Phantom Spirituality – Ghosts of the Mind and Spirit…

14th April 2016

Warning: if you are easily offended or religious and happy with what you believe in do not read any further. This article isn’t to offend anyone and examples are used as just that; to illustrate something not so obvious. A man or woman who believes in what they do with all their heart and soul has a good integrity to their beliefs. It is better to stand for something than not. What is ‘good’ is a matter of perspective but what is inherently evil is obvious even to a child and doesn’t need an institution or any such thing to say what is evil in the truest of senses! So your beliefs I will leave to you as they should be because they make you up after all. As said with the symphony you are not to convert, you are to remain with what you do and feel and if you want to add your ‘music’ to the symphony then add your purpose. Right stop you got what you needed any further reading may cause offence or dismantle beliefs, you’ve been warned.

*** If you’re going to read this then make sure you have read mind control and logic article 2! Also make sure you re-read it if you must to get a grasp on things discussed in that article.

***Also please read the encapsulation article as well in the manual setion.

Marketed phantoms:

There are many folklore and tales many of them seem to be making the rounds within the public collective minds; vampires, werewolves, aliens, ufo’s, hybrids, shape-shifters and ghosts to name a few all backed up with stories for them to operate within. The thing with these folklore and ghostly tales is that they seem to be ingrained within the human collective psyche. While it can serve as reference; a means of putting labels on validating certain things they are often just parts of truth with misinformation, misunderstandings. A lot of these sorts of things bring terror, nightmares and any truth within these stories or not is yet questionable. The issue here is that it’s almost none believable from a ‘normal view point’ but at the same time people still run scared when they feel, or see any truth to these through some sort of experiences. They become paralyzed when facing such prospects or even hearing of such things. Shouldn’t we at least investigate these things more instead of hiding ourselves away from some sort of possible phantom if we experience such a thing? What strikes me more is the stories and lore attached to them all! They are passed on generation to generation and often there are towns and cities that are based off such stories to give a sort of narrative and background to their buildings and monuments. This reinforces them but also within the minds of the people too. Religions ‘market’ these well; in the olden days ‘marketing’ may not have seemed to have existed because it as was seen as the spreading of ‘truth’ that were ‘gospel’ and not to be questioned. But there is no denying that in today’s modern world ‘marketing’ of such stories is done remarkably well through religions and cults or illumaniti. That isn’t a statement to make any sort of negativity as such to such type of communication because in today’s modern world whoever markets the best stories; propaganda, daily news, gossip, ‘truths’, etc wins the day! And hands down, religions are the best marketers in the world despite science creating so much technology and ‘proof’ with its ability to push the envelope in all areas of our lives. Science always comes in at second best compared to religions despite what it has proved and done! Religions and cults a like market so well that their stories go beyond the grave; heaven, hell, after lives, contracts for life time after life times, and these all go beyond any facts. Not a single marketer in the world can compete with this type of story ever! While there is some merit here there is also a lot of misunderstanding! Am I going to clear this up? No it’s not possible, some things do not need ‘clearing up’ they simply need experiencing and exploring. Make up your own minds, because our experiences are our truths and are paramount to what we believe in and do. To be clear the stories themselves speak for themselves and any truths must be found through self experiences but there is a bigger issue which is where we are leading toward…

The stories we operate off matter!

