Fat Loss & Body Transformations for life!

14th April 2016

Permanent fat loss and transformation (this will also help underweight people understand but you may need a Guardian Angel retune or harmony service if it’s on the extreme case and end) within this day and age is almost next to impossible for most people most of the time. There are almost too many things against the average person even if they ‘know’ how to do this properly or not! The irony is that we live in age of information but rather that it is information overload with plenty of distortions of information to boot!

Remember if we are going to transform permanently then we need to make sure we can have the tools and keys and also be able to live in this world because that’s the key. Can we still live and function in this world without going to extremes on any end of the spectrums? It’s going to need you to understand all aspects and more so than the aspects that are not covered in any fitness regime or information! I have been on both ends of the spectrum of overweight and underweight; I have tried many diets with people for many years. I have pretty much come across it all. I have helped many people with this aspect of their life and get it sorted. This manual contains all the secrets you need inside and ‘outside’ information. You can come to me for coaching and we may add this as a service to your package if needed. In all honesty you got what you need here etc but understand this isn’t something that I do normally as I am focused on Guardian angel and ‘the symphony’. I believe that if we can completely nail aspects of ourselves that we do not need to think of again we can be happier and more harmonised overall. We do not need to worry about this subject again. With all our ‘modern day’ advancements as the human race stuff like this we should have sorted collectively it shouldn’t have been an issue as it has been plaguing so many!

You may feel like skipping sections but I urge you not to, it’s things that are unexpected that are messing up any efforts past or present and if they are not dealt or addressed with you will be forever lost within this subject matter. This doesn’t need to be so. I have been around this subject for more than 15 years! Follow my lead you are in safe hands even if your man or a woman you’re covered; overweight or underweight. If your case is a specialist case like anorexic or need to build muscle or if you have children that need this issue resolved then contact Guardian Angel HQ!

Guardian Angel Dil

Transformation guide

There are several key areas we must take on board to completely solve your transformation issues. The idea is to still be able to live in this world and also resolve this once and for all! Please also refer back to this guide as reference!

This guide will keep things ultra simple and anything custom must be ran by Guardian Angel Dil and we have on standby an honorary Guardian Angel who is the absolute best bar none! It is a big privilege with someone whose breathed and lived this over 30 years and helped many. You can have this guide and get top notch results that last.


Just because someone is low body fat doesn’t mean they are healthy nor did it in a healthy way. Someone of you will say “oh I just want to be lean no matter what!”

Oh yea? If you’re a male you will lose your hair, teeth, sex drive and erections if you do this the unhealthy way or try and ‘maintain’ a really low body fat. Not to mention at a low body fat % you will be hungry all the time and moody, because your hormones will be out of whack and if that doesn’t put you off this than understand that a really low body fat even the common cold could kill you! If you’re a woman you will have the above as well and your hormones will out of whack as well to the point you’ll be missing periods, sleepless nights and feel miserable! Why do you think a lot of athletes are on drugs as are movie stars? And even they cannot hold extreme low body fat levels year long with drugs, what makes you think you can? This doesn’t mean to say you cannot look great because you can! But understanding things before we proceed is vital!

There are 3 sections to follow next and there will also be accompanying guides separate to this, because health shouldn’t be comprised! You must also consider things specific to you the individual and also covering your emotional health. Do not think for a second your emotional health hasn’t anything to do with your health. Just because doctors tell you your ‘stress’ is not helping don’t mean ‘stress’ is just ‘stress’! The emotional landscape we all carry cannot have a simple ‘blanket statement’ of a word like ‘stress’ to cover it all, when your emotional landscape is varied full of all kinds of issues and emotions. The label ‘stress’ by itself cannot by any means cover all this at all can it? No! Please refer to the harmony starter packs and service.

Section 1

The environment is against transformations and there’s almost no escaping this!

