5 Layers of Reality – The Vale Lifted

29th April 2016

We live in a collective sea of ideologies, ideas and Ideas… (insert CC)

We live by our intent or somebody else’s through life…(insert intent)

We live with an emotional landscape within us that affects our outer world. This is often encapsulated within us through our experiences… (insert spiritual)

We live in an abundance of energy expressed in frequency’s, spectrums of light and colour. We feel vibrant, alive…(insert energy level)

We live in the confinements of the physical world which are enhanced via our logic and magnifyied by our 5 senses… (insert physical)

We are ALL made up of these 5 layers and so too is the world we live in. if we only focus on one layer to solve all of life’s mysteries, life will forever remain a mystery. All layers work simulatinelosy and affect each other. In general terms the higher layers almost always overwrites the lower layers. Although it can work the other way around. Within these layers happens to have many secrets which are kept away from public view, I will be sharing those with you. So you will have to earn beyond just paying for my services, bare that in mind.

Each layer are worlds within worlds and there are millions of different things to explore and discover. I am only going to start you off…

Why should you even bother with these 5 layers and of what use are they to you ?

It is important to have this information work for you and allow you to become a lot more insightful within the very world you’ve always lived in…

In reverse order…

Physical layer: We are not really going to focus here, as you know this layer fairly well , its your 5 senses and your logic combined to allow you to make ‘sense’ of things.

Energy layer:

MUSIC IN THE VOICE: every noticed how you may deliver a message to someone for them not to get it and only moments later some else says exactly what you did and they ‘get it’? This is because of the ‘music in their voice’. This is very much a energy layer concept. This will also allow you to understand and see VERY clearly that everyone has some sort of value. You aren’t going to learn everything from one person even if they knew everything. Sometimes you just need that right person with the correct ‘music’ in their voice to click! You can learn to tune the music in your voice or at the least leaner to recognise who’s music in the voice you need to get your communication and message across to a loved one or target auidnece! Also note that it’s not the words you say but rather the “music behind” it which can or not help you get on with people. I will help you tune this up so that you can reach and influence a greater spectrum of people should you wish to.

RESSONACE: Every notice how some peoples presence can make you feel calm and others just downright just piss you off? A stranger you don’t even know and says nothing to you and doesn’t even interact will have an effect on via resonance. Your favourite singer will also carry a resonance that will make you feel at peace or in the party mood while others just downright piss you off, even if it was the same song!

This is very much an energy concept. Even specific combinations of people affect entire crowds of people so it is vital to get the right combination of people with resonance that help each other become amplifyied. You can learn to tune your resonance to help sooth people without saying a single word or even interacting! I will bring this to you should you wish to.

Spiritual layer:

Spiritual battery

Ever wonder why we dive into food, sex, masturbation, porn, drugs, shopping or other escaping pursuits that make us seek comfort, value, worth, and just end up becoming escapeism, and addictions? If we are not following our natural flow and spiritual path our spirit will seek a “high”. When your spiritual battery gets low, you will NEED something to top it back up! This is exactly why we dive into such things. However if we are brutally honest with ourselves and do what we actually are here to do, then “less top ups “are needed and when they are needed it will be a lot less frequent! Please take time out and see where this has happened to you. The lower the spiritual battery the more “desperate the action is to take place to get that “high”. Until the next top up is needed. When on your actual path you can create a bigger spiritual battery. Others will see this manifest in you as “your very dispcilpined” , but the fact is its just natural now. This isn’t the same as being numb to life and NOT doing anything! Or just simply avoiding things because you are “disciplined”. If you are someone with a lot of addictions then its likely your spiritual battery is low as is the size of that battery. You can try and logically fight the urge of trying to “top up your spiritual battery “ but it will always end up failure and at least twice as worse, sound familiar ? Again if you wish to I will help you with this.

Natural flow

Your natural flow is where everything is natural free flowing and want for another word ‘easy’. The issue isn’t that your aren’t smart enough to reach your natural flow or ‘enlightened’ enough. The issue like the rest of the world is that your natural flow has been clouded and distorted! These distortions and clouding will exsist on all 5 layers and if your only try to ‘fix’ yourself physically using logic and pyscholoy only then you will only partly fix the issues stopping you from reaching this stage. Your natural flow will encompass what your supposed to do in life, how ,where etc it will also allow you to become at peace and happy. A lot of letting go, acceptance and restricting how you view things and most importantly where you place your awerness and observation will be of utmost importance to do this. Once reached you do not need me, but you can certainly share your insight and jourerny with me. I will help you facilitate this getting back to your natural flow i will help you should you wish.

Intent layer


This is a very subtle concept and can make a huge and profound impact on your world and people. People can get healed, or the opposite of that if your so inclined! Spaces are esstentialy where you are ‘coming from’ before you open your mouth to speak. Different people’s presence ‘force’ you into a different space, so be aware. As this subtly can be all the difference you were looking for but it seemed a ‘mystery’. Please also note once you have ‘identified a space’ you must name it (to give it power) and you must also cultivate it and develop it via encapsulation. The more you do this the more “tangible” it becomes and the greater the effect and impact!

So say you are a you are with your parents and you come from a space of being a “responsible adult”. What will often happen is you WILL clash with your parents. If you changed your space to being a child again. How they respond back will change in an instant! And even if they know what you are doing they cant do a thing about it! You switch from being an adult and a kid when it suits you in terms of the space you are coming from, and this will netraulise ANY argument. Remember your parents can’t look after a adult ,but there own child ,you bet! You can use the space I always use, the “nobody space”. This is VERY difficult to cultivate. It means nobody can attactch an argument to you what so ever! Because when using this space i am nobody, i am nothing ,a waste of space. I have no fight , i don’t matter. I do not stay in this space. And there are tons of spaces to use, but they must be cultivated and reality and people will change their tune in an instant! It can be VERY comical to watch how people change in an instant. Use spaces like a symphony within you so you are constantly switch to change the flow and outcomes ALL without a single word ,body language use or personality! Keep in mind we have different spaces and some people favour some spaces over others. This I will help you with if you wish to. The spaces concept once used correct is nothing short of pure true magic!


These are essetiantally characters that exsist within us and we have more than one “side” character within us. This can be used to amplify spaces to an extreme level! Your avatars must be developed through an extensive process. Each have different accessing, communication and storage ability. Your avatars believe it or not are responsible for ALL of your tastes in life, because you are getting a taste of what your character likes! Only we are multi-dimensional and have a few sides. Time to develop this to make you excel in your life, this will allow brand new skills to seamlessly come to you over night, because they are already within you. You just needed some guidance and the right intent. I will help you with this if you wish to.

Conscuios Collective layer

Testing the field

It is vital you place your awareness in your entire reality, because your entire reality is ALWAYS giving you feedback! Little signs, symbols, strangers telling you things you were talking about to loved ones, by complete “conicidnece”! Each time you evolve and get better at things or encapsulate new things (encapsulate is to save to your spiritual body and then operate off them) testing your feild, i.e what you can now draw in verses what you did previously before your “update”. We are all capable of drawing things to us, and you will see reoccurring themes and patterns no matter the physical location. When you “update” yourself this will change! I will help you with this if you so wish.

Conscoiuc collective signs and feed back

I set myself up symbols to appear. I ask for shooting stars to appear in the night sky when I want a confirmation. I have manifested these 100s of times with many witnesses and so can you! I ask for say a pink coloured vehicle to appear to give me another sign, since pink coloured vehicle are very rare as an example. I use many symbols, that guide me.