26th July 2016

What is holographics?

Is a trajectory of intent that can be felt and perceived long before any physical manifestation of it! They can be ‘foreseen’ via physical manifestation of blueprints or some sort of mapping! Often the more preparation and research that goes into your holographic the more tangible, foreseeable and doable whatever it is you’re trying to achieve will be! Holographics affect everything in life and are in part a way in which to get a glimpse of the future if you place your awareness to sense and perceive it. You can perceive ahead of time relationships, friendships, business, and world affairs and how they may shape and form! The physical layer of things in the world is always secondary to the energetic holographics that come long before it. Think of it this way when you have an idea when it first reaches you it isn’t physical and any development of that idea via thoughts and planning before implementation is the holographic being formed! The more the holographic is formed the stronger the idea will be for people to ‘see’ your vision!

Tangible holographics!

Tangible Holographics can be scripts for a movie, play or theatre works, they can be a plan or manuscript as well. Any and all forms of planning and mapping fit the bill in regards to tangible holographics. But there is also a much bigger picture as well and that is pre-existing holographics. That is ideas or ways of life which are present but haven’t been cultivated enough or been rediscovered or even capitalised on. Often how we go about things is down to the holographic we have been operating off and following which mostly predates us! This concept may be hard to grasp and that’s because it isn’t simply by any means and even less so the implications of it! If you refer to the Guardian Angel library of the 5 layers of reality holographics is referring to the physical layer of reality. The hologram of reality is always built and perceived and laid down long before any physicality is built or reached in our physical world.

World affairs and world problems:

If we take terrorism as an example you can ‘physically’ take out any terrorist but if the hologrpahics still remain and it always does because we aren’t ridding of that, guess what? The terrorist will come back in another form and more likely stronger and wiser because the energetic counterpart is still there and growing despite any attempt to take out the physical layer of it, the ‘terrorist’. Until we start to see and perceive what’s there before and after the physical layer of things we will always fail and go round in circles!

Faulty holographics:

If we do not perceive the holographics or reality we will never change it ever, all we will do is go round in cycles! The way in which we go about things and what is present already in how we do things needs to be looked at beyond what it seems or says so. Rather than looking at what’s presented to us and how things sound we must pay attention to what it encourages and the affects of it as well. So let’s take cancer research as an example what does it encourage?

You pay for research for something once found you will be charged extortionate rates for! Is that even fair? Shouldn’t those that give to charity get the ‘cure’ for free?

How about the law?

It is glorified money collection and enslavement via ‘good’.

How about education?

It distorts and destroys knowledge in favour of its narrow sense of what knowledge is supposed to be. It doesn’t promote any discovery or going beyond what it teaches.

How about Inventions?

Must favour commercial endeavours or it will not be funded! That ruins the holographic by default. If an invention could evolve or cure something but didn’t make any financial gain it is deemed unworthy of investment! Isn’t that backwards?

Unless we address the holographics of the issues we will never evolve as quickly as we should nor will we fix our problems. Again look to what the hologrpahics of things are and what is it the things you look at encourage and how does it affect or what affects does it have?

New holographics: If we use the same holographics the world is currently run on we will not progress as a race or world of peoples. Cleary things aren’t being addressed, clearly things are faulty and clear we need new holographics that end up creating new paradigms and new ways in which to go about our worlds.