No matter how ‘good’ your genetics are there is no escaping environmental causes to fat gains this is completely overlooked but is one the factors of if you resolve this issue of transformation permanently or not! This is all explained below in several sections. If you’re going to do this permanently then you better be fully aware of the jungle you are up against. This is normally why unless you are someone who needs to be lean for your job; model, athlete, movie star chances are you are not going to be lean and your idea of what that should look like will also be distorted! These models have a on and off season. Meaning the shape they are in photos isn’t what they are normally! If you are overweight or underweight and you admire those in shape you need to realise that good lighting, the best drugs and nutritionist with photo shop within on season mode is what you are aspiring to all year long will not happen! Yes some people do have good genetics but that is a tiny percentage and if you are reading this manual then you are not within those genetic elite!

Information overloaded- what diet to ‘choose’ which is the best? There are way too many to count and to be honest it’s actually over complicated something straight forward in relative terms. The latest ‘diets’ has become somewhat of a ‘fashion trend’ with celebrity endorsement of it. To be clear they do not follow any such thing! Most are on some sort of drugs and also get liposuction not to mention they also have at hand the finest nutritionist! What worked in the past as far as ‘diets’ go still holds true today?! There are snippets of ‘truth’ to most of these diets but also consider this, just because you have one part of a total equation to something doesn’t mean you should parade around like you have the complete answers. Which is exactly what these latest diets do, Yes low calories or low carbs can ‘work’ But for how long? Where’s the context when these types of things are said? Trouble is the industry is distorted like all industries really, but the idea that ‘parts’ of an equation in isolated terms is deemed the selling point is where it all falls apart and is total BS! Things like; Low carb, high carb, low fat high fat, low calories, unlimited ‘clean’ calories, fasting, where do you turn to??? Just mass confusion really! Diets do not need to be about ‘trends and fashion’ nor do they need to be complicated and should also work with the individuals preferences and genetics within their lifestyles!

Access to fast food everywhere- Many areas we live in have access to things like fast food places dozens and dozens all in close proximity. They are all dressed up as ‘modern day convince’ there’s almost no escaping this! There are new set ups of some sort of fast food places where ever we go, we are forever surrounded by them, how can you escape them? We can’t! Mc Donald’s, K.f.C, chips shops, pizza shops, curry houses etc…

Temptations and reward survival buttons pushed!- Not only do we have a myriad of fast food places all around us but we also have many things ‘tempting us’. These temptations take on many marketing forms which we buy into. We are tempted into the latest trends within the market place to be consumers and so we consume whatever are the latest fashions or trends that come out. All temptations have the idea of ‘reward’ which our brains are hardwired into and this is an instinctual level of our behaviour. Something thing that isn’t really escapable from the base of any temptation is deeply imbedded within us and the top fast food places like McDonalds, KfC, etc use it against us! Same shit repackaged in cycles as the latest ‘burger’ you eat years ago with different names. This happens in periodic cycles because human biology works in cycles as well and so we need things to be ‘renewed’ to be once again tempted again! Fast food companies press the ‘survival’ button within us and that is to eat right now In case there is a famine. And if you’re dieting the body doesn’t know the difference between a diet and famine! And so this survival button is pushed by these companies knowingly! Their tactics can outwit any logical reasoning or responses and they know it! We can let the base of our behaviour be dictated to by these companies that push the ‘reward and survival’ instincts in us or we can get our power back. But this isn’t going to be easy but it can be done!

Social obligations and rituals- Holidays, celebrations can also tempt you as well as social gatherings and people. “Having this bit of cake won’t hurt you”, “join in have a drink or 3”. Statements like these are fine within context but if there are celebrations and holidays all stacked together well your chances of staying lean are well none! Things like this can throw you into a spiral! There are tactics that allow us to still enjoy these without hurting you and that is discussed within the calorie cycle manual. There is a ‘price’ to pay to stay lean but its doable otherwise I myself and many I have helped couldn’t manage it if it were not the case! At certain times unlimited amount can be eaten of without hurting ourselves and actually helping our bodies! So worry not we need to be able to live within the real world! But this is down to the mode the body is in and training metabolic rate as well!

