Phantom Spirituality: Lifestyle & Movement

14th April 2016

Spirituality is the WHY. Why we do things, our driving forces our reasons for all life’s endeavours. Science is the HOW. How things work and the dissection of those things to reveal the how. That’s about as simple as it gets. The thing is people have this idea that spirituality somehow is for those who are religious or hiding in some cave somewhere chanting. It is because of this we fail to see that in fact we are all ‘spiritual’. There are certain things that science cannot quantify and that’s where the merit of spirituality comes into place and focus. Trouble is the definition and of the term is hijacked by new agers, cults and religions. Spirituality is for all and doesn’t have to be indoctrination or a certain life style; we are all part of it knowingly or not. And we shouldn’t have to feel bad just because we do not believe or follow other people’s way, or in some deity or god(s). We can follow our own ways and it doesn’t have to be tied to a movement or religion or way of thought.

Why, why we are here. Why we do what we do. Why question. Why am I:

These are some of the things that make up spirituality. Now tell me of a single man or woman who doesn’t experience any of the above. We all do and that is why we are all spiritual, you see. We can all enjoy what spirituality brings to our lives without any baggage or anyone way, and it is important to experience this for ourselves. Let go of the phantom idea that spirituality has to be a certain way or tied to a governing body or deity/god. You are free to channel spirituality as you see fit and how it best serves you, be it within all aspects of your life.

Guardian Angel Dil