you, otherwise we recommend avoiding reading the statement on the next page.

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Demonic possession is a very real phenomenon; with some people it manifests itself and is exactly what you would expect. The person’s personality would always switch quickly to, that is a sign. There are more devious demons that come in and out of its host to control certain aspects of the person’s life. The goal of any demon is to keep its host in a state of disharmony at ALL times. Using reason and logic against such a person is futile who is under the influence of a demon. There are many religious cults and religions that ‘deal’ with demonic possession but in reality what they are doing is making matters worse with their limited understanding of such matters. We NEVER attack any demon or entity, for you must realise it is also an aspect of the host themselves! Attacking an entity or demon will only cause more issues and consequences down the road, so why bother? We work alongside the person and their demon and instead of attacking the demon or entity that’s present, we look to ‘remove’ and unbind the ‘glue’ that keeps them both bound to begin with. Keep in mind demons and entities allow the host often in life to have abilities that allow the person to have material wealth and power to begin with. Why would a host want to give that up so easily? And why would you have someone cut off your arm? That’s what someone who is trying to ‘remove’ the demonic entity is doing! Allow us to help you in such situations under the strictest of privacy. If this is very real for you let us be your guide. And be forewarned a lot of cults, secret societies and religions implant the demons within people via rituals! Rituals may seem ‘primitive’ but that’s only to those who do not understand what an encapsulation is. You can look at it as a way to implant a ‘spiritual’ program within someone. This is why logical means are pointless here when dealing with these things. It takes a spiritual level of understanding. To those within the know, mind control is child’s play, spiritual control will always defy any logic. Why do you think the elite in this world use so many rituals to engulf its people? And if logic were the key to dealing with people and reality why has it failed so badly? The logic itself by all accounts is incomplete this is exactly why! Think of the mind and logic as short sighted vision, clearly it is needed and useful. But think of spiritual issues and matters of emotion and the heart and more so the supposed ‘supernatural’, which is simply reality, not understood, as long sighted vision. You’ve had gut feelings in your life or felt vibes etc. These are your spiritual aspects coming into play and are senses that allow you to perceive via feelings, something out of sight hence why we refer to it as long sighted vision in this case. Do not ignore that aspect of yourself it will be handed in all matters!

Enquire privately for this service in confidence and in person only, thank you.

Enquire on Guardian Angel packages and for more information.

To be continued…

Guardian Angel