Lack of money can limit you giving you poorer quality choices- As you can see our whole environment is against us because we are surrounded by modern day convince and our hardwiring of reward is used against us to push into these instinctual patterns we cannot hope to escape. Not to mention additives and chemicals are used to get us further addicted! If you have a low level of income then chances are that you being healthy or lean in this case will find it harder. Cheaper shit food is also more addictive and is well another convince designed to strip you of your health and body transformations! Quality food is usually more expensive so this makes this variable stacked against you! That isn’t to say you can’t do it because you can but you will have to be tactical!

Food triggers-Just because something is low or zero calories doesn’t meant it isn’t going to trigger you into eating more. I mean we have all seen this; you often get people who are very overweight addicted to ‘diet coke’! “I will have a large pizza and a diet coke!” really? Is that going to help? No! It will trigger more cravings because although there are zero calories the body will think it’s getting something sweet until it is digested and then figures there’s no calories! And so you get triggered into eating more. Also things like caffeine can also trigger you into more food! There are things like: if you eat a meal with too many carbohydrates within a meal verses protein can also trigger certain people due to genetics to eating more. However you can actually get the body to adjust beyond that if you eat high carbohydrates but that must be done over a long time period! The body has the ability to adapt like that. But if you’re not structured in your way of eating and are all over the place the body is in a constant state of shock! The body can adapt to food and training stimulus’s, this is always time based and gradually! So the bottom line is just because something is low in calories doesn’t mean you can get away from being triggered if it activates that within you! You will know if you’re getting triggered if you are constantly hungry after eating despite it being a big meal! The carbohydrates may be too much or the caffeine or chemicals within the foods may be at fault. You’ve be warned so please be careful!

Environment jungle-It is vital that all these points be addressed as the world really is against you on this and with that in mind it is little wonder that people are out of shape. If an environment is made to create healthy and lean people then things would be different. You can do this via the people you choose to be surrounded by. But this restricts you big time because most people will never want this as the ‘price’ to pay and isn’t something they want to pay!

Emotional fitness- How you feel will dictate how you get on with all aspects of not only transformation but life, harmony in other words. If your focus is based on the scale or other peoples standards or pictures you are almost doomed to fail and feel constantly miserable! This cycle of diving back into food will repeat or not if you are underweight! Your emotions can be used against you or used to drive you! It is not only a physical transformation that you live and grow into but more importantly an emotional one too! Whatever strategies are used to help you transform you must feel happy in doing so and it must fit your personality; if it doesn’t you will stay stuck within cycles! Keep in mind throughout life your weight can often go up and down but if done right that can be kept to a bare minimum so you always stay lean and look good year long! You can feel great at a higher weight or shitty at a lower weight, it isn’t down to mindset but how you emotionally deal and handle things. Once you have a rough idea on your diet needs throw the scale and numbers away and ‘how long’ it’s going to take. Your rate of burning should be done within a life style without too much thought and so it becomes natural! Emotional stress can put your hormones out of joint and cause slower weight loss in the form of a hormone called cortisol. Bottom line chill and relax things will take care of themselves over time. “Don’t worry be happy”

Body set points and adaption The level of leanness (body fat percentages) your body holds comfortably will be different than what others hold. This is why it’s almost pointless comparing, contrasting or competing with others! The only way to find this out is by doing it. When your body is uncomfortable signs such as excessive hunger signals, weakness and dizziness or loss of sex drive will start increasing. Now if you’re disciplined over time you can change your bodies’ set point. This is why some peoples genetics are not made out to get ‘abs’ or be competition ready! This doesn’t mean you can’t look lean and athletic because we all can. This is also why we must tread carefully when losing weight because if we shock the body it will react and if we coax it will respond. Steady as we go or will rebound and get even fatter! That is the last thing anyone wants! And worse yet you could cause permanent damage by dieting so much and thus your chances of getting lean or staying lean will fail!