Several friends and clients of mine came to me over the years and told me of ‘haunted houses’ showing me pictorial evidence to back their claim. They were non religious yet really scared of these ghosts because they feared what they ‘thought’ of them, exactly who educated them into what they ‘knew’? Of course their only reference was from religious folk lore and movies. So they ran away in terror having nightmares and buried themselves away from such ‘ghosts’ because these were the stories they operated off. I had met a woman who had also been through experiences of seeing ghosts and spirits that haunted her; she was so scared that a mention of the subject put chills down her spine paralyzing her! She really didn’t want to know even though she had experience this stuff her entire life. So you have people experience something, but then they are now afraid to investigate it further because of the ingrained ideas and folklore the religions and cults have implanted in the psyche of the human collective mind which are now the stories they operate off as their only reference! So I re-wrote their story I will not say what I said was ‘the absolute truth’ but as soon as I said what I did their fear went away instantly. Understand this; the fears they had been with them from a very young age and stayed with them throughout their adult hood and it drove them to do and act in ways that devoid any sort of rational or emotional thought! These stories affected their every waking moments and that didn’t need to be the case! All this insanity because they operated off what had been collectively established; the idea behind, ghosts! There are stories we all operate off that put us in some sort of fear, ask yourself is what you know of fear the absolute reality? The stories can be what the government told you, news, internet, friends, and family, religions, cultures and educations we are living in.

The ghost and spirit lore re-written

I told my clients and friend that spirits were not dead people or ‘spirits’ stuck and hanging around; how they had been taught through what they gathered collectively through folklores and religions. I told them that the ‘spirits’ were ‘interactive imprints’; meaning they were messages left behind that you could interact with, an energy imprint if you will. The energy imprint woven within the fabric of our reality to access! And what sort of messages do you often hear of from spirit mediums who talk to the dead? Mundane things; the sort of thing you’d leave on an answer phone! Why does this re-writing of this ‘story’ and lore matter in the minds of my clients and friend? Because my clients and friends are no longer scared of interactive energy imprints! They now go and experience them without fear because in the end these things cannot hurt you if you do not fear! Is what I am saying true or not? It doesn’t matter let’s leave it at that for now! This re-writing of the story allows them to operate completely differently in ways of behaviour and action! We need to seek the truth for ourselves and not buy into the collective human psyche. Re-writing the stories allows them to view the world with a new pair of eyes which leads to new view points, possibilities and interactions otherwise missed! If we are going to use stories from which to navigate from in life we may as well buy into ones that allow us a win, win no matter the direction! All philosophy vehicles provide this! (Please read mind control and logic article 2 for further information on this). Create a new philosophy vehicle or world model and what is now possible can change! What if the world was designed so that the stories we operate off stop us from investigating any further because they strike fear into us? Or designed so the stories are designed to limit what is possible? If we change the world models and vehicles we operate in wars and famine etc wouldn’t need to be part of the design where as currently it is part of the design!

Haunted houses re-written:

I can’t live in this house because it is haunted and there is ‘activity’ here! There are lots of haunting sounds and a ton of ghosts that move the door about!” Said a friend and several clients about what they had experienced.

I rewrote the story to make sense to them and remove fear. I told them that the ‘moving’ of doors etc was fuelled by their own minds through the interactive energy imprints (ghosts). They could see truth to this and this somewhat removed some fear and so they were prepared to start investigating what they had been through without fear. I will not tell you what unravelled as that’s not as relevant as you may think because at the end of the day no matter what is real or not it is only ever ‘real’ when you have experienced things. There is no way around that and I would never expect anything less from anyone I meet, if it hasn’t been real within their reality so far then it isn’t real for them yet. The same clients and friends spoke of lots of ghostly noises too. My explanation was that like music if we were to mix a whole bunch of vocals and tracks together they would sound crazy and off. So what they were experiencing was exactly that, there was a ‘vortex’ in the house that had imprint on top of imprint and if you could tune into them all of course they wouldn’t sound pleasant, that’s a lot of noise! Thinking of the ‘ghost’s’ and ‘haunting’ in this manner the fears had been completely removed! They couldn’t possibly be scared of whole bunch of interactive imprints; a vortex of imprints on top of one another like a whole bunch of music tracks and sounds mixed in between each other. What the collective human psyche gave them to ‘deal’ with such things were just fears and the unknown. None of which served them apart from put them in fear of misunderstandings. Again change the stories we use to investigate reality and what we find out for ourselves is better than relying on what is within the collective human mind.

Stories need to serve you in your quest for experience!

