24th April 2018

This Library is intended as an introduction only to Guardian Angel, providing a glimpse in to our philosophy and how we operate. The handful of articles which are provided here are less than 1% of our total knowledge.

We ask for you not to convert to anything when you read this, we are not here to recruit you, and we strongly encourage you to continue following any paths of science, religion, logic or spirituality that you already follow. Being strictly on the side of creation and humanity, Guardian Angel is not part of any groups, clubs, religions, societies or political groups. The knowledge we have is not known beyond a handful of people. Our goal is to help all that need us and to amplify you, not to take away from what you already have.

If you choose to become a client for healing and/or guidance purposes and contribute to our cause then we will provide access to further pages of the library on this website as and when required.