Expectations This is possibly the most important part of fitness which is almost never addressed. If you pull back the ‘curtain’ behind most fitness models or models they are the opposite of their ‘image’. That is they have body image disorders! They can’t look like the photos they just took part in more than a few hours if they are a say a fitness model! That’s why within the fitness industry many models do what is known as ‘peak week’. And the ‘peak’ is the optimal conditions they get photographed! Hollywood stars also tend to do this for movies! This takes a lot of planning, things like reefed, carbohydrate loading, sodium loading, fat loading, water depletion ,pumping up are all needed and drugs for many including the women! Most models can only keep a peak for a few hours at most but photo conditions for a few days at most! It’s vital to understand this or you will feel disappointed all the time when in fact the models themselves do not look like the photos for long! This is why there is an off and on season for them, off season is how they walk around normally. So if you’re going to model yourself on such people then you need to see what they are like most for the year not in a photo or movie! Your expectations matter! Also most of the models tend to diet for up to 20 weeks! So when we see all these adverts with ‘loose 20lb in a few days’ this is utter BS! The rate at which you lose will vary on genetics and diet and training protocols! Also keep in mind that many of the people you admire and aspire to, took years not a day or 3 but years! You must understand what a real expectation is or you expectations will ruin you! This is exactly why people start diets or a lifestyle and ‘fail’ because their expectations are flawed!

Anorexia/body image disorders decoding the truth- when we look in the mirror what we ‘see’ may not be what others see and this is the case for anorexics and those with bodily image disorders. I have been here personally and can understand this. But here’s the thing you will not find anywhere else no matter how or where you seek it in regard to what you’re about to learn. Anorexia is a decoding issue not a mental issue! Now some of you I may lose here but keep in mind within Guardian Angel we deal with all sorts of issues. When your body is in starvation mode you will feel ‘fat’. This is when you are on low calories and are low bodyweight as well. What your brain is decoding is the fact you are in fat storing mode not actually fat! That is you know the minute you know you eat like a normal person weight will come on. This is somewhat of a legitimate fear! The body is a survival machine and fat storing mode is very real ask anyone who’s had a rebound in weight from a low calorie diet! The weight comes back on in a fraction of the time it took to take it off! There are many measures we can take to resolve this and so you truly understand what is being said here. Let’s just say in this instance sensing and perceiving is what makes you ‘believe you are ‘fat’ you are decoding the energetic component of fat storing mode, not physical fat. To the anorexic it’s the same thing! Your wires are literally crossed! I repeat it is a decoding issue not a ‘mental’ issue! And this is vital to note!

Section 2

How to set up your diet…


Never eat below your BMR (basal metabolic rate) ever or you will create a fat storing machine! This will ensure you rebound weight gains and it will rebound within a fraction of the time. Ask any bodybuilder on a low calorie diet for a show that has pushed their diet too low! They can rebound so badly they put on 25lb (almost 2 stones!) or more within a couple of weeks!! And when they start to diet again the body will have recorded what they did before and so what was fairly simple will become next to impossible or at least harder! Also the body will fight you as you diet and hunger pangs will become your normal everyday occurrence, that isn’t a way to live. You didn’t put the weight on overnight so do not expect to lose it over night either. And do not compare yourself to others or you will end up upset. The rate at which you lose will depend on genetics and how consistent you are! You add exercise to the mix as that speeds things up a little and also give you ‘shape’, muscle is shape after all. Keeping fat off you must be consistent and you should have a life style that you can follow for life if not the fat will just come back as easily as it came on to begin with!

Easiest way:

Take your body weight times 10 -12 in lb and that give a range of calories to start your diet.

Eg 126lb x 10 =1260cals or 126lb x 11 =1386cals or 126lb x 12=1512 cals

If you are not very active use 10 if you are fairly active use 11-12.

Or you can use the Harris Benedict formula which you can Google. What you want to use as your lowest level of calorie intake is your BMR , basal metabolic rate. That is the lowest calorie intake you need to sustain your body at rest and zero activity!

Calories are the energy source within all foods please check and read labels on food packets and containers and menus and be consistently on this at the start. Once you get going you will roughly know what’s what!

Use this formula as a starting point only.

These calories will be what you will be eating on a daily basis! We will also want to stimulate the metabolic rate and stop adaption at the start. To do this we start at 10 x lb for one day and then go to 12 x lb the next day and keep alternating.

So with the above example; 1260cals one day and 1512 the next day and keep on repeating this.

