Phantom Spirituality: Affirmations

14th April 2016

Affirmations have been a long standing way of spirituality and while it has some sort of place in the way of all things ‘spiritual’, it still leads to more problems than it solves to the would be spiritualists.

If you were to pick a ‘destination’ to travel to, you would need to know what that destination was called so you could label it. That’s not much different than an affirmation. It’s a direction of sorts of where you are placing your intentions. Saying the destinations name repeatedly wouldn’t make you arrive any faster would it, or the over use of the affirmation itself. Then why are affirmations treated in this way. The affirmation isn’t going to make whatever it is you seek arrive any faster. Affirmations are also designed to invoke some sort of ‘positive behaviours’ through reinforcement of that affirmation. Now in small doses affirmations can be handy and useful, but it’s only when it’s taken much, much further do we start to run into real problems. Anyone can pick away at something and destroy it, that isn’t the intention here and an alternate way follows in  ‘Affirmation Retuned and Harmonised’.

What are you programming with your affirmation:

When you are using your affirmations what exactly are you programming, and will it mean once you are done with the affirmation, another affirmation (program) will be used to counter act the old one. Since we are always evolving and changing our lives, the same affirmations of old would no longer serve us as they once did. Problem is they are still buried deep within our mind after so much use. So do you use an affirmation that’s new to get rid of the old affirmation…?

The affirmation, like an addiction, could be taking you the wrong way in life to begin with:

The over use of affirmations becomes ‘addictive’ like in behaviour. So although we used the affirmations we used to create ‘positive’ changes, it’s now leading to other problems, over programming. Addictive behaviours are now the result, and if you have any OCDS these will become magnified as a result. So what started out as a positive endeavour just became destructive over the course of a small period. Not the direction we intended was it.

Affirmations are also a distraction and truth be told a lie:

I am successful’, this is clearly a lie if you are not, and is used like the concept ‘fake it before you make it’. As said above we are now programming out programming, on top of programming, which is a heap of mess. And now we are adding blatant lies on top. Can you see where this is going. They also are used as distractions to burry truths with lies (affirmations), you are now using daily. ‘I am successful’ clearly is not successful or this lie wouldn’t be used to burry your head in the sand from the actual reality you are escaping from.

Affirmations can lead to mental breakdowns and unhappiness:

Affirmations are overused and lead to a lot of unhappiness because in the end they are programs you used to program yourself through repetition and lies, only to have left over residue from there use. They are like stabilisers on a bicycle and while they aid you to start, they create a false sense of security and dependency, which will become your down fall.

If you are going to use programming such as affirmations to change how you behave, then you must be extremely careful. There is a heavy price to pay if you over use or for that matter use a program that leads to even more problems.

Affirmations, Retuned and Harmonised:

As we can see a lot of affirmations are mental programming, but what if we could program in a way that doesn’t leave any residue behind. Why store a program/affirmation in the mind when you can externalise it instead. It is best to keep this sort of programming external, so that long term issues do not arise.

Visual cues and mapping reminders:

It is fine to have visual maps because like a real map the information isn’t stored in your mind. So if you really need to use affirmations, keep them on a visual board as a reminder nothing more. Do your best not to say them out loud as you are seeing them, repeating them so often verbally will not serve you in the long run. It almost becomes prayer like and to be honest if you want to pray then pray.

Diplo totems:

Wake up! We are constantly in a trance believe it or not, the trance of following, reacting and dwelling. How much of our behaviour in life is that of ‘following’ things. How much of our behaviour is reactionary. How much information we speak of or even argue over comes from an external source such as books, teachers, schools, media outlets, friends and family. How much of the knowledge is really our own. To speak of the world and its many facets through dwelling on other peoples knowledge removes from the validation of our experiences. So when we follow, react and dwell we are in a trance. We are also in trance like states via social conditioning and ways of life. This is where totems come in and are a symbolic affirmation. This is an external affirmation, and programs, you can drop without any ill effects. The totem can be a coin, a small teddy bear; basically any object that invokes a reaction for you to wake up that you can also in part emotionally bond with. The more child like and abstract the better. You can wake others up from their trances by using your totem wherever you go.

Symbolic ‘I am successful’ is symbolic for:

Instead of repeating things out loud to affirm, just collect imagery of things that enforce your affirmation and build on that statement of ‘I am successful’. The more emotional the bond with your statement the more power the programming of that affirmation will contain. Do things, go places or mediate to invoke this statement as an example. It isn’t the repetitions of the affirmation that contains the power, but the stronger emotional bond you have. So if you’re going to use affirmations, at least do it to favour you.

Guardian Angel Dil