Often I will craft stories that make sense so that I can get the client or friend to investigate with a different set of spectacles; I cannot express how important it is to gain firsthand knowledge of things. This is vital because collective fear of the unknown only does one thing it paralyzes you and that includes even the most logical of us. So if I craft a story that makes sense and believable you can now do things you normally wouldn’t have. Am I a manipulator? Yes! The difference is I let you be aware of that fact before and give you a different pair of spectacles it is you who must decide what is and isn’t. It is your life and you are to take responsibility. (Again please read the mind control and logic article 2 to understand this further). Just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it is real or just because something doesn’t makes sense doesn’t mean it’s false. My role isn’t to tell you what to do but help you see things for yourself. Is what I say above true or not? It’s irrelevant until you see for yourself and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. But here’s the most fundamental issue…

If you want to control people control their stories!

There are many ‘established outlets’ of stories of all kinds beyond folklores, the media, radio, internet, religions, cults, sciences, spiritual teachings etc. They all push stories that we operate off collectively which we call ‘real’. They are not trying to get you to see something through almost an artificial means as I did above as a way to start to viewing things. I say artificial as I am only suggesting it as a new pair of spectacles, your experiences will validate what is real or not and I do not sell things as real that’s for you to collect via experience and for you only. The establishment in all their guises sell their stories off as absolute reality. If you bought into the story of ghosts and dead spirits like the collective human mind operates off, your first reaction is fear and running away when encountering any such things! But when I re-wrote that and said ghosts are an energetic interactive imprint; it takes the fear away because there’s a new viewpoint established in your mind to now view this possibility. Now you’re in a position to start investigating it instead of being paralyzed through fear! What I say goes against the collective mind but also makes sense. What is important here is that the stories we operate off dictate how we act and feel and what we do or do not? What I am saying is for illustration purposes only bare that in mind. Now what collective stories are we being sold on which may control how we act and think? You do not need to control the minds of the populous you simply control the stories of the populous that control thoughts actions and possibilities. The news, our cultures, sciences; understand this, this is happening intended or not because it is currently a distortion in human nature to lie constantly and so we are sold half truths or push things as absolute reality when that isn’t even the case…

The three most important phantoms to address…

Incomplete phantom stories;

Whatever stories you use to view the world may only be parts of an equation parading around like the complete equation. Although what you know is ‘true’ it isn’t the ‘complete’ truth. Are you sure you have a complete picture of the stories you use?

Collective phantom Stories;

Whoever controls the collective stories controls everyone collectively; everything can be re-written to suit those that govern our stories re-writing us and our existence out of history…’his-story’. We end up becoming ghosts and phantoms. Where do you see this? Where will you find this? I challenge you to seek this for yourselves.

Useful phantom stories:

Perhaps the scholars of the past re-wrote the stories creating new philosophy vehicles and world models to operate off for different viewpoints and possibilities for their people of the time. They effectively designed them as a ‘simulator’ to give different viewpoints so that they could gain new insight through the newly established philosophy vehicles. And that these stories were never meant to be so ‘literal’ and passed on as they have been in the forms of biblical truths…

What am I to believe?

That isn’t the right question to ask or ‘think’ of because some of you will say I do not believe in any stories or that you do not want to believe in things now in case they may be a lie, really? You may not ‘believe’; but you are operating off stories like it or not because of your encapsulations! You are an encapsulated embodiment of stories. Your genetics, beliefs, culture, background, educations, friends, family and the societies you belong to, are attached to stories that you operate off. Even none believers still operate off an embodiment of a set of encapsulated stories so there’s no need to lose hope or faith in things that drive you. It isn’t what you think, believe or know or think you think but what you are operating off and what makes you tick. These things decide what we follow, react or dwell on. You can question to the point where you believe in ‘nothing’ but you will always operate off something…

Question is do we let someone else edit our stories or do we? How can we ‘change’ what we operate off, by just simply changing our minds or thinking differently? No! The only real way is to understand what encapsulations are and then go and collect a new one and that is a question of uncovering, recovering, unlocking and experiencing…

Guardian Angel Dil