*You may go into the diet slower but starting higher like 15 x lb in weight jumping straight to the calorie numbers may shock your body and you will feel like you are starving. So take it in weeks start at 15 xlb then week by week drop it lower to 14,13,12 and then settle in!

If you’re underweight re-read section 1 and read section 3. Here is a basic guide

If your underweight we want add weight slowly! Get your body weight x 13 calories per lb to start and see how you go and raise this number until you hit around 17 calories per lb of weight and more. Initially your weight will go up a bit do not be scarred this is mainly water weight you lost via under eating! It is impossible to get fat eating with these kinds of numbers even on the higher end! We want the body to start getting used to eating and digesting again. This will take weeks and months so be patient. Please check harmony service as this underweight issue will stem from emotions and decoding issues. The guide as a whole is like a future method to ensure you stay lean as that is your concern. But we must get you to a normal range. If you recall I spoke of the Consequences of low body fat for models and athletes this applies to you! Staying low body weight in your case will ensure poor immune system and compromised sex drive and also make you moody! It is impossible to blow up if you use a number based method as everything is controlled and it takes years for the average person to put lots of weight on! Control is one of your concerns and so this put that in your hands. We can also use biofeedback as a gauge as well which is far better than ‘numbers’. But this will need customising speak to Guardian Angel HQ!


Please note that bio-feedback is more important than any formulas and this is why an expert is needed if you want to get into competition shape as an example. ‘Bio-feedback’ is the signals the body gives off when you are within the various modes the body enters when transforming, such as ‘super-compensation mode’. If you are disciplined and the right bio-feedback signs are being displayed such as; Low sex drive, feeling cold, low energy and dizziness and brain fog, frequent urination and much more!!! Bio-feedback dictates what to do next diet wise this is where unlimited calorie spike days are used to regulate your hormones, yes you read that right! This is only for the disciplined and unlimited re-feed calorie spikes must be earned. Doing them over time can make your metabolic rate faster. However if you are less disciplined and higher body fat then we can use a controlled calorie spike and still have fun while ensuring we do not cause us to gain any fat weight! To be clear this method is for people who resemble athletic type low body fat not Joe public!

DIET: do not fear food and do not over complicate things either! There are way too many BS variables people fuss about when they mean nothing over all long term. Things like macros or timing of meals or how many meals or things like fasting. It’s just not needed to worry about! Below is all you need although everything is covered!

Macro control and ratios: macros are your protein, fats and carbohydrates. They are not magical in or by themselves just be more concerned with the overall calories you are eating and use that as a gauge and guide.

Low carbohydrate, high carbohydrate? Just get your calories in and make sure to fill it with mainly vegetables, meats, carbohydrate sources should be rice’s, potato and veggies and fruit. If you are vegetarian or vegan then adapt to that type of eating! There is no need to fear food, just get your calorie intake as said above! Do not worry about things; such as glycemic index (G.I), this is the rate at which the carbohydrates absorb into sugar within the blood stream. Just eat a complete balance of foods together meaning carbohydrates and fats and protein in a meal. But to be honest it’s the total calories you are eating a day that matter! Be forewarned when you are lower body fat we must check ‘bio-feedback’ to see what tactic to use diet wise. When you are lower body fat the fat loss game changes! Cycling calories and re-feeds are an absolute must! The calories formula will only get you so far! That is why it is always said the last 10lb are the hardest; this is down to set points and hormones! This is where coaching may be needed but the information within this guide is all you need to be fair! (For coaching please add it to your Guardian Angel package or if it is just this you want an appropriate donation will be needed! All of which will fund the Symphony)

Protein- 1 gram of lb of weight is all that’s really needed. And do not worry if you are vegan or vegetarian you can use vegetables and grains combined within a meal to get ‘complete’ protein. Protein to be clear is things like meat and dairy and fish. But if you are vegan things like soya works as do lentils and many plants offer good sources!

Fat- Get at least 10% of total needs from this. The fat you eat isn’t the fat you where otherwise myself and a lot of people who use the re-feed approach would be fat! I eat over 12000 calories on re-feed day and a lot of it is fat! (This is a secret most people are not aware of and this secret is in the calories cycle guide!) Eating fat such as butter works great as does eating ‘good fats’ from nuts, seeds etc or fish oils. If your vegan you do not really need to worry about this as you have things like nuts and seeds and if you’re not wanting to eat fat then keep it low, just get your food in mainly carbohydrates with some protein which you would get by default via vegetables and grains.

Junk food- yes you can fit junk food in, but stick to natural foods mainly there’s is zero fearing any food in regard to actual fat gains! But here’s why you may not want to eat it too often;

Water retention; certain foods will ensure you look bloated due to reaction from your body and are ‘cosmetically damaging’. It doesn’t mean you gain ‘fat’ from eating it provided you stick to your calories that’s not possible. But it will spoil how you look and the scale may reflect this as you are carrying more water than you would be!

Extra hunger; Junk food tends to be less filling than healthier foods such as fruit or vegetables. Use vegetables as the bulk of your diet to fill up and for health reasons!

Triggering- Junk food can also trigger you into eating more as some of you will not be able to stop once you start!

Health; Your body will be more satisfied with wholesome food and get the vitamins and minerals it needs. Junk food has the calories yes but doesn’t have the health benefits or nutrition!

Do not fear food and flexibility is the key! Eating junk is valid and works but make sure to be aware of the above ok? This is great when you want a change and feel like eating junk because you just feel like it. You cannot go months on end with blander food! Also when you’re out and about access to healthier foods isn’t always an option!

Each gram of carbohydrate and protein is worth 4 calories and each gram of fat is worth 9 calories. So a diet for 1500 calories would be:

Examples of calories:

150gram carbohydrates= 600 calories

150 grams protein= 600 calories

33 grams of fat=297 calories

1500 calories macro breakdown!

175 grams carbohydrates= 700 calories

150grams protein= 600 calories

33 grams fat= 297 calories

1600 calories macro breakdown!

200 grams carbohydrates= 800 calories

150grams protein= 600 calories

33 grams fat= 297 calories

1700 calories macro breakdown!

200 grams carbohydrates= 800 calories

150grams protein= 600 calories

45 grams fat= 297 calories

1800 calories macro breakdown!

***You must ensure you count calories from beverages and condiments! As these things can sneak up on you and you will not lose weight over the long term so please be sure to track that and get an idea to start with!

As a general guide if you are female do not go below 1200 calories ever! And if you’re male 1800 is ok! But a smaller male such as me at 5ft 2 or so needs 1500 calories! For a male never ever go below 1500 calories! Fat loss isn’t a race and we do not want a fat storing machine by eating too little!

You can opt for counting macros instead it’s less of a headache and it is more important than just calories. As sometimes we can manipulate the macros so that you eat the same calories and still lose weight. The macros can affect the hormones within the body. But this isn’t anything to worry about 99% of the time! And certainly not for long term weight loss as the body will adapt over time to your diet.

Tracking calories:

You can track your calories through fitness apps. But your best off doing the calorie count for a few weeks and then estimating it and not get too obsessed with it or it will drive you insane. Sure a calorie app can be handy but it’s also a trigger to get you think of food all day which will make you more hungry and likely to binge! So find out what your needs are visually and then estimate it!

Health is not an isolated incident!

When it comes to health you must stop looking at things in isolation or even give time to such debates! “Salt is bad for you”, “eat this supplement“. Always ask what is the context and situation because everyone is an individual. Too much salt for one person may be under eating for another. Again biofeedback and common sense is what should be used here.

What about health ‘food’s?

Simple if it’ a vegetable, fruit, grain or meat your ok! But if it’s touted as some sort of ‘healthy food’ and you see it’s in a packet or in a box it is a healthy food gimmick so be aware. ‘Diet foods’ and ‘healthy food’ that are packaged in anyway are not healthy! Common sense is all that’s needed here!

Supplements You do not need any protein powders because real food will always be optimal for your body! You do not need any supplements as most of it is complete BS it is ‘patented food’! It isn’t superior in fact most supplements and vitamins will just get pissed out of your system! If you haven’t got a basic amount of healthy food in your diet what makes you think a supplement will save you? Did you know that not only will your body piss out most of these supplements but they are also toxic?! You’ve been warned go eat real food first before you even think about this! Also harmony affects your health more over than any diet!

Salt: salt is good for you! Do not think in isolated terms!!!!! Your body needs salt to function and recall I said the body adapts?! Why do you think you even get some smokers living to age 90?! The body can adapt! The body needs salt and yes even if you are a body builder or model the salt will make your body look better as the sodium fills out the muscles. But there’s a catch! Firstly the quality of the salt matters use sea salt! And secondly there will be an adaption period! Just ensure you eat say a quality sea salt and make sure to eat the same amount of salt daily to ensure health and water retention is kept in check! Consistency is the key! Once you’re eating the same amounts of salt daily and your body has adapted it will not affect how you look or the scale weight. No need to fear salt and this includes those who are trying to get photo or competition ready!


Drink water more over any other liquid and you should aim to drink at least 2 litres and more when training or being active double if needed! TIP; headaches, heart burn, tiredness, perceived hunger are signs of lack dehydration! If you drink caffeine note that for every cup you drink you must replace that with twice the amount of water!

How many meals?

That’s up to you and your eating style! You can eat mainly in the day if you’re that kind of person or save all your food for the night time and fast. However if you’re like me and prefer to eat bigger meals than have 3 meals or 2 but you can have 5 meals if you want. Again it’s down to yourself and how you prefer to eat! You can fast if you want if you prefer to eat in the evening and are not a morning type of person. But if your energy levels crash early on in the day I would suggest spreading food out and opt for more frequent meal and snacks. Fasting doesn’t offer faster fat loss nor does eating 5 meals! Eat in an amount and style that suits you! 2 meals, 3, 4, 5 your choice! You can do one meal but it’s not recommended there will be energy crash for sure!

Bed time eating; If you stick with your calorie budget you will not get fat even if you eat directly before you sleep! In fact eating before bedtime ensures a better sleep!


Be flexible in your weight loss and transformation endeavours, life and the environment as well as your emotions can throw a spanner in the works. You do not need to feel guilty. Food is about enjoyment and nourishment so allow that into your life. Your food is your medicines keep that in mind also!

Training and activity!

There are many activities you can choose just do things that are fun and that you can do long term. If your goal is transformation focus on weight training! That includes all you ladies too. Weight training will not make you look ‘big’ that’s impossible unless you are on drugs and even then it takes insane amount of training and diet! You can Google any weight training program and they are free! The diet is the main thing as you cannot out exercise a poor diet not ever! You can exercise all day long but if your diet isn’t on point forget about it! * I will make a basic program for the Guardian angel library at some point.

Women and men are to weight train exactly the same!!!! Your female hormones will and size and strength will ensure you do not become “big”. The male and female muscular structure is the same! Muscle is ‘tone’, smaller amounts of muscle mass is what makes you look shapely and sexy!

You want to do a minimum of 3 days week of around 45 minutes all the way up to 5 days a week. Too much training of any sort and the body will lose weight slower as doing more doesn’t mean more results; this is down to body’s adaption! If you are losing on 3 days of activity and diet, do not change a thing, stick at it!

Cardio bunnies are to be forewarned!

If you do too much cardio I am talking hours here then you will wreck your metabolism! You shouldn’t need any more than 45 minutes at the max even if you’re a woman getting ready for a competition! The weight can be manipulated off via smart training and diet protocols such as re-feeds! Which you will learn about later and are fun! (Please refer to the calorie cycling manual).

Section 3

How you go about your transformation journey is going to matter a lot and so we need to set that up correctly!

Transformation harmony range;

Transformation harmony is a range not a precise or fixed number! Whatever weight you are at now when you lose 7lb (half a stone) over the next few weeks to a month or two you need to make it your new standard. Keep going in increments over months and weeks. And if you fall off the diet then you can resume and make sure to stay with your newly established ranges until you get to a lean state. You are building a new body literally no different than constructing a new house for you to ‘live’ in!

When you are lean and want to stay there then follow my example: So for me to keep within my ‘transformation harmony range’ I keep my weight at 115.8lb max and all the way to 110lb for normal version of myself. I look like an athlete all year long. If I want photo ready condition at peak levels then that’s 108lb. Because I use re-feeds I can stay within my range year long and still enjoy unlimited re-feeds once a week with some midweek cheat meals throw in. People besides me wouldn’t know the difference in how I look! I am defined all year long. But I am happy with this; yes there are some of you who are in need of muscle mass you may need to come to myself to help you there or the honorary Guardian Angel. This harmony transformation range you will need to create as the body cannot hold one weight precisely a week due to water; glycogen and sodium level as well a faecal matter within the body can affect the weight. 118lb is my complete max for me but even so with that I am still an athlete! The body over time can get to keep a lower weight due to body set points: you must use calorie cycling and be consistent over long periods of time! You cannot shoot for perfectionism but you can shoot for a range of harmony so that you always remain happy. Fluctuations are a natural part of the body and you must accept this, failing to do so will keep you miserable and disharmonised!

Support and people; Do not under estimate the power of having like minded people around you. As discussed the environment we live in creates out of shape people through all the various ways I describer in section 1. I always say your world is made of people not locations! So if we go with that statement in mind make sure you have at least one or two people who are engaging in what you are now or you are doomed to fail long term. But do not make the mistake of ‘replacing’ all your friends with fitness type people or your entire world will be just fitness, fitness and fitness, how boring!

Expectations; throw the magazines and the latest fad diets saying you can lose ‘x amount of lb’. The scale can’t tell you what your weight is comprised of! Is it food within the body that’s undigested, faecal matter, skeletal, muscle and fat not to mention your glycogen and intramuscular fats (your other spare ‘fuel’ tanks’ to be used to load muscles) or even sodium levels for that matter! YOU ARE TO MEASURE ONCE A WEEK MAX AND AFTER YOU HAVE EMPTED OUT AND BEEN TO THE TOILET UPON AWAKENING WITH ZERO TO EAT OR DRINK BEOFRE HAND NAKED! You are better off measuring biweekly or even monthly! And in most cases throw the scale away and just get on the diet and be consistent and throw in some activity and you will lose weight over time!

Fail safes If you fall off your diet keep the basics information in mind a lb of fat is 3500 calories so if you’re on a 1500 calories diet but you’re over burning for the day is 2000 calories that’s 1lb burnt a week, 500 x 7 is 3500 a week! The total energy you used up a week is what will matter! So fret not if you mess up a few days! But this equation will stop working as is when you diet for a long time or when your body fat gets low that’s where calories cycling plays its role! It’s just nice to have this information because you can afford to cheat a bit more on your diet as you progress and still stay within your harmony range. Yes according to the math a 1000 calorie deficit meaning you’re eating 1500 but your total, burn for the day is 2500 through extra activity should burn 2lb a week! Play with this information in practice as you see fit but don’t be too bogged down by it. As said the body adapts and also your calorie burn is different daily due to hormones, adaption and activity levels!

What’s next…?

-Read the calorie cycling manual!So that you can eat more guilt free on your life style and allow you to stick with the plan! And once you are in the swing of things it will actually help you lose more weight in the long term as your body tries to adapt. So win, win for you guilt free!

-Unlimited reefed days and life style and why it’s needed! You can train your metabolism so that you can have your cake and eat it too without any negative consequences. Yes some people use a cheat day. But unless you understand biofeedback it may cost you results dearly! Your body is always giving you signs and feedback and this will always out do any formula. This is the secret of all secrets when it comes to diets!

– Basic weight training guide! A very basic one will be made to start you off but please run things past me for extra help. This manual I plan to make later. Thank you.

-Training manuals will be customised by our honorary Guardian Angel! The honorary Guardian Angel on standby for this subject has done everything within this field and is the pioneer for it over 3 decades! Raising over 200 champions and helping normal people alike, it is an honour having him with us! Please note that this is a limited service!

Guardian Angel Dil